Former MLBbro Leans Towards The Gridiron

Former MLBbro Leans Towards The Gridiron

A story like this puts former MLBbro Monte Harrison in mind of the “A Dream Deferred” poem written by the legendary poet Langston Hughes…

What happens to a dream deferred?
Does it dry up
Like a raisin in the sun?
Or fester like a sore–
And then run?
Does it stink like rotten meat?
Or crust and sugar over–
like a syrupy sweet?
Maybe it just sags
like a heavy load.
Or does it explode?
Langston Hughes

Hopefully for Monte Harrison, he gets the same satisfaction of chasing his dreams like Langston Hughes is believed to portray in his poem. Our MLBbro is going back to school to get an education and hopefully play some football as a curricular activity.

After leaving baseball close to two years ago from the Los Angeles Angels, Harrison is gearing up to make the Arkansas Razorbacks football team as a walk-on receiver. It has been ten years since our MLBbro athlete committed to the Nebraska Cornhuskers as a four star recruit.

But our MLBbro decided to sign a rookie deal that included a $1.8 million with the Milwaukee Brewers after being drafted in the second round of the 2014 MLB Draft.

Monte Harrison finally was called to “The Show” in 2020 debuting with the Miami Marlins. He hit .170 with one homer and six stolen bases in 32 games. After playing nine games with the Marlins in 2021 and nine more with the Angels in 2022, Harrison finished his career with the organization he started with the Brewers Triple-A affiliate, the Nashville Sounds.

Career stats:

● In 57 MLB at bats, Harrison had a batting average of .176 (12-68) with two home runs and six RBI.

● In 10 years (adding the minors), Harrison hit .242 while collecting 97 homers and 230 stolen bases.

Monte’s reputation in the minors was centered around his speed and ability to make amazing catches using his range.

Monte Harrison has some strong athletic bloodlines as well. His brother Shaquille spent some time in the NBA. When our MLBbro suited up in 2020, he and Shaquille became only the sixth pair of brothers to play in the two sports leagues at the same time. Another notable brother tandem is MLBbro Trayce Thompson and Klay Thompson. congratulates Monte Harrison on his baseball journey and wishes him luck on the gridiron.

Joe Ross Completes Comeback Journey With First Win As A Starter Since 2021

Joe Ross Completes Comeback Journey With First Win As A Starter Since 2021

In life there are some challenges that all people face no matter the race, creed or color…adversity, perseverance and maybe the toughest of all…patience. Nothing combines all of these attributes better than Milwaukee Brewers’ right hander Joe Ross, who won his first game this week as a starter since 2021…1,015 days if anyone was counting.

The Brewers signed Joe Ross in the offseason giving our MLBbro a chance to show that he had put two Tommy John surgeries behind him. A deal that has paid off dividends for both parties.

Our MLBbro shared his outlook on his journey and the Brewers early start on MLB Network…

Soon after, Ross became one of the feel good stories of the MLB season pitching into the 7th inning in Tuesday’s 9-5 victory over the Cincinnati Reds. His pitching evolution was on display pitching only 87 times featuring a new go to pitch that the Reds hitters had issues catching up to.

Most of these videos highlight Ross’ new number one pitch… the slider.

Our MLBbro pitched multiple strikes using the slider five strikeouts). Something that was evident in the 2015-17 seasons with the Washington Nationals before the injuries set in setting him back. Overall, Ross built momentum off of his first 73 pitch start (no decision) with a solid performance with his control increasing strikeouts and cutting down on his walks. Our MLBbro’s sinker will enable him to keep the hitters guessing.

Joe Ross has the support of his catcher, William Contreras, setting our MLBbro up to succeed. Something Milwaukee Brewers manager, Pat Murphy pointed out after the game on

“That’s the story of the game, Joe Ross,” Murphy said. “That guy was the Joe Ross of old. And give catcher William Contreras a ton of credit, because he dissected what Joe was tonight and just went with it. Because Joe early was behind in the count on everybody and getting away with some things and William kind of dissected it and put it together.

A consistent run from our MLBbro could be critical to Milwaukee’s season. The pitching staff has suffered some injuries with Brandon Woodruff and Wade Miley. Coupled with offseason trades that sent Corbin Burnes (Baltimore Orioles) and Adrian Houser (New York Mets) elsewhere, not only was Ross afforded an opportunity to prove himself, he was included in the Opening Day rotation as the fifth starter. has been monitoring Joe Ross’ transition out of Washington into a Brewers uniform. MLBbro reporter Mark Gray analyzed what our MLBbro brings to the mound in our “The Push Back” segment…

Joe Ross and the Brewers, particularly manager Pat Murphy who served as a mentor to our MLBbro in the past are trying to pave the way back to the first round Draft pick levels that the San Diego Padres saw in 2011. With the Nationals, he made a World Series start in 2019. But up until this season, Ross had only 20 Major League appearances.

When Ross pitched with San Francisco’s Minor League system in 2023, his fastball was still active with averages of 90+ mph which gives him enough tools to work with on the mound.

Luckily for this MLBbro, circumstances may give him plenty of time and chances to get a big extension.

Rickie Weeks Joins Milwaukee Brewers As Associate Manager | The HBCU Baseball Legend and 2011 MLB All-Star Continues MLBbro Journey

Rickie Weeks Joins Milwaukee Brewers As Associate Manager | The HBCU Baseball Legend and 2011 MLB All-Star Continues MLBbro Journey

The Milwaukee Brewers are bringing another Brewer legend onto their coaching staff. Rickie Weeks, who has been named associate manager for his former team. Weeks will be working on Pat Murphy’s staff, with Murphy being the 20th manager in franchise history. 


After the Brewers got bounced in the Wild Card this year by the Diamondbacks, the front office would look ahead to the offseason. The first move by the was naming former player Rickie Weeks associate manager.


Weeks got hired in the Brewers player development department shortly after his playing career.  In 2022 and ’23, Weeks spent those seasons aiding in the maturation of promising Brewer’s young star catcher, Jefferson Quero. 



Weeks Was An MLBbro All-Star 


Weeks himself played in the Major League. His career spans over 14 years, with 11 of them being a brewer. He even grabbed an All-Star selection in 2011. Weeks batted .246 with 161 home runs in his career. While playing the majority of his career with Milwaukee, he also had some stints in Seattle, Arizona, and Tampa Bay.

Weeks played his whole career as a second baseman, known for his great defense and powerful bat. He is now on the Wall of Honor for the Brewers. Throughout his amazing 14-year career he managed to standout and impress Milwaukee’s fanbase. 


Weeks Returns To College With MLB Manager Dreams


Following his playing career, Weeks went back to college to get a degree in sports management, with the intention to be a major league manager one day. Now he will finally get the opportunity to prove himself in a more important role as the associate manager. 

As for Brewers fans, his lack of experience as a manager might cause some reservation. Even with the lack of experience, Weeks’ astute baseball mind, connection to the baseball community from the grassroots level up and his love for the game, he should be a candidate for a manager’s job in short order. 

Weeks spoke to the Milwaukee Journal to say his journey might not end in the front office. 


“I’m pretty open-minded right now, but at the same time, I have things in my head that I still want to do,” Weeks told the Milwaukee Journal. 



Being that Weeks has limited coaching experience on the MLB level, his work in player development speaks for itself. Weeks has worked with the farm system and turned the young stars into well-rounded baseball players. The young players were key to the playoff berth this season.  

Weeks is being brought in to be the right-hand man to manager Pat Murphy. With this new promotion Weeks will have a hug role in this upcoming season. Now being second in command, the plan is to bring the intensity and new mindset to the clubhouse. 


“With these coaches, we are going to band together, and we’ll have the guys ready to compete,” Murphy said in a interview with the MLB network. 


The new look Brewers are optimistic as they move towards the future. With the new coaching staff and a “ready to win” mindset, the sky is the limit for The Brew Crew. 


Andrew McCutchen knocked in three runs, including the 1,000th RBI of his Major League career in the Brewers’ 5-3, road victory over the Reds on Friday night.

Andrew McCutchen blasted a two-run, 8th-inning homer to help lead the Milwaukee Brewers to a 5-1, Saturday night win over the visiting Cincinnati Reds.