Marcus Semien has 10 hits, three homers and two huge wins over his former Oakland A’s team in his last 10 games. The biggest blow was a crushing walk-off homer on Friday night. Semien added another hit on Saturday in a 10-8 Blue Jays win. It was sweet redemption for Semien.


Marcus Semien Is Making Sure He Won’t Ever Be Undervalued Again

Marcus Semien came into the 2021 season with one goal. 

After a disappointing 2020 ended with the Oakland A’s declining to tender Semien a new contract, the nine-year MLB vet signed a one-year, $18 million deal with the Toronto Blue Jays looking to prove that his 2019 top-3 MVP finish was no fluke.

So far, Semien has met and exceeded expectations for the Blue Jays. He shook off an early slump and started raking from the lead off spot, earning the opportunity to represent Toronto in this year’s All-Star game.



The quick adjustment combined with his return to 2019 form at the plate, all while learning a new position, has provided the steady hand a young Blue Jays team needs if it wants to compete in a loaded NL East.

It’s particularly impressive when you consider Marcus has been able to accomplish all of this despite the Blue Jays being banned from their home ballpark.

Baseball players are big on their routines. Those who have been around the game for years would even go as far as to categorize it as ritualistic. From pregame meals to the route they take to the ballpark, for many athletes this set routine plays a part in their everyday success.


Home Boi Highlights | Marcus Semien


Unfortunately for Semien and the Blue Jays, the Canadian Government enacted a strict travel ban that forced the team to find a temporary home. In one of the most ridiculous solutions in recent memory, the Blue Jays have split time between two minor league ballparks in completely different states. 

The Blue Jays began the season at their spring training ballpark in Dunedin, Florida before transitioning to Sahlen Field in Buffalo, NY. Neither of these ballparks is fit to host Major League Baseball, and the players have noticed the difference between their “home” ballpark and the road.

“I’ve enjoyed being on the road this year, just because we’re playing in big league stadiums,” Semien told Toronto media. “It’s a little different here … I do enjoy living here off the field but I think a lot of us wish we were in a big league ballpark. So yes, when you go on the road you may get boo’d or no one cheers for you, but that’s how it is here in Dunedin too.”



The fan experience in Buffalo was much better than in Dunedin, but you still had the same issue; a Major League ball club in a minor league park. 

Fortunately for Semien and the Blue Jays, the Canadian Government has finally allowed them to return home to the fan (and hitter) friendly Rogers Centre beginning July 30th. The question now is how much will Semien benefit from the change? 

After what has already been a phenomenal season, a strong finish to the 2021 campaign will finally land him the long-term contract he’s proven he deserves. 

Marcus Semien & Aaron Judge |  Two MLBbro All-Star Starters

Marcus Semien & Aaron Judge | Two MLBbro All-Star Starters

Two MLBbro’s from the American League East were selected as All-Star starters last night. 

Marcus Semien got more love in Canada than a Drake album release.

This will be his first ever All Star game as he will start at second base for the American League.



Semien ascends to his first All-star selection, after moving from shortstop to second base upon arriving in Canada to accommodate Bo Bichette.

He spent the past six seasons flashing a formidable glove for the Oakland A’s. 

The 30-year-old is batting .291 with 52 RBI a .904 OPS and hit his 20th home run of the season in the final game of their series against Seattle Thursday. 

He finished with 54% of the first place votes.



New York showed Aaron Judge mad love and he proved how popular his brand is when he is healthy by garnering the second-highest vote total among American League outfielders. This is his third straight year starting the game. 

The Yankees slugger has been a bright spot in a season that has fell short of expectations for the Yankees so far.  While other high-priced ballers have struggled mightily, Judge has been the model of consistency and the rock in an underperforming lineup. 

Judge is batting .285 with 18 home runs and 42 RBI.



Judge is also a former Home Run Derby Champion, so his presence at All-Star festivities is always a good look for MLB.

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Byron Buxton who is out with a fractured left hand just missed the top three and most likely, would have easily made the Top 3 if he could have participated in more games.

Cedric Mullins of the Baltimore Orioles and MLB batting average leader Michael Brantley of the Houston Astros were very deserving, but also didn’t make the cut.

However, with other outfield starter Mike Trout hurt one of those two will likely get the start. Two MLBbro starters in a three-man outfield would be a huge deal.  


MLBbro All-Stars Live In The American League


The remaining All Stars will be announced this Sunday.