Carl Edwards Jr. Has Rough Nats Debut, But The Gas Thrower Will Earn His Keep

Carl Edwards Jr. Has Rough Nats Debut, But The Gas Thrower Will Earn His Keep

NATIONALS PARK — Melanated Mound Marauder Carl Edwards Jr. throws gas for the Washington Nationals. Unfortunately, Tuesday night in Washington was just a quick trip in relief where he gave up three earned runs and a 2-0 lead to the New York Mets in his Nationals debut. 

After their contentious series in Queens last month, the teams were well behaved as New York beat Washington 4-2 at Nationals Park.

During his only inning of work, Edwards turned Patrick Corbin’s best start of the season into a no decision.  After a tremendous start in Rochester leading to dreams of staying in the District for the rest of the season, Edwards lived through the nightmare debut with help from one of his biggest clubhouse supporters.

Nationals manager Davey Martinez and new teammate Josh Bell came to his defense. Edwards definitely pulled his weight in his prior destination. During his extended stay in western New York, Edwards was killing it with a 1-0 record and a 0.63 ERA in 13 games. He had only walked four batters coming in, striking out 17 and opposing batters were hitting at a 0.68 clip. Washington was hoping Edwards could be a part of a remixed middle relief tandem that could relieve pressure from the already taxed bullpen.

Bell admitted that he was “pumped” to have Edwards on his side because he didn’t relish the notion of facing Edwards’ “elite cutter” anymore. He also gave his “homeboi” props for having a great, albeit short spring training.  The latest edition to Washington’s evolving rotation 

Bell didn’t help Edwards’ cause in his fateful fifth inning.  Despite repping for his man with the media, the Nats first baseman played a tough out into what was ruled a two RBI double that gave the Mets a 3-2 lead. Bell did continue to scorch with the bat, going 2-for-4 in the game to lift his average to .349, good for fifth in the league. 

He also has four homers.

The only Black starting first baseman in baseball is locking down an All-Star bid early in the season. The Nats haven’t gelled as a team yet, but MLBbro Carl Edwards adds another live arm that can help hold the fort during this rebuild.

Marcus Stroman Has Been Mr. Consistent For The Mets This Season

Marcus Stroman Has Been Mr. Consistent For The Mets This Season

Marcus Stroman has worked his butt off this season. While his record may not show it, he has put the New York Mets in position to win games all season.

Stroman has been the model of consistency for the Mets. 



The Mets had big expectations coming into the season, but the season has certainly not gone the way the team envisioned. But Stroman has left it all on the field every time he has touched that mound. The Black Knight has been the ace of the staff in Jacob deGrom’s absence and he recently had another impressive start against one of the top teams in the league. 

On August 22nd, the Mets took on the reigning World Series champions. Stroman was ready for that action and he let everyone know tthat despite his team’s collapse, he’s still on track and about his business. Stoman hurled six innings, striking out six while giving up two earned runs to secure the victory over the Dodgers

Let’s be real here, the Dodgers can flat out hit, but Stroman kept the Mets in a good position to win the game and that’s what they did. Stroman put together another solid performance five days prior to playing the Dodgers. That game was against another top team in the San Francisco Giants.

The Mets lost that game by one run but Stroman was solid that night. He went seven innings giving up three runs and striking out nine. 



“He’s been outstanding for us,” manager Luis Rojas told the New York Post about Stroman. “He’s pitched like an ace. … He’s been very valuable and he’s been one of the guys to keep us afloat.”



The Mets have dealt with injuries throughout the season and players have been put in a situation to step up. 

And Stroman has been doing just that.

When he steps on that field, he brings that swag and confidence that you don’t see much of in the game of baseball.

“Just mix, man,” Stroman said on his outing against the Dodgers. “Just being really aggressive. … I thought I had a really great mix.”

Stroman got the support he needed from his team against the Dodgers and he was pleased to see that. 

“It gives me more confidence, just gives me another level to kind of go-to,” Stroman said. “That was awesome to see.”

But that has not always been the case when Stroman is on the mound. On the season he has a 9-12 record with a 2.85 ERA through 18 starts.



Looking at those numbers, you’ll notice that he has a losing record, but he has a solid ERA. This season, Stroman just hasn’t got that run support on a consistent basis.

There’s no question that Stroman can pitch. The brother is very talented and each pitch he throws is effective.Stroman will be a free-agent after this season and if the Mets don’t re-sign him, teams will be knocking on that door to acquire him.

Our MLBbro is in his seventh season and he’s brought that excitement to the game over the last few years.

He can certainly make an impact on any team he plays for. 

Darryl Strawberry Is A Superstar, Champion & New York Baseball Legend

Darryl Strawberry Is A Superstar, Champion & New York Baseball Legend

Rob Parker takes us back to the 80s and remembers one of the baddest MLBbros to ever lace up the cleats. Few players in MLB history have captivated the fans like Darryl Strawberry. When he stepped to the plate, everyone stopped, looked and listened. He could give you 30 steals and 30 bombs, he had a rifle in the outfield and was one of the smoothest ballers you’ll ever see.


Dominic Smith Will Have To Do Some Heavy Lifting For NY Mets Down The Stretch

Dominic Smith Will Have To Do Some Heavy Lifting For NY Mets Down The Stretch

Dominic Smith plays an important role for the New York Mets. He is one player on the team that can make an impact in a significant way.

There’s a reason why the Mets selected him in the first round of the 2013 MLB draft. In his fifth season, Smith has shown improvement at the plate and in the field.

He’s been heavily relied on to provide the struggling Mets offense with a veteran power bat that they can rely on in addition to Peter Alonso.

Having him in the lineup is critical for the Mets and their success throughout the season. Smith has come alive offensively during July which is a sign that Mets certainly want to see.

The second half of the season will be an important stretch for Smith as he will look to be more consistent at the plate.

With the addition of Javy Baez to the Mets lineup, Smith should get a few more pitches to hit.

Through 96 games, he’s batting .251 with 11 home runs and 45 RBIs.


Phillies vs. Mets | MLBbro Show Bonanza


Smith is third on the team in home runs and is second in RBI. Leaving Smith out of the lineup is something the Mets don’t plan on doing because he is too valuable.

He recently put together an impressive performance against the Atlanta Braves on July 29th. 

Our MLBbro went 2-for-4 at the plate with an RBI. Smith started the month seeing the ball really well.

At the start of July, he went on a five-game hitting streak where he hit .444 during that span with three home runs and seven RBI.

There’s no question that this brother can hit and he’s made improvements at the plate since he entered the league.


If you watch Smith play, you will see how patient he is at the plate. He’s the type of hitter that understands the count and knows what he’s trying to do in certain situations.

And he has some pop in that bat of his.



“I hit it on the barrel pretty well,” Smith told the New York Post. “This park is pretty friendly for hitters, so you just have to play your elements.”

Smith went into that at-bat with a game plan and made adjustments from his previous at-bats during that game.

“There’s nowhere to put me and I know he’s just trying to get ahead,” Smith said. “He’s trying to throw his best pitches to get me out. Throughout the first couple innings, he got a lot of soft contact on breaking balls, including I popped one up. That’s just something I took note of and I was just ready to hit.”

“I try to get better with my swing, with my approach, with the pitches I’m swinging at,” Smith said. “If you can simplify the game a little bit and swing at good pitches, then I think you’ll have pretty good numbers at the end of the year. That’s something I didn’t do at the beginning of the year and I’m starting to do — control the strike zone. The ball is starting to carry and leave the yard.”



Smith has adapted to the big leagues well over the last few years and he can become a player that the Mets could end up paying big money for. 

He just needs to stay consistent at the plate and continue to let the game come to him.