Joe Ross Completes Comeback Journey With First Win As A Starter Since 2021

Joe Ross Completes Comeback Journey With First Win As A Starter Since 2021

In life there are some challenges that all people face no matter the race, creed or color…adversity, perseverance and maybe the toughest of all…patience. Nothing combines all of these attributes better than Milwaukee Brewers’ right hander Joe Ross, who won his first game this week as a starter since 2021…1,015 days if anyone was counting.

The Brewers signed Joe Ross in the offseason giving our MLBbro a chance to show that he had put two Tommy John surgeries behind him. A deal that has paid off dividends for both parties.

Our MLBbro shared his outlook on his journey and the Brewers early start on MLB Network…

Soon after, Ross became one of the feel good stories of the MLB season pitching into the 7th inning in Tuesday’s 9-5 victory over the Cincinnati Reds. His pitching evolution was on display pitching only 87 times featuring a new go to pitch that the Reds hitters had issues catching up to.

Most of these videos highlight Ross’ new number one pitch… the slider.

Our MLBbro pitched multiple strikes using the slider five strikeouts). Something that was evident in the 2015-17 seasons with the Washington Nationals before the injuries set in setting him back. Overall, Ross built momentum off of his first 73 pitch start (no decision) with a solid performance with his control increasing strikeouts and cutting down on his walks. Our MLBbro’s sinker will enable him to keep the hitters guessing.

Joe Ross has the support of his catcher, William Contreras, setting our MLBbro up to succeed. Something Milwaukee Brewers manager, Pat Murphy pointed out after the game on

“That’s the story of the game, Joe Ross,” Murphy said. “That guy was the Joe Ross of old. And give catcher William Contreras a ton of credit, because he dissected what Joe was tonight and just went with it. Because Joe early was behind in the count on everybody and getting away with some things and William kind of dissected it and put it together.

A consistent run from our MLBbro could be critical to Milwaukee’s season. The pitching staff has suffered some injuries with Brandon Woodruff and Wade Miley. Coupled with offseason trades that sent Corbin Burnes (Baltimore Orioles) and Adrian Houser (New York Mets) elsewhere, not only was Ross afforded an opportunity to prove himself, he was included in the Opening Day rotation as the fifth starter. has been monitoring Joe Ross’ transition out of Washington into a Brewers uniform. MLBbro reporter Mark Gray analyzed what our MLBbro brings to the mound in our “The Push Back” segment…

Joe Ross and the Brewers, particularly manager Pat Murphy who served as a mentor to our MLBbro in the past are trying to pave the way back to the first round Draft pick levels that the San Diego Padres saw in 2011. With the Nationals, he made a World Series start in 2019. But up until this season, Ross had only 20 Major League appearances.

When Ross pitched with San Francisco’s Minor League system in 2023, his fastball was still active with averages of 90+ mph which gives him enough tools to work with on the mound.

Luckily for this MLBbro, circumstances may give him plenty of time and chances to get a big extension.