Mookie Betts Is Back & Ready To Lead A Dodgers World Series Repeat

Mookie Betts Is Back & Ready To Lead A Dodgers World Series Repeat

Mookie Betts made his return to the lineup Los Angeles Dodgers lineup on August 26th after missing 16 consecutive games. It was a good sign to see Betts back in action and the timing could not be any better as the Dodgers fight to stay within striking distance of the surprising San Francisco Giants in the National League West. 

Betts made the start against the San Diego Padres and despite going 0-for-3, the Dodgers were able to pull out the victory.



The two-time World Series champion will play a significant role for the Dodgers toward the end of the season as he’s done numerous times in his career. Betts has been dealing with injuries throughout the season, but he’s been pushing through and has still impacted the team.


MLBbro Mookie Betts Is No Mere Mortal | He Continues To Grind Through Injuries & Inconsistency


Before Betts missed those 16 games with right hip inflammation, his bat was on fire. He was on a five-game hitting streak.

Through 88 games this season, Betts is batting .274 with a .516 slugging percentage. He also has hit 17 home runs with 44 RBI. Just think of how impressive his stats would be if he didn’t have to deal with myriad injures.

He continues to be one of the top hitters on the team. Betts adds that rare combination of speed and power to a ineup that makes the Dodgers such a dangerous team.

Whether he’s setting the table at the top or driving in runs in the middle of the lineup, the former MVP and 30-30 club member,  knows how to make things happen and that’s what makes him so special.

When it comes to stepping up, Betts knows how to come through in clutch moments. Our MLBbro loves the big stage. If the Dodgers want a shot at winning the division, Betts will have to be consistent at the plate and make those game-changing plays in the outfield or second base — wherever they put him. 

Now that he’s back in action, look for the Dodgers to monitor Betts heavily because they cannot afford to have him miss any more games at this point of the season.



When he joined the Dodgers in 2020, you see what happened, he helped them win the World Series. This season Betts has a chance to win his third World Series and his second straight.

When his career is over, they will be talking about putting him in the Hall of Fame. But for now, he’s going to try and help the Dodgers win as many titles as possible.

Watch out for our MLBbro because he will probably have one of his best stretches as the playoff race takes shape.