The Minnesota Twins Need To Fall Back & Let Nick Gordon Rock Out

The Minnesota Twins Need To Fall Back & Let Nick Gordon Rock Out

Every player’s path to the MLB is different and that feeling when you finally make it is one that is indescribable for some.

One of our MLBbros made his MLB debut this season and had a game to remember. Nick Gordon played his first game for the Minnesota Twins on May 6th against the Texas Rangers.

Gordon put together an impressive performance in his debut. He went 1-for-2 with a walk and had two stolen bases. This brother wanted to make sure that Twins fans and MLB fans would know who he is.



Twins’ manager Rocco Baldelli was pleased with Gordon’s performance.

“He seemed to be playing pretty confidently from the start,” Baldelli told the StarTribune. “He was not hesitant. He went out there and made some things happen for us. He played a great game.”

Gordon, just 25, talked about that feeling of finally making it and being on that big stage.

“But to feel it all for yourself, it’s definitely a different feeling,” he said. “It’s a kid in a candy store. It’s definitely something I can’t really explain it. I wish everyone had this feeling. It’s definitely a great feeling, it’s great to be here and be a part of the team and everything.”

Now that last name may sound familiar to some. Gordon is the half-brother of Dee-Strange Gordon, who recently signed a minor-league deal with the Chicago Cubs on Wednesday and has spent 10 seasons in the league.

Gordon’s father is former MLB All-Star and World Series champion, Tom “Flash” Gordon. He had a successful pitching career from 1988 to 2009.

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So you see baseball is the sport that the Gordon’s fell in love with and have had a lot of success playing.

For Nick Gordon, he’s trying to follow in his father and brother’s footsteps and play in the league for numerous seasons.

So far he’s only appeared in two games during the 2021 season, going 0-for-2 in his recent game on May 24th. 

The Twins have given Nick Gordon the runaround this season as he’s gone back and forth from the minors to the big leagues on multiple occasions.

What the Twins need to do is give him a chance and see how he performs in multiple series. Have him play each game of a series and not just one game. And they have no business sending him back to the minors because he’s already proven himself playing there. 

Nick has only had one season in the minors where he batted below .250. 



He’s been consistent throughout his minor-league career, posting a .277 batting average and a .331 on-base percentage.

Nick Gordon was the fifth overall pick by the Twins in the 2014 MLB draft. He was one of the top prospects coming into the draft and he put the work in throughout his minor-league career.

It’s a grind making it to the big leagues and not everyone gets that opportunity. Now that Nick Gordon has that first game under his belt, he has a feel of what the game is like at that top level.

 And with his talent and skill set, he’ll have no problem adjusting. All the Twins need to do is give our MLB bro a chance to establish himself and show the league why the Gordon Family has had success in pro baseball.