Devin Williams Is MLBbro Bob Gibson Award Winner For 2023 Season | The Best Closer In Baseball Is Pitcher Of The Year

Devin Williams Is MLBbro Bob Gibson Award Winner For 2023 Season | The Best Closer In Baseball Is Pitcher Of The Year

MLBbro’s inaugural Bob Gibson Award goes to Milwaukee Brewers closer Devin Williams. 

Williams held an 8-3 record with a 1.53 ERA, 0.920 WHIP, 13.3 K’s per game, 2.6 WAR, 36 saves, and 87 strikeouts this season. He was selected to a second consecutive All-Star Game and finished 19th in the NL MVP voting.


Devin Williams Wins Inaugural MLBbro Bob Gibson Award 

“Bullet” Bob Gibson was one of the first dominant Black pitchers in the Major Leagues and went on to play his entire 17-year MLB tenure with the St. Louis Cardinals. St. Louis is where he grabbed two World Series championships, an NL MVP, nine All-Star appearances, and led the league in wins and ERA.


In 1968, Gibson posted a miniscule 1.12 ERA and then MLB lowered the mound because of his sheer dominance, to return an advantage to the batters. Gibson is tied with CC Sabathia for the most wins (251) by a Black Ace and his blazing heater and head-hunter attitude became a standard for intimidating hurlers.


In true Bullet Bob fashion, Airbender was unhittable at times. He was (oddly) voted Second Team All-MLB on Saturday (Dec. 16)


Williams holds a 1.89 ERA with a 26-10 record, 1.028 WHIP, 54 saves, with 337 strikeouts in his illustrious career.


Devin Williams Continues Gibson’s Legacy OF Dominance 


With Gibson passing away in 2020 after a battle with pancreatic cancer at the age of 84, MLBbro has decided to make this award to honor his legacy.

This year the award is going to Devin Williams. 



Since Williams stepped on the scene, he has been catching attention with his deadly “Airbender” changeup.  This award is given to the most outstanding Black pitcher in the Major Leagues for 2023.

Williams has been a great closer for the Brewers. He was also a big help in the postseason.  Williams became the X-factor in the Brewer’s playoff push.  


MLBbros Impacting Playoff Races Across the Bigs | X-Factors


Williams was drafted in 2013 by the Brewers out of high school after deciding not to play college ball. Williams had many ups and downs in his career, before he could make his debut as injuries presented challenges to his development. 


In 2017 Williams had Tommy John surgery, which further delayed his MLB arrival until 2019. 

D-Train Hit MLB and Never Looked Back 


Since 2019 Devin Williams has been phenomenal. He grabbed the NL Rookie of the Year in the shortened 2020 season, as well as Reliever of the Year, (twice) and two-time All-star.  



This past season Williams had a breakout year.  The bullpen would put the Brewers over the hump to get a wild card spot in the postseason. 


The last time the Brewers were in the postseason was 2021. Williams couldn’t contribute to that postseason run due to him being injured. In this past postseason run, he managed to be a key pitcher and leader for the bullpen.

Williams told how he stays focused going into games and during games. 


“I like to get up and loose during the sixth inning, that’s when I look at the scouting reports and know what I want to do,” Williams stated in an 2023 MLBbro interview. 


MLBbro Devin Williams deserves this award. Not only for his spectacular play on the field but because he showed great resilience in his first postseason appearance.



This Bob Gibson Award is to show how great these pitchers can be, especially our very own MLBbros. The legacy of great Black pitchers is going to be a part of the majors for many years to come.


Devin Williams should not fly under the radar, especially when he’s the elite fireman coming out of the bullpen, drawing comparisons to Hall of Famers. Williams has nothing to prove to baseball. His last few seasons have elevated him into the conversation of best closer in the league and anchors the bullpen of one of baseball’s elite pitching staffs.    

In addition to his exploits on the field. Williams told us at a past All-star week that he’s a sneaker fanatic who is environmentally conscious.



Congratulations to Devin Williams for his ascension and representing the Bros in the bullpen.