2021 MLB Draft Gems | The Black Shohei Ohtani Is High School Phenom Braden Montgomery

2021 MLB Draft Gems | The Black Shohei Ohtani Is High School Phenom Braden Montgomery

Major League Baseball’s 65th-ranked  prospect Braden Montgomery is attending the MLB Draft combine this week in Cary, North Carolina, with intentions of showcasing his talents in front of scouts and team executives just days ahead of the 2021 MLB draft.

The University of Stanford commit is a 6’2 201-pound switch-hitting positional player and a right-handed pitcher out of Madison Central High School. Reports indicate that the 18-year-old phenom is the only coveted high school player in the draft, but he also classifies as the highest-ranked high school player in Mississippi.



Montgomery has a smooth feel at the plate, and his bat has a lot of pop to it. As mentioned earlier, the kid has superior contact on both sides of the dish, but he seems more comfortable from the right side. 

Furthermore, Montgomery has poise in the batters’ box with well-grounded balance, control, and exceptional vision as he can spray the ball across all parts of the diamond.

In the field of play, projections indicate that Montgomery will be a top-ten outfielder with a dynamic arm at either corner position. He displayed that laser during an event earlier this year as he recorded numerous 99 miles per hour missiles from the warning track.



The mound is a different story for the young sensation.

Montgomery has a three-pitch arsenal in his weaponry that continuously pops the catcher’s glove. The kid has a consistent 93 mph fastball that peaks at 96, while his curveball leaves batters weak in the knees and complements his heater, and the movement on his changeup is extraterrestrial 



These are great signs as he is only 18 years old, so his power and speed will come into effect as he continues to fill out into his man-body.


When asked about which position, he prefers better, Montgomery told MLB Central, ” I hear scouts say they want me as both, and I also hear guys say they want me as one or the other as I just want to do both.” 


He went on to say, “I picked up pitching more recently, but I’ve always been a hitter. So, there are some days where maybe I’ll turn out a poor pitching performance, but I’ll hit well and feel like I won’t have to pitch anymore or turn out a really good pitching performance, and I don’t hit well at all. So, I enjoy them both.”


This decision can bring generational wealth for the Montgomery family, depending upon how he does this week in the Draft Combine

“We are looking for the life-changing opportunity and obviously going to Stanford, that’s pretty high up on the board. But, looking for the draft has always been my dream since elementary school,” the future MLBbro said.” So, whichever opportunity presents itself as a better opportunity, that’s the one I’ll be going for.”

Montgomery seems like a really polished and very enlightened young kid. The salvo of talent and intelligence a student-athlete must portray, especially to have the Stanford Cardinals baseball scholarship in his back pocket, is astonishing.

Whatever decision he and his family land upon will be the right choice as variety is the spice of life. Whichever path he chooses, we at MLBbro.com will be rooting for him.