Are CJ Abrams and Trey Lipscomb Becoming a Staple In Washington’s Infield?

Are CJ Abrams and Trey Lipscomb Becoming a Staple In Washington’s Infield?

Don’t look now but the Washington Nationals are on the move in the National East. After a slow start that had them in the basement, the Nats are currently on a two game winning streak and at 4-6, they are 2.5 games out of first as of this writing. Washington, at this point, is in a transitionary period still trying to find talent to build their roster around. Well, we here at not only found one… but possibly two MLBbros as a foundation to build on. 


They were easy to find, too. They happen to be playing on the left side of the infield at shortstop and third base. MLBbro CJ Abrams is already considered the one of the best shortstops in the National League and Trey Lipscomb has been a Godsend for the team since being called up on March 30th.


CJ Abrams on a historical offensive run along with his platinum glove?  

CJ Abrams had a coming out party in 2023 and is building off the momentum this season. The former No. 6 overall pick and key piece of the Juan Soto trade in 2022 was been one the best offensive weapons the Nationals had leading up to him leaving the lineup with a jammed finger he suffered last Friday. But his stats before the injury clearly dictate that Washington is gonna need him back sooner than later.


In the first seven games, the Nats struggled crossing the plate collecting only 27 total runs. Despite these offensive woes, Abrams had hitting slashes of .321/.387/.607 leading the team at the time in homers with two while adding five RBI and three stolen bases.’s Jaelen Gilkey adds visual aids here to our MLBbro’s exploits early this season in the “Factz” segment… on X: “FACTZ| The Elevation of Shortstop CJ Abrams Fuels Young Washington Nationals @SilkyGilkey x @CJAbrams01 📺:” / X (

Let’s go deeper with the CJ Abrams experience…

  • Strong slugging percentage with .607
  • Impressive OPS of .994
  • Solid OBP of .387 

The stat that the team and fanbase will be watching is the home run numbers. Abrams has hit two homers in six games which is 18 games quicker than last season.



Grant Paulsen on X: “CJ Abrams has gone deep twice in just six games, 18 games quicker than he hit his 2nd HR a year ago.” / X (


Can Trey Lipscomb’s early MLBbro performance translate into a NL Rookie of the Year Award? covered Trey “The Truth” Lipscomb over the weekend highlighting his on-base streak and ever-improving play in the field… on X: “Trey Lipscomb Impresses Nats With On Base Streak and Glove Work @SPORTWORLDORDER x @tlips03 🔗:” / X (


But this was the tip of the iceberg after becoming the first Nationals rookie to have three hits and three steals in the same game. One of those steals included swiping home in a 8-1 win over San Francisco.



Nationals Homers on X: “WSH @ SF April 8, 2024 Trey Lipscomb steals Home” / X (


Our MLBbro’s on-base streak was snapped and he fell into a mini 0-11 slump. However this 3-5 performance with an RBI got him back on track. “The Truth” has gained the confidence of the coaching staff enough for them to allow him to battle through a dip in production and he has rewarded them in tow.


Trey has a hitting slash of .265/.286/.353 with a homer, three RBI, five runs scored and four steals. That’s a lot of production to squeeze into 35 plate appearances as of this writing.


But then the staff wondered about past MLBbro pairs who have been successful at the shortstop and third base positions. These two get highlighted due to the fact that…they were championship level combos.


Ozzie Smith (shortstop) and Terry Pendleton (third base): 

If the seed of founder and leader of the MLBbro movement was planted, it might have happened during the era of the St. Louis Cardinals in the 80’s. The lineup was loaded with MLBbros such as Vince Coleman, Willie McGee and Lonnie Smith who burned up the base paths. However, the two MLBbros who shut down the left side of the infield were Terry Pendleton and the “Wizard of Oz”, Ozzie Smith.


Pendleton was one of the steadier third basemen throughout his career and his 1985 partnership was one of the more exciting combinations not just in MLBbro history but in baseball history. The speed and athleticism of the two helped lead the Cardinals to the World Series losing to the Minnesota Twins led by MLBbro icon, Kirby Puckett. 


Even though Pendleton couldn’t help deliver a championship, he was vital to deep playoff runs.



Why Terry Pendleton Is So Important To St. Louis Cardinals! (


Ozzie Smith’s accomplishments to the game of baseball could fill up a whole article, about six videos and even his trade to St.Louis for Garry Templeton is reality show material. He could be partnered with any MLBbro and would qualify. He is considered the greatest defensive shortstop ever…period.

  • 13 Gold Gloves
  • Inducted into the Hall of Fame.
  • Worked himself into a solid switch hitter. After this 1985 playoff walk off homer, the power came from his left side if you ask a Dodger fan!


1985 NLCS Gm5: Ozzie Smith’s walk-off homer wins Game 5 (


While this duo had multiple chances over their careers to get to the World Series, only Ozzie Smith tasted the champagne.This duo however had a different outcome.


Derek Jeter (shortstop) and Charlie Hayes (third base):

These two collaborated the strong side of the infield to a World Series title in 1996 ending a championship drought dating back to 1978. Charlie Hayes was very instrumental in the victory with some timely hits throughout. He was also the one that sealed the championship catching the final out in Game 6…



1996 WS Gm6: The Yankees win the World Series (


It was the only championship of Hayes’ career but it was only the first for this MLBbro Icon.


Derek Jeter became the modern day New York Yankees legend with this MLBbro infield connection. Jeter parlayed this into a Yankees dynasty winning three more in 1998, 1999 and 2000. His final championship for the team came in 2009. His stats were impressive but his leadership in the spotlight of New York not seen since Reggie Jackson that makes him a legend. 



SBK_General_NC_Bet5Get200_na_na_30_1920x1080_No (


It will take some time for the Washington Nationals to catch up with the success of the St. Louis Cardinals of the 1980’s or the New York Yankees of the late 90’s to the 2000s but the future is now for the MLBbro connection at shortstop and third base.

Terry Pendleton | The Last Great Black Third Baseman

Terry Pendleton | The Last Great Black Third Baseman

Terry Pendleton played 15 years in MLB and during his peak years he starred on the St. Louis Cardinals and Atlanta Braves.

The switch hitter amassed almost 2,000 career hits and won a batting title and NL MVP award in 1991. The 5-foot-9 All-Star also won three Gold Gloves and played in five World Series.

Pendleton retired in 1998 and we haven’t had a Black third baseman of his ilk since.