T Eazy Has That Legends Sauce | Cleveland Should Fall Back & Let McKenzie Clap

T Eazy Has That Legends Sauce | Cleveland Should Fall Back & Let McKenzie Clap

If there’s one thing that sports can’t live without, it’s an old-fashioned Cinderella story. And if Cinderella watched baseball, she’d love Triston McKenzie. 

On Monday, McKenzie earned himself a spot in the Cleveland Indians’ history book after his eight consecutive strikeouts against the Chicago White Sox.

After fanning Jose Abreu to close out the third inning, he had consecutive strikeouts through the fourth and fifth inning before striking out Jake Lamb to start the sixth. His eight strikeouts are a franchise record. The performance surpassed Corey Kluber’s seven straight strikeouts against the White Sox in 2014. In total, McKenzie finished the night with 10 K’s. 



While the numbers are impressive, a good Cinderella story isn’t about numbers. It’s about the story behind the story. On paper, McKenzie’s numbers mean that he wasn’t supposed to come out and make history against the White Sox. While he was supposed to be a breakout star for the Indians this season, he has struggled to do so.

He carried a 5.94 ERA with a 1-3 record going into Monday’s game. Allowing walks had been his kryptonite. The former ranked prospect spent the end of May switching between the Triple-A Columbus Clippers and the Indians. After receiving a call-up in late May to replace the injured Zach Plesac, McKenzie came out strong and pitched five scoreless innings with only one hit against the Detroit Tigers. Nevertheless, he got called back down again before getting the call-up for Monday’s game.



Despite the Indians’ 8-6 loss on Monday, McKenzie displayed enough poise to gather himself after a trying second inning. He allowed four runs in the second inning before throwing strikeout after strikeout as the game progressed. 

Ultimately, McKenzie possessed a key intangible that any great pitcher needs. He was able to gather his composure, learn from his mistakes and bounce back, all over the course of one game. Those are talents he will need to reach his ultimate goal of being the next Dwight Gooden (His Dad’s favorite pitcher). 

But should that be shocking? The ability to bounce back and leave the past in the past has to be one of his strongest intangibles. His struggles this season come after his 2020 debut season when he pitched in 8 games and posted an ERA of 3.24.

Entering the current season, he was expected to be a starter for the Indians. He had even clinched an Opening Day rotation spot before things seemingly went south for the young pitcher. 



While a run in the big leagues isn’t complete without a few growing pains, what the world saw from McKenzie on Monday is that he is capable of making the proper adjustments to be an asset for the Indians. 

So now the Indians are left with a tough choice, and McKenzie’s mental strength might have to be stronger now than ever before. While McKenzie’s call-up was supposed to be temporary, maybe he is showing that he’s ready to be a major-league starter. It’s possible that the lingering idea of another call to the minors is enough to mentally prepare him for more historic major league outings. 

Triston McKenzie Gets Sent Back To The Minors For Some Fine-Tuning

Triston McKenzie Gets Sent Back To The Minors For Some Fine-Tuning

Triston McKenzie wasn’t phenom – enal enough.

Hence, after a seesaw start to the 2021 season, the Cleveland baseball team has chosen to option the future phenom to their Triple-A affiliate Columbus Clippers one day after losing 10-0 to the Minnesota Twins.



McKenzie walked five in just 3 ⅓ innings and allowed six earned runs.

“I feel like it’s been kind of a common theme in all of my starts, the walks,” McKenzie told reporters after his team was routed. “I feel like we’ve worked on some delivery stuff leading up to this start, in between my previous starts.

“I’m just trying to make sure everything stays consistent once I get out there. I feel like now it just comes down to a mindset thing and making sure I’m in the zone.”



Cleveland manager Terry Francona spoke on his young pitcher’s continuing wild streak. “When he loses the strike zone, it’s like he gets to a point and he’s trying to stay away from contact and trying to be too perfect, and the walks are piling up,” Francona told Cleveland.com.

Pitching coach Carl Willis chimed in on the mindset of the young prodigy and how it wasn’t an issue compared to his arm skills while going after batters. Willis said he thought McKenzie’s fastball and curveball are worthy of big-league competition, but he is not attacking and challenging hitters as he is afraid of contact.

McKenzie has accounted for 41 strikeouts on the season but had a league-high 30 walks. Worse, his earned run average is 6.89 in just 31 1/3 innings pitched. After stringing together some solid starts to begin the season, in his last four appearances, T-Eazy was a suspect 1-3 with a 9.60 ERA and 16 walks.



Let’s take it easy on the 23-year-old upstart as he is still learning and working on his craft as he is by all measures still a rookie. He has pitched in a combined 33 1/3 innings while being a prospect. 

Earmarked for success, McKenzie took the mound in 90 2/3 innings, going 7-4 with 87 strikeouts and while showcasing his talents in Double-A for the Akron Rubbernecks.

Pro Football Hall Of Fame tight end Shannon Sharpe once said, “A man can make his destiny on the very road he took to avoid it.” 

That indeed is what Cleveland and McKenzie did during last year’s pandemic-shortened season as the organization’s continuous search for another arm and decided to have him skip the process of developing more in Triple-A, which has been on display since Opening Day.



We have all harped on the struggles of the young man who, through his first three innings of his seven big league starts in the 2021 season, has held opposing hitters to a batting average of .159. In innings four and above, he has an ERA of 16.88 is a different story. 

The timing is undoubtedly fortuitous as McKenzie will look to get back to his once phenomenal pace with the proper tooling and defined knowledge of the position led by staffers and coaches. Let’s hope this stint in the minors is short-lived and prosperous.

Sometimes you have to take a step backward to take 100 steps forward.

Black Knight Face Off: Triston McKenzie and Justus Sheffield Clash On The Bump 

Black Knight Face Off: Triston McKenzie and Justus Sheffield Clash On The Bump 

If you love pitching, there was an exciting matchup on Saturday night in Seattle between two MLBbros who are the future of baseball in a position that is not dominated by “The Culture.”  

The Cleveland Indians featured their 23-year-old right-hander Triston “T Eazy” McKenzie and the Seattle Mariners, who won the game 7-3, countered with another melanated mound marauder in southpaw Justus “Topsheff” Sheffield. 

Both pitchers started in the Indians organization and are important parts of their respective rotations this season and have shown signs of brilliance and also laid some stinkers, which is a natural progression for young arms. Sheffield is just 25. 



Sheffield got the best of McKenzie in this matchup as Triston surrendered five runs in four innings and left trailing 5-0. He did strike out six batters which suggests that he had good stuff but was just missing on certain pitches. 

Justus Sheffield hailing from Tullahoma, TN has baseball DNA in the blood. He is the brother of Jordan Sheffield, a right-handed pitcher with the Colorado Rockies, and is also the cousin to former MLB player Tony Sheffield.  

He was in command through six innings against the Cleveland Indians lineup, allowing just two runs on five hits and striking out two.  

T-Eazy Is On The Come Up 

Triston is the fifth starter on what is arguably one of the best pitching rotations in baseball. The Brooklyn, NY native was drafted by the Indians in 2015. He was deemed one of the best pitching prospects by MLB Pipeline in 2019 but was unable to pitch that season due to injury. 

McKenzie stands at 6’5″ 170 pounds and generated a lot of buzz in his major league debut in 2020 against the Detroit Tigers, striking out 10 batters in his first six innings. 

He entered Cleveland’s record books with the second-most strikeouts in his first major league start. He finished the shortened and unprecedented 2020 MLB season with a record of 2-1 with a 3.24 ERA over 33.1 innings pitched.


This season, T Eazy is off to a slow start, with an ERA close to five. The electric stuff is there, he’s just got to learn how to put it all together. How to pitch.

He made one bad pitch to Dylan Moore in the fourth inning on Saturday, which resulted in a three-run homer. 



He met a similar fate against the Chicago White Sox on May 1st, 2021.  McKenzie struck out six batters and gave up only one hit, the one hit was a Grand Slam to Tim Anderson.  McKenzie was pulled after two innings after he threw 57 pitches and walked four. 

Justus Sheffield Puts The Clamps On Cleveland 

Sheffield was the 31st pick in the first round, of the Cleveland Indians in 2015, one year before Triston McKenzie was drafted by the same organization.  Justus spent time in the Yankees organization for a season but has found a home with the Seattle Mariners. 

The 25-year-old stands at 5’10”, and weighs 195 lbs. He is the third man in a six-man pitching rotation that features another black hurler, Justin Dunn.  

Justus had a successful rookie campaign in 2020 finishing 4-3, with a 3.58 ERA over 55.1 innings pitched.  Seattle is excited about their pitcher who is finding his stride after Covid ravaged the 2020 season and hampered the development of many major leaguers.  



Justus came into the season with some personal goals for the 2021 season. The goals for Topsheff were perfecting his changeup and to last six innings of every start, a goal that he reached six times out of 10 outings in 2020.  

He reached that goal on Saturday night. 

Baseball is known for its stats and two black starting pitchers facing each other is a rare one indeed. This isn’t the last time these two bruthas will clash. Tristan and Justus will once again have the opportunity to make the ancestors proud by putting on a show and allowing the world to see what these Black arms can do. 

I can assure you that little Black boys will watch tonight’s game and see “Black Excellence” on display and know that one day, they can be a pitcher in Major League Baseball too. 

These MLB Bros Were Locked In Beast Mode

These MLB Bros Were Locked In Beast Mode

MLB Bros were lighting it up on offense and on the mound on Thursday. Taylor Hearn, one of a few Black relievers in the sport, got his first career win for Texas. Melanated Mound Mauraders, T-Eazy and Taijuan Walker, had shut em’ down performances and Marcus Semien made his old team pay dearly.

Taylor Hearn

The 26-year-old has been up and down this season, but on Thursday he earned a career milestone.


After lasting just two innings and surrendering five runs to the Chicago White Sox on May 1, Triston McKenzie rebounded on Thursday with an outing fit-for-framing. The young Black Knight handcuffed Kansas City by tossing five shutout innings with five K’s and just two hits surrendered. He had everything in the tank cooking today and seems to be putting it all together with each start.



Taijuan “Sky” Walker

Not to be outdone by the dominance of Jacob deGrom and the charismatic performances of Marcus Stroman, Mets starter Taijuan Walker was lit city USA on Thursday.

The third starter in the Mets rotation threw seven innings of one-hit, one-run ball against a formidable St Louis Cardinals squad that currently leads the NL Central.



Walker came into KC like Bumpy Johnson taking over Harlem and laid the Cardinals down on some NLE Choppa-type of electricity. Walker hasn’t given up more than 4 runs in a start this season.

The Mets pitching staff will keep them in the NL East race all season.

Marcus “Don’t Sleep” Semien

Marcus Semien has been steady all season for the Toronto BlueJays, but on Thursday he had his best offensive explosion of 2021 against his former Oakland A’s squad. The free agent infielder gave Blue Jays fans a sample of the damage he can cause when he’s hot with the wood.