Players like Jazz Chisholm Jr. are on the front lines in the effort by Major League Baseball to bring eyes to its product and more minority players to the sport.

There are very few players under the age of 25 that most general managers would choose to build their team around other than Chisholm.

His play in 2022 has him on pace to represent the country of the Bahamas as their first-ever Major League Baseball All-Star, and if fans do their job, he should find himself starting in the game at second for the National League.



Early last week the Marlins held a closed door team meeting with Jazz Chisholm among other things as subjects of criticism.

Some Marlins players feel Chisholm’s pregame outfits when he arrives to the ballpark can serve as a distraction- kind of the same vibes Allen Iverson received when the NBA implemented their dress code in what many think was a shot at The Answer.

I have an issue with their issue on that:

Fashion expresses personality; one thing both NBA and the NFL let their players do when they are filmed by national networks walking into the arena or stadium.

Whether it be Russell Westbrook or Cam Newton, audiences have begun to look forward to those nearly as much as the game itself.  Unlike other sports, baseball has a 162-game season and if that gives a reason for someone to want to tune in, even if only for one at-bat that should always be welcomed, especially when flare and style is backed up through All-MLB level play.

“The Bahamian Blur” as we call him, responded in a big way from that meeting with his first two home run game of the season and first career grand slam when he took on the Washington Nationals Tuesday.

Then he followed that Friday with another two home run game, throwing up the dueces in H-Town after his second bomb against Dusty Baker’s Astros.

That makes 12 home runs this year for Chisholm which leads all National League second baseman and ties him with last season’s World Series MVP Jorge Soler for the most on the Marlins.

Chisholm is currently leading the team in runs batted in, triples, runs and is easily the team’s best base runner.

Teammates made those comments out of jealousy towards Chisholm, whom many of them should consider playing more like. As a team their pitching is excellent, but from the outside looking in there is no clear direction of the franchise which is under .500.

The only guarantee they have is that they have a star in Jazz Chisholm and need to do a better job of building around him rather than tearing him down.

Hating on him and judging him by the “Unwritten Rules” from the stone age just gives another reason for younger minorities to choose sports in order to avoid Karen type criticism that comes with being a part of baseball.

From the colored hair to the post home run Euro steps and multiple chains what Chisholm brings to the game of baseball is just a small taste of what this new generation has to come.

It’s time to get with it or get lost.

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