MLBbro Jo Adell Shines In Los Angeles Angels Return From Minors

MLBbro Jo Adell Shines In Los Angeles Angels Return From Minors

When the Los Angeles Angels sent our MLBbro Jo Adell down to the minors, the franchise had abandoned their four man outfield rotation that included Adell, Mike Trout, Brandon Marsh and Taylor Ward. At that time, the Angels weren’t in disarray and there was hope that the franchise was going in the right direction. With Adell out of the rotation at that time, the team wanted him to get every day reps in the minors so he wouldn’t lose his rhythm at the plate.

“I think for him and his development, just to get regular at-bats, regular defensive reps will help him. He’s come a long way. He’s made a lot of strides. I’m very optimistic at some point this year he’s going to help us win some games. He already has, but I think the regular reps will be important.”

But the story here is how a MLBbro faced adversity and took the challenge to get better when he could have gone another route and demanded a trade. His thoughts on the situation via The Orange City Register when he was demoted showed his character.

“This is a really strong team and these guys are great,” Adell said. “These players out here are unbelievable. And we formed something that’s been a really, really strong unit. And it’s been tough to weave my way into the lineup with the level of play that these guys have right now…

“Joe [Maddon] mentioned in the meeting that playing every third or second day or fourth day or whatever has been kind of tough. Hopefully, me getting back on my rhythm and getting in there every day and kind of just developing more of a routine would probably help me out a little bit more.”

Since the month of July started, this two month experiment has worked to near perfection.



This hit here was in Adell’s last game in the minors before being called back up the the big club with Mike Trout missing games with a back injury. His opportunity to play in right field will give the Angels fans an opportunity to see his growth in the field as well after struggling at times earlier this season.

But our MLBbro has been on fire since returning to the big leagues at the plate. His first five games had him hitting .471 with 8 hits, knocking in two RBI while scoring a run. His current six game hitting streak has improved his slashes from .231/.242/.431 to his current levels of .258/.283/.416.

Adell now has a big opportunity to show that he can show the consistency to stick on the Angels roster now that the team has lost 14 of their last 20 games. The book on our MLBbro is his shining play in the minors before struggling in the majors.

Adell’s first call up back in 2020 produced a hitting slash of .161/.212/.266.
After being optioned to Triple-A at the start of 2021 he hit .246/.295/.408.
His last Triple A performance netted him a hitting slash of .239/.333/.587.


Despite the inconsistency shown, Jo Adell has unlimited potential which was analyzed by Al Leiter on the MLB Network.



Something Adell believes can help the Angels even though they are struggling at this point and time via The Athletic.

“Obviously I want to be in the big leagues. I want to play, to help the team. … What we’re doing right here, my goal is to help these guys win and continue to improve.

“ I obviously want to be there. That’s the goal, the end goal. So I’ll continue to do what I need to do to make sure that happens.”

Our MLBbro is committed to the Angels organization but the plans of the team are up in the air with the trade deadline coming up in a few weeks. Something Adell is trying to keep out of his mind during this current hot streak.

“I think the reality of it is, there’s a spot in this game everywhere for guys that can play and do it at the level that we do it,” Adell said. “Hopefully it is with this team. I want it to be, obviously. But you never know, you can’t read into the future.”

Even though it’s been peaks and valleys for this MLBbro who was once considered one of the top prospects in the game to build a solid foundation in his early years…


Jo Adell’s Slow Start Is Boosted By Promising Analytics


But if he continues to work on his swing that leaves him vulnerable to high speed fastballs and strikeouts, Jo Adell will be one of the few Angels bright spots to finish the season.