MLBbro Adam Jones Explains Why Fans Can’t Hate On Manny Machado For Opting Out Of Deal With Padres

MLBbro Adam Jones Explains Why Fans Can’t Hate On Manny Machado For Opting Out Of Deal With Padres

As the WBC rolls around former MLBbro All-Star centerfielder Adam Jones‘ name makes its way back into the baseball conscience. Jones’ incredible catch, robbing Manny Machado of a sure homer, with the US leading DR 4-2 in the seventh inning of the World Baseball Classic semifinals.



Jones’ all-time great catch stole the momentum back from the tournament favorite enroute to a championship game demolition of Puerto Rico (8-0) to capture Team USA’s first WBC title.

Recently, Jones, who has no problem breaking baseball down like a James Brown bridge for anyone who craves it, offered his thoughts on the mixed emotions towards San Diego Padres star Manny Machado, who has opted out of his contract and will be a free agent at the end of the season. Of course, Padres fans don’t want a player of his ilk to leave, right when the franchise is starting to blossom again. But Jones is a starch defender of players rights as evidenced by his influential role in MLB’s Player’s Alliance.

Jones responded to a Tweet about Manny Machado’s appearance on 97.3 The Fan, where the six-time discussed the tough decision of opting out.

“It’s obviously a hard decision for me and my family, but it’s not about myself or anything. Some people might say, ‘He just wants the money.’ No, we love San Diego. We have a home there. We love this organization, we love the way things have been moving around here, and going in the right direction.

“But at the end of the day, sometimes business is business. And I think it wouldn’t be in my interest if I — you know, the market has changed in five years. In one year it’s changed. You see it in life, you see it in the real world. Let’s take away baseball. The price of eggs is how much? It’s just life. Things change, a lot of things change. Ultimately, the markets change, right?”

Adam Jones Defends Manny Machado Decision To Opt Out

Jones, who amassed more than $100M in salary during his career came to Machado’s defense.

When it comes to Machado opting out, Jones, who had over 160 hits seven times and was once a veteran teammate of a younger (and brasher) Machado, Tweeted:

“As he should. He’s EARNED THE RIGHT. What don’t most get about this. It’s a business. And players have the same right as the owners to make the best BUSINESS DECISION FOR THEMSELVES.” 



Jones championing for Machado’s right to free enterprise started a conversation with many showing support for Machado’s decision for the same reasons Jones mentioned.



Jones was also referring to Machado’s love-hate relationship with the media and his early reputation as a cocky but incredibly talented and charismatic “villain of the game.” Machado was 19 when he crashed into MLB and brought all of his competitive spice and youthful exuberance with him. Now 30, he’s still trying to shake the reputation he’s developed among some fans and media in his early days.

As one Tweeter mentioned, “Manny is a superstar and his 10 for 300M deal that he signed five seasons ago, looks like a steal currently with the way the market is paying for MVP caliber superstars so why not, opt out and test it? I don’t get the hate. Me as a Orioles fan I’m more butt hurt my owner didn’t shell out the cash to keep “my guys.”

It’s Just Business: Fans Don’t Want To Hear That

The business of the move is totally understandable, however, that’s not going to make Padres fans feel any less scorned. Machado is only 29 and he’s already an 11-year veteran. He will break the 300-homer mark in the first half of the season, barring a super slow start. He currently sits at 283 and despite the loss of MLBBro slugger Josh Bell and rising star CJ Abrams, there are huge expectations in San Diego, especially with the first Spring Training for Juan Soto and return of Fernando Tatis.

Some fans understand the market, math and motive, but still question why Machado, who already secured a $300M contract in San Diego has to test the market instead of staying loyal to the fan base and continuing to strive for the first World Series title in franchise history. Build his lasting legacy in San Diego. Make that franchise’s hat and jersey the one he wears in Cooperstown, rather than Baltimore, where he spent the first 6.5 years of his career.


Like it or love it, Jones is a staunch advocate for player’s rights, especially the young Bros coming up the financial ladder. In case anyone was confused, Machado is exercising his, which is very important in a capitalistic business where the owners make 100 times more than the highest-paid player. Reassessing your market value is always a smart play and keeps you from becoming a pawn in the machine. The stars have to strike when the iron is hot. They not only have an obligation to their families, but to the market and how the players who drive the game, connect with the fans, create the interest and perform the feats, are valued in the overall business structure.

“Derek Jeter Wouldn’t Survive In This Era” | Geoff Blum’s Controversial Reaction To New MLB Pitch Clock

“Derek Jeter Wouldn’t Survive In This Era” | Geoff Blum’s Controversial Reaction To New MLB Pitch Clock

The new MLB pitch clock claimed its first victim in San Diego Padres’ star Manny Machado. The All-Star third baseman was hit with the first violation ever in the Padres-Seattle Mariners Spring Training opener. Machado was assessed an automatic strike after taking too long to get ready for the pitch.

The MLB world had plenty of reaction via social media on the change and how drastically it will affect the game and the routines of hitters, who tend to be creatures of habit and superstition.

Derek Jeter Pulled Into Pitch Clock Reaction  

Somehow, Yankees legend Derek Jeter’s name got pulled into the conversation, when former big leaguer Geoff Blum was discussing the impact of the pitch clock.




“Derek Jeter wouldn’t survive in this era because you can’t put the hand up to call timeout,” Blum said. “They’ve eliminated that.”

Blum was referencing Jeter’s methodical approach to his at-bats, where the five-time World Series champion and Hall of Famer would often put his hand up to buy time in order to get a comfortable dig in the batter’s box.

The pitch clock is all a result of MLB looking to increase the speed of games, giving batters just eight seconds to be ready for the pitch. Even Machado admitted that players will be unaccepting of the new rule at first, which according to MLB sources was also implemented to increase action and excitement in the game.

MLBbro Legend Derek Jeter Joins MLB On Fox Team

Since stepping down as Miami Marlins CEO in February of 2022, Jeter has slowly made his way back to the Bronx where he could eventually serve in an advisory role of some sort. There were rumors that he would return to the BX in a front office capacity after leaving Miami, but that never materialized. But for now, the biggest media splash outside of Michael Irvin’s bizarre hotel tales during Super Bowl 57 week was Jeter being introduced as the next member of the MLB on Fox broadcast team.

Jeter brings years of experience and championship pedigree, where he will join his former frienemy and teammate Alex Rodriguez. The two former poster boys for baseball survived a rift in what was once a close friendship. The fracture  started when Rodriguez made some public comments to a magazine that Jeter found disparaging, effectively ending their friendship, which morphed into a rivalry fueled by the media. When A-Rod joined the Yankees, he agreed to move to third base to accomodate Jeter. The tandem managed to win a World Series together in 2009, the Yankees’ last title as a franchise.

Would Pitch Clock Have Hindered Derek Jeter?

As far as Jeter being any less effective with a pitch clock, well, players of Jeter’s all-time caliber adjust to changes in the game. while that one change might create some initial difficulties, Jeter is a poor example to use as a player whose game would suffer because of certain MLB rules changes. Adapt or die is a baseball player’s mantra, so that’s exactly what a 20-year MLB star and face of his generation such as Jeter would do.

MLBbro Trent Grisham Mashed On The Mets, Leads San Diego Padres To Wild Card Series Win

MLBbro Trent Grisham Mashed On The Mets, Leads San Diego Padres To Wild Card Series Win

The San Diego Padres advance to the Divisional Round after defeating the New York Mets 6-0 in a decisive Game 3 of the Wild Card round. Centerfielder Trent Grisham had himself an impressive series for the Padres. During the three games, the 25-year-old went 4-for-8 with two home runs, three RBI, and five runs scored.


In Game 3, he went 2-for-2 with an RBI and a run scored. He made a significant impact on offense, and he looked really comfortable out there at the plate. Grisham has extraordinary talent, but he’s been inconsistent at times this season. Grisham hit 17 homers and provided some superb defense, but he hit a career low .184 and had a career-high 15 Ks.

None of that matters now as Grisham was locked in during this three-game series, proving to be the brightest bat amongst a team full of big names and proven game. His web game was still working overtime as well. 



Fellow teammate and bro, Josh Bell also had a productive series as he collected three hits and a home run during the series. Grisham will play a key role as the Padres take on the Los Angeles Dodgers on Tuesday. The organization has been waiting for this talented MLBbro to put it all together. It’s been coming.



He couldn’t have picked a better time to break out. The Padres have never won a World Series in franchise history, despite having two chances in the past. The team has overcome a ferocious NL West and the loss of superstar Fernado Tatis Jr. to a PED suspension. The Padres could have hurled themselves into a downward spiral after embarrassingly losing their MVP candidate, but instead they pulled off a block buster trade to acquire Josh Bell and Juan Soto and with All-stars such as Manny Machado already in tow, the Padres advanced to their first playoff series win of the last decade and they have an MLBbro to thank for that. 

Names like Max Scherzer and Jacob deGrom would make most hitters shutter. Grisham wanted all the smoke.  And if he can continue to stay hot at the plate, the Padres could have a shot at playing in the Championship Series.

JP Crawford & Cedric Mullins Are Changing The Culture One At Bat At A Time

JP Crawford & Cedric Mullins Are Changing The Culture One At Bat At A Time

As the All-Star break approaches, two AL teams, the Seattle Mariners and the Baltimore Orioles are scorching hot, each with double-digit winning streaks. Wouldn’t you know, there’s an MLBbro at the helm of each of these winning streaks… JP Crawford and Cedric Mullins.

In the O’s winning streak, Mullins is batting .307, with one home run and six RBI. He has an on-base percentage of .386 and a slugging percentage of .487 during that span.


Crawford has a batting average of .292, hitting no home runs and five RBI. His on-base percentage during this stretch is .333, to go with a .366 slugging percentage. He has only struck out twice during the M’s 11-game winning streak. 


Baltimore has been in a rebuild for at least the past four years, basically waving the white flag when they traded away their superstar third baseman Manny Machado back in 2018 to the LA Dodgers. Ever since the trade, there have been very limited bright spots for Orioles fans to look forward to. Mullins has been one.


Mullins was drafted in the 13th round of the 2015 draft, and made his big league debut in 2018. In 2021, despite Baltimore tying for the worst record in Baseball, he had a career year, batting .291, with 30 home runs, 59 RBI, to go with an on-base percentage of .360 and a slugging percentage of .568. In addition to winning the Silver Slugger award, he ended up being the only Oriole to make the All-Star team in a year in which he became the first Oriole in franchise history to be a part of the 30-30 club, having stolen 30 bases in 2021 as well.


“I think he’s just getting better and better… how far he has come defensively from my first year in 2019 is unbelievable” said Brandon Hyde, the Orioles manager. Hyde wants fans to realize he is a great defensive player as well, emphasizing that he’s not just good with the bat, but an elite all-around player.


Crawford, who was a first round pick in 2013 by the Philadelphia Phillies, had made serious improvements to his game on the offensive side. In 2017 and 2018, his first two seasons in the pros, he batted .214 in each year. When he was dealt to the Mariners in 2019, the change of scenery changed everything. He has improved his batting average every single year, peaking in 2021, having a batting average of .273. He also has done well on the defensive side, as he ended up winning a Gold Glove in the 2020 campaign.


Crawford signed a 51 million dollar extension earlier this year, as he is seen as Seattle’s shortstop for the foreseeable future. “He’s (Crawford) an incredibly competitive player who has become an integral part of our team, both on the field and in the clubhouse” said general manager and president of baseball operations Jerry Dipoto.


The Mariners are currently in the AL Wildcard, with the Orioles only being one and a half games back of the final slot. The Mariners have not made the playoffs in 20 years, and the Orioles have been arguably the worst team in baseball of the last half decade. This season has huge potential to be stepping stones in the right direction for both franchises, and Crawford and Mullins will play huge roles to possibly write a new page in their respective franchises histories.