The Orioles Are Showing Signs Of Turning Around | Now They Need To Trade Cedric Mullins

The Orioles Are Showing Signs Of Turning Around | Now They Need To Trade Cedric Mullins

The Baltimore Orioles did something in the month of June that they have not done in almost four years. As strange as it sounds, this was the first month since August 2017 that the Orioles finished a month with a winning percentage over .500. It is a sad day when a team must make a celebration out of such a mediocre accomplishment. One bright spot to focus on is the recent hot streak that MLBbro Cedric Mullins has been on. While the Orioles reside in the cellar of the American League East, and figure to remain there for the rest of the year, other teams are wondering what it will take to move the versatile center fielder.

Baltimore Orioles Star Cedric Mullins Is At A Career Crossroads| He’s The Perfect MLBbro For A Championship Contender

Cedric “CM Storm” Mullins is far off the pace from his All-Star season in 2021. His power numbers are down significantly, and his On-Base Percentage is down nearly .40 points compared to last year. That being said he is starting to regain some semblance of what made him a breakout player last year. He ended the month of June batting over .370 in the last week and helping the Orioles win five out of their last eight games in the month. If the Orioles want to get the most out of one of their prized possessions, they should opt to trade him now, rather than later.

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The Orioles are going nowhere fast and look as if they will hit rock bottom again this year. They have already considered trading their star closer Jorge Lopez and one of their “older” players Trey Mancinci, who is only 29. Mlbbro Cedric Mullins is younger than both and under team control through 2026. With the speedy center fielder in the midst of a hot streak, and several contending teams needing a quality outfielder, they should be able to net a return for him that would benefit both him and the franchise.

Why the Trade Benefits Mullins

A change of scenery could rejuvenate Mullins and give him a new outlook on his career. His remaining time in Baltimore, especially if it goes beyond the 2022 season, will just consist of him waiting to be traded at the team’s convenience. The more the Orioles lose the more they look at their farm system as the way to contend inn years far from now, that will not align with the prime of Mullins. Sending him to a team like the Cleveland Guardians or the New York Yankees, would not only put him in the middle of the playoff hunt, but put him in more high leverage situations and around better talent to increase his productivity. 

Why the Trade Benefits Orioles

Losing a star is never easy, but as a losing franchise it is a necessary evil. Mullins to the Yankees maybe hard to stomach, especially if he helps to deliver a World Series title to an American League East rival. But teams like the Yankees and Guardians have ample farm talent to justify making the move and giving the Orioles enough to confidently move forward into their rebuild. A separation is best for both teams as it gives the Orioles an added boost to their rebuild, something their fans are eagerly trying to speed up at this point. It also gives an MLBbro a fresh start in what should be a turnaround in his career.