“I Knew I Had My Timing Down, I Got It Down On Deck” | 2024 Prospect Samuel Richardson Named States Play MVP

“I Knew I Had My Timing Down, I Got It Down On Deck” | 2024 Prospect Samuel Richardson Named States Play MVP

Samuel Richardson, the 17-year-old Missouri commit, stole the show at the recent States Play Invitational.

The 6-foot-1 and 190-pound power hitter went yard to help put the West ahead on Sunday in their 5-1 win. Richardson’s big hit happened to be the only time a player went deep in the three games played, and he sought of spoke it into existence.



On Friday during batting practice, Richardson who had switched teams was asked if he was the player who switched teams at the last minute. Richardson replied, “yes.” 

The reporter followed up with, “Going to go deep and win the game for the West, huh?”

In a weekend short of long ball theatrics, Richardson’s moonshot more than made up for it. His shot was so powerful it had the Eastern team “oohing and ahhing” in disbelief afterwards.

 Players responded with ….

 “That was a bomb.”

 Even Richardson chimed in on his accomplishment …

 “I knew I had my timing down: I got it down on deck. I just knew that if he threw me a pitch in the zone, I couldn’t miss it.”

 “And I didn’t miss it.

Richardson Thanks Higher Power For Talent He Has

Following his whirlwind moment of hitting a homer, an ecstatic and euphoric Richardson had this to say.

“First of all, I was thanking God. And then I was like, Man I just hit a more run in a Major League Spring Training Park. Just a lot of excitement.”

That had to be a dream come true for the 17-year-old who’s a 2024 MLB Draft prospect. The big strong Mizzou commit projects as a third baseman. For his efforts Richardson not only received his MVP trophy, but two tickets to Game 2 of this year’s World Series. And while we have no idea where that game will take place, we do know Richardson will be in attendance, thinking about when his moment comes to be on the other side of the equation as an MLB player. 



Richardson Has Opposite Field And Pulling Power At Age 17

Richardson is blessed with pure, raw power that allows him to spray the baseball to all parts of the field. He’s capable of going yard as evidenced by his big homer in the All-Star Game. But he’s also shown an ability to go opposite field with pop. He also pulls the ball really well for someone so young.

The belief is while at Mizzou he’ll clean up some mechanical and technical things against some pro-level SEC pitching. And when it comes time, he’ll be a pro-ready hitter, ready to help a MLB team right away at the plate.