Hall of Fame East-West Classic Honors Our History: The MLBbros Were Outside

Hall of Fame East-West Classic Honors Our History: The MLBbros Were Outside

On Saturday, May 25 a special baseball game was held in Cooperstown, home of the Baseball Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame East-West Classic was at Doubleday Field and featured 30 former MLBbros.


An instant classic it was as the East defeated the West 5-4 in six innings.


Ryan Howard Wins East-West Classic MVP 


2008 World Series champ Ryan Howard was named MVP after hitting a go-ahead three-run homer in the fifth to give the East the lead.


“It’s always been a fraternity,” Howard said after the game. “The cool part about it is you have your teammates that you play with coming up in the Minor Leagues. And a lot of the guys you play against at each level in the Minor Leagues, so in a sense you’re coming up together with them, as well. … And just to have this kind of brotherhood and continue to have it is special.”


Over 5,700 fans came out to watch former All-Star and Hall of Fame players.


Curtis Granderson hit the first home run of the game.



“It’s cool,” he said, wearing a Newark Eagles jersey. “Anytime I got a chance to play in these [Negro League throwbacks] throughout the course of a season, I always looked forward to it and loved it, so I’m happy to get a chance to put it back on again today.”



Your Favorite MLBbros Competed 


What a better way to honor the Negro Leagues than to have former MLB players coming together for a game?


It was a wonderful sight witnessing generations of MLBbros out there on the diamond.


Edwin Jackson took the mound to start the game, and it was good to see him reminiscing about his time in the big leagues and he let people know that he still has a little left in the tank.


Adam Jones Defeated Prince Fielder In Home Run Derby 


Before the game, they did a home run derby contest and Adam Jones defeated Prince Fielder. One player who received a lot of recognition from the crowd was star outfielder and Hall of Famer Ken Griffey Jr. Along with the game, the weekend featured a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Souls of the Game exhibit.



Rowan Ricardo Phillips, an award-winning poet, was one of the consultants who was included in the development of the project, and he was pleased to see all the support.


“The fact that people really want to start and think about the roots of the story, the voices, from the beginning, people we don’t often think about — Bud Fowler, Octavius Catto, those types of players, it really excites me,” he said. “I think what’s really wonderful about the exhibit is, we can rethink the story of baseball that we want to tell to ourselves and to our future selves. Instead of thinking, well, let’s pick this up from 2020 or 2024 or whatever.”


Expect a lot more events similar to this in the near future and we can’t wait to see more of our MLBbro’s come together and fellowship with one another.

Finally, The Philadelphia Phillies Have An MLBbro Position Player | Versatile Josh Harrison Will Shed Some Brotherly Love

Finally, The Philadelphia Phillies Have An MLBbro Position Player | Versatile Josh Harrison Will Shed Some Brotherly Love

The Philadelphia Phillies have signed MLB veteran Josh Harrison to a one-year deal for the upcoming season.



Phillies Sign an MLBbro


According to an article from Forbes, the Phillies did not have an MLBbro on the Opening Day roster last season for the first time in 63 years. That will change this season with former Mets pitcher Taijuan Walker, and now Harrison joining the team. The last MLBbro to suit up for the Phillies as a full-time starter was outfielder Andrew McCutchen.  Outfielder Roman Quinn played 79 games for the Phillies in 2022. And outfielder Darrick Hall ended up playing in 41 games this season for the Phillies.  During that time, he batted .250, with nine home runs, and 16 RBI. He had an on-base percentage of .282, and a slugging percentage of .504.

No Bros In 2022 World Series


Philadelphia will look to make another run back to the World Series – this time with a multi-talented Black utility player who can provide everything from hitting and baserunning to soul in the hole and a number of other positions. If the Phillies can make it back and Harrison is still on the team, he and Walker can become the first Phillies MLBbros to win a title since 2008.

Three MLBbros were on that team: Jimmy Rollins, Ryan Howard, and Tom “Flash” Gordon. Gordon got hurt and was ruled out for the season, but still received a World Series ring.

This will be Harrison’s sixth MLB team that he’s played for during his career. The two-time All-Star is still searching for his first World Series title and will have a good opportunity to do so with the Phillies. He spent the 2022 season with the Chicago White Sox and had a solid season.



Josh Harrison Is A Versatile  MLBbro Veteran


In 119 games, he hit .256 with 27 RBI and 50 runs scored. Harrison can provide value at the plate and in the field.  He’s the type of player that can make an impact as a starter or a player coming off the bench. You better believe the Phillies will utilize Harrison the best way they can. The 35-year-old can still play at a high level and it’s no surprise that a team like the Phillies picked him up.

Harrison is best known for his defensive abilities at second base, but this brother can play numerous positions on the field. Last season, in addition to playing second, he played shortstop, third base, left field, and made a few relief appearances on the mound. So the Phillies will definitely find somewhere to put this Swiss Army knife. And if Harrison can put up productive numbers at the plate, it’ll be difficult to keep him out of the lineup.

The Last Time The Philadelphia Phillies Were On The World Series Stage, It Was All About MLBbro MVPs Jimmy Rollins & Ryan Howard

The Last Time The Philadelphia Phillies Were On The World Series Stage, It Was All About MLBbro MVPs Jimmy Rollins & Ryan Howard

The Phillies 2022 World Series appearance made the rounds on social media. Not because the Fall Classic brings in casual fans from around the world to indulge in their couple of games of baseball a year. But because for the first time since 1950, there were no MLBbros on either team’s playoff roster. 

The City of Brotherly Love has been clamoring for a return to the World Series since winning the 2008 title and losing the 2009 WS to the New york Yankees. If the Phillies are able to win four of seven games from the Astros and a World Series ring, the complexion of the team and its superstars will be much different than the Phillies team that dominated baseball behind the MVP bats of two MLBbros – shortstop Jimmy Rollins and first baseman Ryan Howard. MLBBro legend Tom “Flash” Gordon was on that team, rounding out the brotherhood and showing mentorship to Phillies’ young stars

2022 Vanilla Phillies vs 2008 Philly Funksters

These Phillies are a balanced bunch with one iconic player in free agent Bryce Harper, who contributes the all-around game, heart and hustle, similar to Rollins.  His battery mate Kyle Schwarber provides elite punch like Howard. 

Speaking of “The Big Piece,” the 6-foot-4, 250-pound rocket launcher, former National League MVP (2008) and two-time league home-run leader, was slowed by injuries dramatically in the later part of his 13-year career.

His first eight years, however, were Hall of Fame worthy as he dominated MLB pitching and displayed historic power from his Rookie of the Year campaign in 2005 to the end of the 2011 season when Howard hit the deck between the batter’s box and first base, rupturing his Achilles and altering the course of baseball history forever. 



Howards whopping five-year, $125-million extension that he signed in April of 2010, was to begin in 2012.

At the time, Big Piece was on his way to becoming a titan as one of four players to hit at least 40 home runs and have 130-plus RBIs in four straight seasons. Babe Ruth did it seven times, from 1926-32. Sammy Sosa (1998-01) and Ken Griffey Jr. (1996-99) did it four times.

Howard hit an impressive 382 dingers, but he hit 198 (60 percent) of those career home runs in a four-year span. 

In his peak seasons, from 2006-2011, he was one of baseball’s all-time celebrated Black Knights. He teamed up with 2007 NL MVP and shortstop Jimmy Rollins to bless baseball with the only World Series squad the sport had seen in years that was driven by All-Star African American players.

Ryan led baseball with 58 homers and149 RBI in 2006, In 2007, he delivered 47 homers with 136 RBI, and in 2008 he crushed another MLB-leading 48 homers while leading the Phillies to their first World Series title since 1980. In 2009, his last healthy year as a player, he pounded another 45 homers.

The emergence of Howard (whose colossal presence, power and gentleman-like dominance likens him to 2014 HOF inductee Frank “Big Hurt” Thomas ) had The City of Brotherly Love glued to the TV set when the funky Phillies started smoking. Adding excitement and increased fan interest to the Phillies success was the fact that two brothers were the faces of baseball at a time when African-American participation in the game was waning and needed a boost.



Rollins is one of the premier shortstops of his generation. He’s also one the most underrated as his career numbers against the all-time great offensive shortstops of his era certainly should garner him more Hall of Fame consideration. His combination of speed, power and athleticism was the spark for one of the golden eras in Philadelphia Phillies history.  

In his prime, Rollins was considered a Top Five player in the game and is easily one of the most multi-faceted second baseman to ever play the game.

In his prime, Rollins was a 30-30 guy and also did 20-20-20 (homers, doubles and triples). A dynamic base runner and fielder, the 5-foot-8 shortstop won four Gold Gloves and made three All-Star teams with Philly. 

The switch-hitting Rollins ranks first in Phillies history in doubles (479), at-bats (8,628) and hits (2,306). He’s also second in stolen bases (453 which is also fourth-most among active players) and total bases (3,655). He’s comfortably in the top 10 of nearly every offensive category in club history and holds the distinction of being one of 19 players in major league history with at least 400 doubles, 100 triples and 200 home runs. He is also seventh all-time with 46 leadoff homers.



The Phillies have an excellent chance at winning the World Series, with no Bros in sight. It isn’t ideal, but the baseball fans in Philly will take it any way they can get it. Let’s not forget, however, when Philly was all on Black Baseball’s tip. It wasn’t that long ago.

Josh Bell Is Having A Stellar Season On A Bad Team

Josh Bell Is Having A Stellar Season On A Bad Team

The 2022 Major League Baseball has been a season of revelation for MLBbro Josh Bell.
He is having a career year and has been one of the most consistent hitters in baseball. Bell
has always been a quality player, since his Major League debut in 2016. In the middle of a
contract year, he is having a great season, and has been a hot topic in many trade talks around the
league. The only other first basemen in the National League who have even been on his level are
perennial All-Stars, Freddie Freeman and Paul Goldschmidt.

Josh Bell Is Making A Strong Case For NL All-Star Squad

Bell has been the best player for the Nationals this season. He just finished the month of
June with a .358 batting average, seven home runs, and 18 RBI. The Washington Nationals have
not been competitive this year, but that has not stopped Bell from excelling. Since coming to
Washington, Bell has had his career reinvigorated from the less stellar play he showed as a
member of the Pittsburgh Pirates. With the season just slightly past the halfway mark, he has
already established a WAR of 3.2 which is higher than his WAR during his five seasons with the Pirates.

Not since MLBbro Ryan Howard has there been as productive a black player at the first
base position. Howard, a three-time All-Star and former NL MVP, was one of the most
productive hitters in his prime with the Philadelphia Phillies. Josh Bell is looking to follow in his
footsteps and cash in on his improvements at the plate and sign a lucrative contract in the
offseason. As a highly effective switch hitter, Bell is capable of hitting right and left-handed
pitching at a prominent level. Having a hitter of this caliber at a corner infield position is integral
to a team’s success.

There has been much speculation to whether or not the Nationals will move on from the
potential All-Star MLBbro. While the case can be made to trade Bell while his stock is high,
there are several reasons to retain his services and pair him with Juan Soto and move forward as
a franchise. Not turning 30 until later this season, Bell is still young enough to be around for
several years to come. He currently ranks in the top ten in hits, total bases, On-Base percentage,
and batting average in the National League. Although he may not get the national attention that
he should, this MLBbro is special.

Ryan Howard Was A Prodigious Power Hitter During His 13-Year MLB Career

Ryan Howard Was A Prodigious Power Hitter During His 13-Year MLB Career

By Devon POV Mason | Contributor 


Former Philadelphia Phillies first baseman Ryan Howard put up some amazing stats during his 13-year career in the majors, most of which was tied to his prodigious power at the plate.

READ MORE: Phillies Slugger Ryan Howard Retires, Leaves Legacy Of Black Power

As all baseball fans know, swinging for the fences also leads to a lot of strikeouts.

Howard tallied more than 1800 whiffs, with an average of 190 Ks per season during his career with the Phillies.

It was a small consolation, however, for the 382 dingers he smashed for the franchise in the “City of Brotherly Love.” Howard sits second all-time in homers in Phillies history trailing Hall of Famer Mike Schmidt.



Howard also drove in 1,194 runs, ranking him third in Phillies history behind the aforementioned Schmidt and Ed Delahanty. He ranks fourth all-time in extra-base hits for the Phils and second in intentional walks. Case in point, pitchers feared him with players in scoring position.

In 2006, Howard won NL MVP, and the Home Run Derby in an exciting overtime slugfest, beating Mets star third baseman David Wright (23-22).

Howard was bit of a late bloomer as he didn’t become a regular in the Phils lineup until he was 26, but he had finally arrived.


But, he quickly made up for lost time, by becoming the fastest player in major league history to 1,000 RBIs as well as 100 and then 200 home runs.

While impressive but also ignominious, Howard also holds the MLB record for Golden Sombreros, the distinct honor of striking out four times in one game.

He amassed this swing-and-miss feat 27 times in his career.

The price of power comes high, for Howard’s time in the majors he earned a whopping $180.3 million, which in turn amounted to roughly $115,000 per game. Howard homered in 24% of the games played for the Phillies, receiving about $472K per long ball.

While that might seem exorbitant, consider that former Mariner-Ranger-Yankee star Alex Rodriguez earned more than $142K per game for his 22-year MLB career, and he was getting about $475K per dinger.

Just as a comparison, in 2020 dollars, Babe Ruth earned $12.7 million for his 22 seasons, and with his 714 homers, he was paid a paltry $17,800 per moon shot.

Howard’s dollar for dingers rate is an unfair measure of his value.

His $180 million career earnings were backloaded. Roughly 33% of that total came over his last three seasons the bigs, which were, because of injury, among his least productive years.

In 2011, Howard suffered a serious Achilles injury in a playoff game against the Cardinals and was never the same. In his final four seasons, he basically playing on one foot snd curtailing a sure shot Hall of Fame career.


The Rise and Fall of Phillies First Baseman Ryan Howard


The first eight years of Howard’s career were Hall of Fame worthy as he dominated MLB pitching and displayed historic power from his Rookie of the Year campaign in 2005 to the end of the 2011.

The game’s still searching for a Black first baseman with Howard’s skill, power and accolades.