Tyrone Taylor Is Planting His Flag In The Major Leagues

Tyrone Taylor Is Planting His Flag In The Major Leagues

When Shawn Carter said, “They pray and pray on my downfall, but every time I hit the ground, I bounce up like round ball,” he was referencing Tyrone Taylor’s baseball career as it ricochets continuously from the show to the minors and vice versa.



During his rehab assignment for the Nashville Sound, the Triple-A affiliate for the Milwaukee Brewers, Taylor received Triple-A East Player of the Week, making him the first Sounds player to don the award.



Homering in three out of his first four games, Taylor averaged .533 with eight RBI, seven runs, four bases on balls, and two doubles, while assisting the Sounds to the best record in the minors at 18-5 as they rode a 12-game hitting streak.



The 27-year-old outfielder recently made his return from the Injury List after he suffered some right shoulder complications. Before the diagnosis, in 88 plate appearances, Taylor impressed the Brewers while displaying some pop in his bat as he launched six home runs in limited game action.



Taylor made himself indispensable to the Brew Crew as he replaced fellow outfielders and MLBbros, Jackie Bradley Jr. and the often-injured Lorenzo Cain, during stints of the 2021 season as he showed range and versatility by playing all three outfield positions.

When asked about his development in the field of play and at the plate, Brewers’ manager Craig Counsell told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, “Tyrone has played well this year. He’s played in a way that he is kind of past some of these guys, and he deserves to be here. He has made an impact on this team, and he will continue to make an impact going forward.”

Counsell  added, “Tyrone is a good player, and his development this year is clear. He has taken a big step forward, and he is ready for the big leagues. He is ready to be a significant contributor as we’ve seen it, and he has been consistent with it.”



Over the holiday weekend, Taylor came up clutch with a two-RBI triple in the fourth inning to help the Brewers take a 5-1 lead vs. the Pittsburgh Pirates.

He later made an extra-base saving web gem to end the eighth, drew a walk in the top of the ninth, stole third, and later scored a much-needed insurance run for a 7-2 victory. It was the Brewers’ 10th win in a row.



Although injuries are a part of the game, Taylor said, “I’m thankful for all the opportunities I’ve had this season.” He added, “It’s been a fun ride with these guys and this coaching staff, and hopefully, we keep it going here.”



Since his return from Triple-A Nashville, Taylor is batting .236 with 21 RBI and six home runs as the Brewers are winners of 11 out of their last 12.

With Cain on the shelf until after the Midsummer Classic, Taylor, thanks to his uncanny abilities at the plate as he bats with power and exert speed, and plays all three outfield positions, he and the Brewers should have a long-lasting relationship moving forward.


President Biden Supports MLB Moving All-Star Game Out Of Georgia

President Biden Supports MLB Moving All-Star Game Out Of Georgia

Contributor | Devon POV Mason 

MLB is considering moving the Mid-Summer Classic (All-Star Game), out of Atlanta in response to recently signed legislation that tightens voting laws in Georgia and is an obvious attempt to suppress the vote of  Black and Brown people.

 President Joe Biden was even asked about it and he said he’d support the move away from the “ATL.” 


MLBPA union chief Tony Clark had this to say:  

“Players are very much aware” of the Georgia voting bill, which places restrictions on voting that some believe will make it particularly difficult for Black voters to reach the polls, said Tony Clark in an interview with the Boston Globe. “As it relates to the All-Star Game, we have not had a conversation with the league on that issue. If there is an opportunity to, we would look forward to having that conversation.”

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred also mentioned that “he was talking to various constituencies within the game and he’s just “not going beyond that in terms of what to and what not to consider.”

The Georgia Law that has things in disarray, was signed last week by Gov. Brian Kemp and has become a flashpoint in the debate over GOP efforts to restrict and hinder voting access in wake of losing the 2020 Presidential election. The Georgia legislation expands early-voting hours, requires additional voter ID to complete mail-in voting, grants additional authority to electors to challenge voter eligibility and makes it a crime for non-election workers to provide food and water to voters standing in line.

On the other hand, Democrats have denounced the law, arguing that it disenfranchises voters while curtailing access to the ballot. Several other Republican legislatures are considering similar measures after former President Trump made repeated false claims that the 2020 election was riddled with voter fraud.



Dodgers manager Dave Roberts who is Black and Asian says he’d consider declining the honor of managing the National League team. Roberts is one of only two Black managers along with Dusty Baker (Houston Astros). Roberts is also just one of two Black managers to win a World Series, along with Cito Gaston (Toronto Blue Jays).

His platform continues to allow him to speak out and be heard on high-profile issues, such as the recent wave of recent hate crimes that have targeted Asian-Americans.

This has happened in the NBA and NFL before. MLB moved their 2017 All-Star Game, from Charlotte after North Carolina adopted a “bathroom bill” that limited anti-discrimination protections. As for the NFL, it moved the 1993 Super Bowl out of Arizona after voters rejected a proposal to honor and make Martin Luther King Jr. Day a state-mandated and recognized holiday.