Yankees Ink Special Edition Apparel Deal with Pharrell’s Billionaire Boys Club

Yankees Ink Special Edition Apparel Deal with Pharrell’s Billionaire Boys Club

The last month has been pretty rough for the New York Yankees, but now there is a bright spot with them, this time off the field.


On Monday, the Yankees announced that they partnered with the company “Billionaire Boys Club” for a special edition apparel line that would be available worldwide. BBC is a clothing brand that was founded by Nigo, a Japanese fashion designer, as well as music icon Pharrell Williams, who threw out the first pitch at Monday Night’s Subway Series game against the Mets.


For a sport known to always stay on course, this move was certainly out of left field. Fashion is known to take risks and be different, while baseball is known to follow unwritten rules, stay calm and respectful, and to stay in line. Well, with MLB’s new motto of “let the kids play,” the bronx bombers did that exactly, by mixing the traditional with the untraditional.


This was an absolute brilliant move by the Yanks. For starters, they have the most recognizable and most popular logo in all of sports worldwide, and now they put their logo on articles of clothing that are more appealing to people more into fashion.


The sales from this line have been doing well, too. In only five days, already 75% of the collection has sold out, showing that lots of people across the globe want to wear the Yankees emblem in their style.


Plus, although the Yankees do not need any help financially, this just helps the rich get richer. As the MLB is the only league of the big four sports to not have a salary cap, it means that teams can spend as much as they want, meaning teams with money, like them and the Dodgers, are always getting top free agents.


It doesn’t hurt that you are in one of, if not the most, famous cities in the world, with almost every player willing to come play for such a historic and blue blood club. Knowing that the average non-fan loves their brand, by making this collection, it’ll just make the offseason so much easier.


While the new apparel line is fun and all, this will not save them from their woes, as they are currently 8-14 in the month of August. They have built a good lead in their division, but as they have been losing, the Tampa Bay Rays have been winning, going 11-2 in their last 13 games, and have slowly but surely been closing the gap.


The Yankees will probably make the playoffs, whether that is through their division or the wild card. The Yankees did get Giancarlo Stanton back last Thursday, and Aaron Judge is still having an MVP-like year. While they are on a skid, they can easily turn it around.


This team has standards. Making the playoffs is not good enough, it is championship or bust. If they do not win this year, you can guarantee that they will use whatever profit they make from this collab this offseason to either help secure Aaron Judge, get a top free agent, or, since it’s the Yankees, can possibly do both.