All Rise ! The Judge Is Back | Comparing Aaron Judge’s Early MVP Follow Up Season With Other MLBbro Hall of Famers

All Rise ! The Judge Is Back | Comparing Aaron Judge’s Early MVP Follow Up Season With Other MLBbro Hall of Famers

Some believe that playing baseball with projectiles traveling 100 miles per hour around the ballpark is the toughest skill facing a professional athlete in any sport.

Being the best player over the course of  a 162-game marathon of a season — and then possibly a postseason — is next to impossible to 99 percent of the globe.

Now that Aaron Judge has returned from his 10-game absence due to injuring his wrist, the MLBbro slugger can get back to business and help the Yankees dig themselves out of a hole that has them nine games out of first and sitting at the bottom of the tough AL East division.

It takes a special player to conquer what Judge and the Yankees have in front of them over the last 130 or so games.

Aaron Judge Wins MVP


Well, Aaron Judge became one of those players last year winning AL MVP on the strength of breaking the American League home run record with 62 Bro bombs. A record held by Roger Maris for decades.


Judge’s accomplishments transcended the baseball diamond. He became the storyline of the entire season, the face of the sport with a special ability that covered in detail last month.



How Judge Uses Discipline and Prep For Record Breaking Dominance



After missing the Triple Crown by an eyelash in the final month, Judge’s production still had the baseball world salivating, finishing with a league-high 62 dingers and 131 RBI, which is the highest total since Chris “Crush” Davis in 2013. Add in 111 walks, 28 doubles with a batting average of .311 and we have the best player in the sport.


It didn’t take the MLBbro long to reintroduce the baseball world to his special talent of giving fans souvenirs to take home in Yankees openers.



Judge Was Hurt, Yankees Were Slumping 



The fans, the media, maybe even the Yankees thought the party would keep right on going. However, things have started to slow down a bit with Aaron thanks to missing ten games with a hip injury.

As Gary Sheffield Jr. states here, as Judge goes so do the Yankees who have taken a nosedive in the standings to last place in the AL East.




While stats like a batting average of only .261 with six homers and 14 RBI, it looks like Judge is headed towards a season of much lesser production.

Judge Can Still Have MVP Season 

Now back in the fold, Judge still has time to heat up and replicate last year’s accomplishments, or at least come close. decided to look back at some MLBbro MVPs of the past and compare their seasons following MVP campaigns.


Barry Bonds


Pick one. This MLBbro won seven MVP awards in his career which is the most in Major League Baseball history (1990, 1992,1993,2001,2002,2003,2004). He is the first player in history in either league to win three MVPs. The reigning MLB home run king with 762 owns so many hitting records that did a feature on how he was blackballed out of the running for the Hall of Fame. Investigates the Underlying Disrespect of MLBbro Icon Barry Bonds | To Some, He’s A King Without A Kingdom




In 2001, Bonds broke the single season home run record with 73 home runs. But his batting average of .328, 137 RBI, and unheard of 177 walks (A ton of them intentional) made him MVP, the best player in baseball and the most feared hitter on the planet at the time. Outside of a World Series title, there wasn’t an accomplishment that this MLBbro couldn’t reach on green grass in any baseball stadium.


The following season:


The short statement would be that Bonds won the MVP again.

The long statement would be…”Man, did you know what this MLBbro did after his MVP year?”

Barry Bonds won the second of his four straight MVP awards by hitting .370 with 46 homers and 110 RBI. Why give him the MVP when he declined in the home run department?


No one seemingly gave the man a chance. Barry collected an absurd 198 walks that season. Couple that with his magic in the field (Did we forget to mention that he won eight Gold Gloves in his career?), this MLBbro icon owned this award for four straight years and it was not even close.


Ernie Banks


The ultimate debate around sports and the MVP conversations is the fact that MVP players have to be on winning teams. Even bad teams have one player that has to be the best on the team right?


Then there is Ernie Banks, considered one of the first power hitting shortstops in Major League history and easily one of the only reasons the Chicago Cubs fan base spent their money to watch a perennially awful Cubs team year after year.


In 1958, the man famously known as “Mr. Cub” lead the National League in homers with 47 and RBI. He hit .313 from the plate with a slugging percentage of .614. He ran away with the MVP award and possibly kept the lights on in Chicago at the time.

The following season:


For a MLBbro that never got to experience a postseason, Ernie Banks was the epitome of a professional that played for the love of the game. Luckily for the Chicago Cubs, they got to benefit from Banks’ joy.


The following year in 1959, ‘Mr. Cub” tallied 45 homers with 143 RBI and posted a .304 batting average. With this award, Banks became only the fifth player to win the MVP award in back to back seasons. When this MLBbro icon retired he finished with 2,583 hits, 512 home runs, 1,636 RBI and 1,305 runs scored. With 11 All-Star appearances, Banks was inducted into the Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility.


Reggie Jackson:


Oh the history of Reggie Jackson and the Oakland A’s. That 1973 season should have been a debacle with Reggie, the other Oakland stars and even the manager playing out public spats with then owner, Charles O. Finley, this MLBbro icon won the MVP with a batting average of .293, power numbers of 32 home runs and 117 RBI and 22 stolen bases checked off the speed of this budding superstar.

Despite all of the chaos, Reggie led the A’s to a World Series title over the New York Mets in seven games. Yes, Reggie…Reggie…Reggie…won the Series MVP as well.


The following year:


Reggie Jackson was entertaining as he was talented. In his previous year in Oakland, Reggie boldly stated that if he was playing in New York, he would have his own candy bar. The man did not lie as he had one five years later when he became a Yankee.


Reggie Jackson did not repeat as MVP in 1974, but that did not mean he did not put up numbers. The future “Mr. October” hit 29 home runs and knocked in 86 RBI in the campaign. Although he didn’t win the MVP this year, the A’s did defeat the Los Angeles Dodgers 4-1 to win the World Series championship.


Former Yankees Pitcher CC Sabathia Believes MLBbro Aaron Judge Doesn’t Deserve AL MVP | Pass Us Some Of That You Smokin’

Former Yankees Pitcher CC Sabathia Believes MLBbro Aaron Judge Doesn’t Deserve AL MVP | Pass Us Some Of That You Smokin’

At one time, sports used to be about following the best players on the best teams. From MLBbro legends such as Jackie Robinson, Roberto Clemente, Reggie Jackson, Ken Griffey Jr and the list goes on about how they were as Reggie Jackson famously stated, “The straw that stirs the drink”, on winning teams that benefited from their talent and superstar contributions. In other words, players like these put their prospective teams in position to win championships.

But based on these comments by former Yankees pitcher, CC Sabathia, winning is no longer a part of the equation. Despite the fact that Aaron Judge has dominated the baseball diamond and newscycle on baseball’s most iconic team, the New York Yankees, Sabathia still believes that Shohei Ohtani should be AL MVP and not our MLBbro.

Sabathia’s words via…

“He’s the best player to ever play baseball,” Sabathia said regarding Ohtani. “He’s the MVP every year that he’s healthy. He continues to get better as a pitcher. You have to give him the MVP.”



“He’s having a better year than last year. I understand everything that Judge is doing,” Sabathia added. “I think it’s going to be incredible to watch him chase down 61 home runs in a Yankees uniform. If it wasn’t for him, they probably wouldn’t be in the playoff picture. This guy (Ohtani) is literally the best player we’ve ever seen.”

No, Ohtani has the advantage of being a two-way player which is almost unprecedented, so therefore captivating. Not since Babe Ruth has a player been a pitcher while being a home run threat the way Shohei has. He hasn’t been the best player all year as Sabathia claims…Aaron Judge has and it’s not even close. 



Compare those stats with Ohtani’s .265 batting average with 34 home runs (tied for sixth in the league) and 88 RBI. As you can see, Shohei trails Judge in almost every statistical category at the plate. Furthermore, even though Ohtani has a 12-8 record with a 2.55 ERA (10th lowest in baseball) with 188 strikeouts (ranked 8th), the fact that the Angels are struggling should not factor in the mediocrity of his record. Back in 1972, Steve Carlton won the NL Cy Young with a record of 27-10, an ERA of 1.91 and 310 strikeouts on a Phillies team that finished last in their division by a whopping 37.5 games. 

But Judge’s numbers wouldn’t be as impressive if they didn’t tie into a championship situation. Although 57 homers can stand alone as an obvious MVP campaign. Everyone in MLB can play and there has to be one player on each team that has to be the best, no matter how bad the team is.

That’s where these two players are separated.

Superstars will lead their teams to victories no matter what is going on behind the scenes. It’s no secret that the Los Angeles Angels are one of the worst teams in baseball. It’s also no secret that no matter what stats Ohtani produces, the team will continue to struggle mightily to the point that he may leave when his contract is up. 

Nothing illustrates this point more than the 14-game losing streak the Angels had earlier this season that got manager Joe Maddon fired. In a period where the entire organization was being criticized for its play on the field and the front office, Ohtani struggled on the mound and the batter’s box with a .192/.333/.383 slash line and a two start ERA of 9.00 while opponents bombed homers at an alarming rate.

Our MLBbro on the other hand, did not allow contract negotiations to derail maybe a historic campaign that is sparking debates that he would be the single season home run king if he breaks the AL home run record of 61 held by Roger Maris. While founder, Rob Parker broke down his thoughts based on what Barry Bonds had to deal with in his era,’s very own Manny Brown and Mark Gray weighed in with their opinions…



Sports shows do invent subjects to debate about, however this race was over about six weeks ago. If anyone was trying to hang on with advanced stats to make their claim for Ohtani, those discussions died this week when Judge deposited two more home runs in the seats when the Yankees beat the Boston Red Sox at Fenway. 

When the Boston Red Sox fans rain down MVP chants on a New York Yankees player, that speaks volumes and closes the book on the MVP race this year. That’s history in itself… could bring up the fact that Aaron Judge has 57 homers with 123 RBI with an excellent chance of breaking Roger Maris’ record. It could be pointed out that he’s doing it in one of the biggest markets in the country. We could even say the Yankees would be irrelevant without Judge and his offensive mastery this season. 

But what makes this MVP race a landslide for Judge over Ohtani is the basic theme of this report…team wins. Something our MLBbro understands.



Anchoring The Best Lineup In Baseball, Aaron Judge Has Exceeded Expectations

Anchoring The Best Lineup In Baseball, Aaron Judge Has Exceeded Expectations

Despite being no-hit by a Houston Astros’ three-pitcher combination in a 3-0 loss on Saturday, the Yankees are still the hottest team in the Majors and MLBbro Aaron Judge is the brightest light in their lineup.

As the summer rolls on and the days get hotter, so do the New York Yankees, and slugger Aaron Judge. The Yankees remain the top team in baseball as we approach the
halfway point of the season. There are several factors that we can point to for the
Yankees’’ success such as elite starting pitching and a high-octane offense. The Yankees
are amongst the Major League leaders in runs scored and runs allowed proving their two way
dominance. But the most crucial ingredient to their success, is the same one that was key to them
coming in, and that is the dominance of their franchise player, Aaron Judge.

MLBbros Aaron Judge & Mookie Betts Lead Early All-Star Voting | Other MLBbros In The Mix |

There was much talk about the status of Judge coming into the season, and many
wondered if this would be a distraction. The New York media is notoriously ruthless and known
for making big stars crumble under pressure. Not only has Judge answered the call, but he has
exceeded expectations. Brian Cashman and the Yankees more than likely find themselves having
to empty their pocketbooks to re-sign Judge with the type of success he is having. He has put not
only the Yankees and their fans on notice, but the entire league that he is one of the nest and
intends to be paid as such.

Aaron Judge Is Having an MVP Season | Brian Cashman Should Have Paid That Man |

Judge is almost a foregone conclusion as a starter in this year’s All-Star Game. Last week
Judge reportedly opted out of the annual Home Run Derby. “Nope, I already did that” Judge told
the New York Post. Although fans will be disappointed one of the most dangerous and powerful
hitters in the game won’t be participating, this shows his commitment to bigger and loftier goals.
At this current pace, Judge will earn possibly an MVP award, Silver Slugger, Hank Aaron
Award, All-Star recognition, and also has a realistic chance at huge playoff success with the way
his team has steamrolled through competition. He is laser focused and driven by his
determination to prove his pre-season doubters wrong.

Judge is having the best year of his already amazing career. Judge is hitting over .300 and
leads the league in home runs by a considerable margin. Not only is he contributing at the plate
but he is playing quality defense. This is noteworthy as he has spent much time in centerfield
this year. The dominance of Judge is igniting the team to new heights and they look ready to be a
formidable contender for a deep playoff run that Bronx fans hope will result in extending their
league leading World Series championship amount to 28. This would not only cap off a great
year for the Yankees, but cement MLBbro Aaron Judge in history as another Yankee great.

Byron Buxton Is One Healthy Season Away From MLBbro Supremacy | Minnesota Twins Five-Tool Talent Is A Leading MVP Candidate

Byron Buxton Is One Healthy Season Away From MLBbro Supremacy | Minnesota Twins Five-Tool Talent Is A Leading MVP Candidate

The Minnesota Twins bottomed out in the 2021 season, finishing dead last in the American League Central division.

The Twins’ performance was considered a major disappointment considering the back-to-back American League Central crowns in the two seasons prior.

Byron Buxton Is Key

A key factor for the Twins to contend again is sure to be the continuation of the breakout performance fans began to witness at the beginning of the 2021 MLB season by Twins’ CF Byron “Buck” Buxton.

Buxton opened the 2021 campaign in April batting an excellent .426 along with 8 home runs, earning the title of American League Player of the Month for April 2021.

This was the impact the Twins had been waiting for from their star centerfielder, but a theme that has been too far too present in his career would shortly arise.

No stranger to injury, Buck’s season would ultimately be derailed once again due to hamstring issues and a fractured hand.

The Minnesota Twins still believe in the special talent that Buxton has. The organization made this evident when the decision was made to extend him this past December.

It’s Time For Minnesota To Give Byron Buxton The Bag Or The Trading Block

Staying Healthy 

The reasons are not hard to see why they would want to retain a special talent like Buxton. When healthy, he has exemplified the dynamic ability to be one of the league’s top five-tool players. Already a former Gold Glove winner (2017), Buck’s defense in center field has proven to be elite as a result of his lightning speed and rocket arm strength to match.

He has flashed tools at the plate that allow him to hit for both power and contact, making him a rare dual threat. A terror on the base paths, he is also one of the prominent bag snipers in the game. The threat of his speed has terrorized pitchers into mistakes.

Considering Buxton’s hot start last year was not enough to convince the team, he also will benefit from the addition of newly signed Carlos Correa. There has already been evidence of that impact in Spring Training as Buxton showed the same vigor as last April with a .469 batting average, 5 HRs, and 13 RBI. With a proven All-Star caliber slugger now behind him in the lineup, Buxton is even better positioned to finally have a true breakout season.

Buxton is a home grown talent that has long been the choice to be the Twin’s clubhouse leader. Minnesota has not had a true long-term superstar since Joe Mauer, and Buxton has the charisma, talent, and clubhouse presence to be the city’s next star.


Injuries aside, nothing stands between Buxton and a real shot at the AL MVP award in the 2022 MLB season. With a unique power speed combination, only few players in the sport can match such an exceptional skillset.

Good Money, Good Faith

The 2022 season is poised to be the best in Buxton’s young career. The extension given to Buxton was beneficial to both player and team.

The seven-year $100 million extension gives Buxton longstanding security and stability.

He will contend for AL Comeback Player of the Year and AL MVP awards, and helping the Twins return to the playoffs can propel him in the pursuit of those awards.