Two MLBbro Icons That Can Turn the New York Yankees Around (Not Named Aaron Judge!)

Two MLBbro Icons That Can Turn the New York Yankees Around (Not Named Aaron Judge!)

Not many baseball fans outside of the Boston Red Sox faithful (They are wired to think this way!) saw the New York Yankees possibly struggling to their worst record in this century.


To the Yankees faithful, conversations center around having enough talent to start a winning streak to nab a wild card spot to injuries all season, particularly reigning MLBbro MVP Aaron Judge.  



While those are theories and hot takes, the reality surrounding the New York Yankees is that they are getting closer to missing the playoffs for the first time since the 2016 season with each passing day. An eight-game losing streak and nine losses in 10 games is not helping matters either.


Before the eventual series sweep against the Red Sox, Yankees manager Aaron Boone discussed a meeting that he was a part of with general manager Brian Cashman and team owner Hal Steinbrenner about the current status of the team and the future. 



With discussions of bringing up young prospects from the minors, the Yankees might be waving the white flag, which is against the Yankees fanbase’s religion based on the franchise’s 27 World Series championships.


Based on how things are going for this franchise and their stellar reputation for winning, when September comes, the conversation will turn to who’s to blame for this abysmal season.


Right now, three names will be caught in the crossfire…


  • Hal Steinbrenner: Son of the late George Steinbrenner and current owner of the New York Yankees.


Can’t fire the owner as they say. The reason he is on this list is due to a statement he had in June…



With one of the highest payrolls in baseball with underwhelming results Aaron Judge or not, Steinbrenner’s statement will be replayed like a reality show the second the Yankees are officially eliminated from the playoffs. At least until there are follow up questions. 


  • Brian Cashman: General manager of the New York Yankees since the 1998 season. His resume contains six American League pennants and four World Series Championships.


No one can paint a picture of Cashman’s future better than The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal:


“Now Brian Cashman’s greatest quality as general manager, or one of his greatest qualities, would be I would say, that he is a survivor,” Ken Rosenthal said on his podcast called Fair Territory. “He will survive this. The question is what does he do to make things better? How does he turn this around? And if I’m Hal Steinbrenner, I’m saying to Brian Cashman, ‘Okay, you’re going to stay this is one bad year.’ One losing year at least, I know there have been other disappointing years recently, but ‘Brian you’ve got to tell me now, how are things going to change, because things have to change.’”


Like his boss, Cashman has to stand by a statement that will haunt him in a few weeks. After doing very little at the trade deadline, he stated that the team was “In it to win it”. Since August 1, the Yankees went 5-13.   


  • Aaron Boone: Yankees manager since 2018. Led the team to over 100 wins in his first two seasons. No World Series appearances.


The Yankees manager probably will be gone particularly if Cashman survives. His management style has put him on the hot seat due to decisions with the bullpen, lineups, in-game adjustments (Basically everything the job entails!) while the losses pile up. 


How can the MLBbros turn this around and more importantly…who will do it?


Replace Aaron Boone with Willie Randolph: had a list of MLBbro contenders for managerial jobs late last season and Willie Randolph was on the list. His managerial experience with the New York Mets makes him perfect for this situation.


  • He led the Mets to a NL East Division title before falling in a seven-game battle to the St. Louis Cardinals in the NLCS in 2005.

  • Willie Randolph is the first manager in MLB history to improve his team’s record by at least 12 games in his first two seasons with the team.

  • He’s a Yankees great so he is equipped to handle the pressure of turning this team around while understanding the culture of the fanbase to the front office. Something that is going to be important over the next few seasons as the team sheds bad contracts.


The Yankees are going to have to start developing young talent and for that to happen, they need a steady hand at manager to do so. Randolph is that guy.


Fire Brian Cashman and replace him with Derek Jeter (If he says no…go back and beg!): 


They called the man “The Captain” …



Why Not Jeter? 

The New York Yankees need a new voice and leadership and no one really on the planet can take over the front office and bring trust of the fanbase back quicker than Derek Jeter.

As the part owner and front office executive of the Miami Marlins, he was one of the franchise’s only bright spots. Now that he left for philosophical reasons (Jeter wanting to win and the team wanting to save money!), going to a team that has a blank checkbook and similar goals to building a team would be perfect for all parties involved.     


Meanwhile the Yankees are mired in their worst losing streak since 1995. They could have their first losing season since 1992 all while having the second highest payroll in baseball. Time will tell if Cashman and Boone are released and if these qualified MLBbro icons get a chance.

Aaron Judge Is Racking Up The Homers & Clocking Another 60 Bro Bombs | Should Slammin’ Sammy Sosa Be Worried?

Aaron Judge Is Racking Up The Homers & Clocking Another 60 Bro Bombs | Should Slammin’ Sammy Sosa Be Worried?

Aaron Judge is coming off a historic season after breaking Roger Maris’ American League home run record in 2022. But last year’s AL Most Valuable Player is chasing history again at the peak of his career. 


Forty-five games into the ’23 season, Judge is batting .302, with a 1.087 OPS, 17 homers, 39 runs scored, and 39 RBI. In every category except for average (.304 in ’22) and homers (17), the MLBbro is surpassing his numbers from last year’s headlining performance.



After being named the Yankees’ 16th captain in the offseason and just the third Black Yankees captain since World Series champions Derek Jeter and Willie Randolph, the expectations are higher than ever for Judge to succeed.


“For me, I feel good about passing the torch or the legacy because the attributes that I think you need as a captain, that’s what he embodies,” Randolph said about Judge being named captain.


“To me, when I got the captaincy, I felt like I was the captain years before that. I don’t mean that arrogantly or whatever. But what I was doing behind the scenes and in quiet, I felt like I was the leader of the club. I see (Aaron) the same way with that. That’s why I was hoping he would come back. When you’ve got teammates like him who really cares for his teammates, genuinely, because there are some guys that put on a little bit of a fraud when it comes to that. He’s not fake.”


How many more years will Judge be able to hit Bro Bombs consistently?


On his run to history last year, Judge hit 21 homers in 53 team games. This year, he sits at 18 blasts through 57 team games. The last MLBbro to have fewer homers entering the month of June and still hit 60 homers for the season was Sammy Sosa. 


In 1998, through 57 games, Sosa had 18 homers as well, but he had just 13 entering the month of June and ended with 66 on the year. In 1999, Sosa had 19 homers at the 53-team game mark before becoming the first player to hit 60 homers in back-to-back seasons, finishing with 63. 2000 was a down year for Sosa as he hit just 50 homers, but he picked it back up in 2001 to hit 64 after hitting just 16 through 53 team games.


Judge is now in pursuit of becoming the first player since Sosa to hit 60 homers in back-to-back seasons and the first player to do so in the American League. 



Putting behind him a tumultuous offseason that saw the 31-year-old outfielder nearly head out west before a 3 a.m. phone call from owner Hal Steinbrenner convinced the AL home run king to sign a nine-year, $360 million deal that will keep him in New York until he’s 40. 


“It just came down to the relationship I have with Hal,” Judge said, “being able to call him up on the phone and say, ‘Hey, this is where I’m at. This is me just talking man to man to you. I’m showing you my cards, everything that is on the table. This is where we’re at. This is where I want to be at. Can we get this done?’”


His new contract and leadership role in the organization gives Judge plenty of time to pursue Sosa’s 179 homers over three seasons, and if he wants to climb even higher, Sosa has 243 jacks in four seasons.

MLBbro Aaron Judge Has Huge Cultural Responsibility As Third Black Yankees Captain

MLBbro Aaron Judge Has Huge Cultural Responsibility As Third Black Yankees Captain

By Jerin Allen

Aaron Judge continues to make history as he was named the 16th captain of the New York Yankees.

Aaron Judge Is Officially Introduced As New York Yankees $360M Captain For The Next Decade With A Goal To Win “Multiple Championships”

He’s also just the third Black Yankees captain in the team’s storied history.

The other two were fan favorite World Series champions Willie Randolph and Hall of Fame Derek Jeter.

Randolph, a second baseman, shared the captaincy for two years with pitcher Ron Guidry in the mid-80s. During his tenure in pinstripes, Randolph was a five-time All Star and helped the team win the 1977 World Series.

Jeter was the second Black captain and the longest tenured overall from 2003–2014. The shortstop was a 14-time All Star and won five championships with the Yankees. Both Randolph and Jeter attended Judge’s introductory media conference after he signed the biggest free-agent contract in MLB history – a nine-year, $360 million deal.

Jeter expects Judge to continue to be himself in his new role.

“I don’t really look at it as a new role,” Jeter told the media when asked about Judge’s new “C.” “Going off my own experience, when The Boss called me, he said, ‘Don’t change anything.’ It’s not like you flip a switch and have to be someone else because you’ve been given this title. I would assume he’s handled himself as a captain up until this point.”

Randolph endorsed Judge’s elevation to captain and expressed that the Yankees made the obvious decision.

“Perfect choice, there’s no other choice to be made,” Randolph said. “I feel like watching this kid over the years he’s become that captain.

“You can see the way he handles himself on and off the field and the way he goes about his business. He’s going to be an outstanding captain and the players already know that.”

Judge is the first captain for the Yankees since 2014, succeeding Jeter.

Judge was among the most sought after free agents this offseason after winning AL MVP and smashing 62 home runs, setting the new American League record.

The Yankees were determined to re-sign their star and make him captain.

Judge weighed in on being officially named the face of the Yankees.

“To get a chance to continue my legacy here in pinstripes, in the best city in the world, the best baseball city, in front of the best fans, this is an incredible honor,” Judge said following the announcement. “This is an incredible honor that I don’t take lightly.”

The trio of Black captains stood together at Judge’s press conference for a historic photograph that acknowledged the greatness that Black players have contributed to the Yankees’ past and present.

All three men had stellar seasons for the Yankees, but what they all share is the ability to conduct themselves as leaders of men on and off the field.

They have been All Stars who led by example and were chosen to be the ambassadors of the Yankees’ organization.

They were also Black men.

No one will say it, but that part is a big deal. In a sport where Black participation decreased at alarming rates, Judge was named the face of the most well-known franchise in MLB history.

Even with dwindling participation in the sport, the Black community has yet again produced another legend in the making in baseball.

Time For Some MLBbro Managerial Hires For Next Season | These Three Candidates Are Overdue For A Gig

Time For Some MLBbro Managerial Hires For Next Season | These Three Candidates Are Overdue For A Gig

The Major League Baseball season is starting to wind down as the ALCS and NLCS matchups start to take shape. While the World Series is being showcased in front of fans around the world, teams not preoccupied with postseason play are behind the scenes making tough decisions to put themselves in championship contention or just taking the necessary next steps. Usually, the first decision for the bottom-feeding teams is what to do with the manager situation.

There’s not a year where MLB managers get dismissed after spending time on the hot seat. Sometimes really good managers who come up short of lofty expectations get the pink slip. The most recent manager who is facing the possibility of termination, despite huge success is Los Angeles Dodgers skipper Dave Roberts. Roberts is fresh off being upset in the NLDS by the San Diego Padres, following a franchise-record 111 wins.  Even though Roberts made history by passing Jim Leyland in postseason wins with 45, the unexpected loss raised questions as to whether he would return next year.



According to The Los Angeles Times, the Dodgers expect to retain Roberts through next season even though the team has not officially spoken publicly on the matter. The MLBbro manager had signed a three-year extension through 2025 on the strength of a 653-381 regular season record, six NL West Division titles, three National League pennants and a World Series title.  

But there are six other managers who already have been fired.

The list includes Joe Maddon (Los Angeles Angels, replaced by Phil Nevin) and Joe Girardi (Philadelphia Phillies, Rob Thompson signed to two-year deal day before NLDS). Other openings are still up for grabs; Charlie Montoyo (Toronto Blue Jays), Mike Matheny (Kansas City Royals), Don Mattingly (Miami Marlins) and Chris Woodward (Texas Rangers).

The Rangers named MLBbro, Tony Beasley as the interim manager for the rest of the season, but there are no reports on his status for next season. 

Also, with Tony LaRussa being forced to leave the Chicago White Sox for medical reasons, there is a litany of opportunities for potential MLBbro managers next season. The aforementioned Dave Roberts and Houston Astros manager, Dusty Baker have been success stories with Baker still chasing championship gold this season. 

Dusty Baker Can Bring Back Two Things For The Houston Astros This Postseason…A Championship and Respect


But here are three MLBbro OGs who deserve a chance in one of these teams’ dugouts next year.

Bo Porter

A special shout-out goes to’s Managing Editor, J.R. Gamble for this candidate. He might be one of the best talent developers in major League Baseball who no one knows about. After finishing his career as a player, he served as a special assistant to the Atlanta Braves GM as well as working as the third base, outfield and base running coach. He also managed the Houston Astros through a rebuild and cultivated and developed many of the young stars that have become the cornerstone the Astros’ consistent success the past half decade. 



Porter’s insight, baseball intelligence and ability to implement analytics into a deep understanding of the human element of the game and his reputation as a talent-developer and team constructor, makes Porter a great candidate for any talented club looking to elevate to the next level.

Struggling teams that are looking for a manager need one with an eye for talent. That Bo Porter has. Speaking of that coaching talent, Porter is currently MLB’s Director of Coaching, and he ran the Major League Baseball Players Association free agent camp during spring training back in 2018. 

He also works directly with MLB’s diversity programs, which have produced the likes of Hunter Green and Michael Harris II, among other future stars. In addition, he recently opened the Bo Porter Academy, a school geared towards producing great, healthy young men and baseball players.



Ron Washington

The six degrees of separation definitely fits here as Ron Washington was the one who replaced Bo Porter as the third base coach for the Atlanta Braves. He is one of the leaders on the bench, who helped the Braves win the 2021 World Series. His experience and influence is one of the main reasons that Michael Harris II is the odds-on favorite for NL Rookie of the Year and his infield instruction with his players is legendary. 



If there is an MLBbro managerial candidate who deserves a shot at a position next year, it’s Washington. He has a wealth of World Series experience, having led the Texas Rangers to back-to-back World Series in 2010 and 2011.

All the teams listed are in need of a manager who can develop talent for the future. This MLBbro great is perfect for the job.

Willie Randolph

People remember Willie Randolph as the long-time second baseman of the New York Yankees who played for numerous teams throughout the late 70s to the early 90s.



But our MLBbro icon was also the manager for the crosstown rival, New York Mets back in 2005. The next season he led the Mets to the NL East Division title and a seven-game marathon with the St. Louis Cardinals in the NLCS before finally falling. Randolph holds the distinction of being the first manager in MLB history to improve his team’s record by at least 12 games in his first two seasons. Which makes it strange that he has not been offered a job since he was fired in New York in 2008. It’s been 14 years since Willie Randolph was named the 18th manager in Mets history. Randolph certainly has the goods, and he’s proved he can perform under the immense pressure of the NY City lights, on the field or from the bench. 

With MLB wanting more Black and brown players in baseball, the game has to give more opportunities to MLBbro managers who can cultivate and develop that talent. These candidates are more than qualified and deserve a shot.