Dusty Baker Is Feeling Late Bloomer Taylor Jones | The 27-Year-Old Rookie Is A Tall Order

Dusty Baker Is Feeling Late Bloomer Taylor Jones | The 27-Year-Old Rookie Is A Tall Order

Taylor Jones ladies and gentleman, he’s an MLBbro you should get familiar with.

The Houston Astros have a rookie on their team that can ball. And if you look for him on the field, you can’t miss him.

Standing 6-foot-7,  Jones is a tall order and he knows how to utilize his frame well.

It took him a minute to get to The Show, but the first baseman is starting to make a name for himself, especially this month. His numbers are very impressive.



In his last seven games, this brother is hitting .368 with a home run, six RBI, and five runs scored.

Jones is making the most of his time on that field and the way he’s been performing lately, the Astros will have to keep him in the fold and consider him as a strong option as the team might lose a foundation piece and solid bat  (a trade of Carlos Correa maybe?) in the near future.

The Astros’ minor league system has produced some All-world talent over the last decade including Jose Altuve and Carlos Correa. Jones can play an important role for the Astros as they look to lock up a playoff spot this season.

Everybody knew Jones was next up, it was just a matter of time before he was able to crack an offensively stout Astros lineup.


One thing about Jones is he’s versatile. Now his primary position is first base, but he can play other positions as well.

That was the case for him on August 21st against his hometown team.

Going up against the Seattle Mariners that day, Jones thought he would be starting in his primary position.

It was about an hour before the game when we got news the lineup was switched up,” Jones told the Houston Chronicle. “All my preparation was for first base. I just tried to get out there and make the plays and do what you can out there.”



Jones got the starting nod in left field that game and he had his best performance of the season.

He went 3-for-5 with a home run, four RBI, and three runs scored. The 27-year-old was a single away from the cycle.

That performance right there let the league know that Jones is all about business.

“(I) opened up the stance a little bit, (to) try to get my direction a little bit more toward the pitcher,” Jones said. “I was kind of swinging open before the adjustment, kind of spinning out of the box. Now I’m a little bit more direct and a little cleaner path with the swing.”

Making adjustments is a necessary part of the game and can be a turning point for some players’ careers.

Jones understood that he had to make changes in his batting stance in order to see success. And so far it’s working.

He is on a three-game hitting streak and Astros manager Dusty Baker is liking what he’s seeing in Jones.

“He’s swinging the bat great. He’s corrected some flaws that prohibited him in the past from getting to certain pitches,” Baker said. “He’s worked hard. He’s had a good attitude the whole time — been up and down, up and down. He’s a fine young man who is trying to stay here.”

From 2016 to 2019 and a little bit of this year, Jones was playing in the minors. After this season, he could be a mainstay in the majors if he continues to impress on the field.