JP Crawford Keeps The Mood Mellow In Seattle With Reggae Music and His Cool Cali Demeanor

JP Crawford Keeps The Mood Mellow In Seattle With Reggae Music and His Cool Cali Demeanor

The Seattle Mariners have a rock in their lineup and its at the very top.  Shortstop J.P. Crawford is the leadoff hitter for this club and he is looking forward to 2024. “Spring is going great, we have a good group of guys and ready to get the season started” Crawford said. “I’m really not trying to work on anything, just stay where I am at, really relaxed and go out there and do damage” he added. 


If you take a look at J.P. Crawford, you will notice very simply that the brother has a cool demeanor. I’m gonna call it California cool. “West coast, is the best coast. I don’t know what more to say” Crawford said with pride.


When asked about MLBbros he followed growing up, a California native not surprisingly was first on the list.


“Aaron Hicks is from my same hometown” he said. “Derek Jeter, Jimmy Rollins, and Curtis Granderson were my big three” Crawford told us.




The Mariners spring training clubhouse is usually open by 7:30am most morning. Many of the players arrive closer to 6am. This team is ready to go and the early hours are the norm. “We have a lot of older people in the clubhouse, and everyone knows how to handle themselves” Crawford has a positive outlook. “We’re all professionals in here, so it’s great” Crawford said with excitement.


Crawford likes his music and has tons of songs readily available on his iPad. “My reggae songs, I can’t listen to hip hop, I get too geeked up in the box” he said when asked what his walk-up music will be this season. “The reggae will slow that heartbeat down a little bit” Crawford added.

With opening day getting closer there is a lot of chatter about this team that won 88 games a year ago. The excitement will really begin when a calm, cool, and collected J.P. Crawford walks towards the batter’s box with some good tunes bouncing in the T-Mobile Park background.