Michael Taylor Is A Walking Stick Of TNT With Gold Glove Pedigree

Michael Taylor Is A Walking Stick Of TNT With Gold Glove Pedigree

On Monday, Kansas City Royals center fielder Michael Taylor put himself in the conversation for catch of the year.

Honestly, we should just give him that title right now.

Though the Royals lost 1-0 to the St. Louis Cardinals, this brother made a jaw-dropping catch and saved a home run. In the bottom of the fifth inning, Cardinals catcher Andrew Knizer hit a deep drive to center that looked like a home run.

But Taylor had different plans. He tracked that ball down like a hawk and went up that wall like he was a superhero.


“That’s one of the best catches I’ve ever seen,” Royals manager Mike Matheny said in an interview with The Kansas City Star. “The speed that he was going when he got to the ball, instincts, seeing the wall, climbing, then having the athleticism to find a glove anywhere near it — you’re not going to see many better than that.”

After Taylor made that catch, it quickly surfaced throughout social media.

This is the kind of play that you can watch over and over and not get tired of looking at it.

“Off the bat, I knew he got it pretty good,” Taylor said. “So it was either going to be up against the wall or over it. I was just trying to get back there as quickly as possible and peek, just so I know where I’m at. I was able to time it up and make the play.”

One of Taylor’s key attributes is his defensive abilities. Any team that he’s playing on, there’s no doubt that he will give his all out on that field.

“I honestly didn’t plan on putting my foot in the wall,” Taylor said of the play against the Cardinals. “It just kind of worked out with the spacing and when I felt like I needed to jump and get a little extra.”

Through 19 games this season, Taylor has 41 putouts, one assist, and has not committed an error.

After making that catch, Taylor couldn’t help but be filled with emotion and excitement, I mean who wouldn’t after doing what he did.

“It was the most excited I’ve been after a play,” he said. “I normally don’t smile or fist pump or anything like that. I kind of felt the urge to, but I resisted so we’re still good.”

He’s already putting himself in a good position to win another Gold Glove, especially after making plays like he did against the Cardinals.


Last year, he won his first Gold Glove award after leading all outfielders in Ultimate Zone Rating (13.3) and all center fielders in Defensive Runs Above Average (15.3). He also made only three errors in 365 chances, had 11 assists, and finished with a .992 fielding percentage.

It’s going to be exciting watching Taylor play this season and expect this brother to make more unbelievable