Breaking News!! And Major League Baseball Collab On Coverage Of Black and brown Major Leaguers

Breaking News!! And Major League Baseball Collab On Coverage Of Black and brown Major Leaguers


In a groundbreaking agreement, Major League Baseball and the media company will collaborate on content and coverage focused on the 7.2 percent Black and brown baseball players spread across MLB rosters as well as the pioneers of the sport whose contributions have helped elevate pro baseball across the globe to its current heights.  

Starting this season, content from will also appear on Major League Baseball’s various media platforms. Major League Baseball released this statement: 

MLB Official Statement On Collab With

Since its inception in 2021, has been the leading source of coverage for Black and brown professional baseball players. The company consistently covers African-American players throughout MLB and the minor leagues as well as MLB’s diversity and grass roots development programs which cultivate baseball’s next generation of Black Knights and makes the game more accessible and affordable to girls and minorities. 

With a staff of 58 young, enthusiastic baseball content creators, MLBbro chronicles the paths of both present and past Black players highlighting their achievement in the game right now and from an historical standpoint. 

“We couldn’t be more thrilled,” said MLBbro President Of Operations, JR Gamble. The fact that MLB recognized what we’ve been doing and identified it as important to their mission of preserving the past while building towards an all-inclusive future for the greatest game in the world, speaks volumes as to the effort MLB is making to be a universal sport and support and recognize all fans and voices within its ever-changing culture. It’s an unprecedented move for a league to throw support behind such an endeavor, but we have been preparing for this union for quite some time and are in line with the principles, presentation and re-connection that MLB has been trying to make with the urban community for some time now.” 

In’s mission statement, CEO and company founder Rob Parker says: “We will give Black players a voice and put context to their presence in the game. In the process, we will display the culture and flair MLBbros bring to the table.”’s ultimate goal in covering each day of the162-game MLB season and playoffs, is to be a key component in reconnecting the MLBbro community with a sport that is deep-rooted in Black culture. Also, enlightening people of all races about the impact Black players have currently and throughout baseball’s multi-layered history.  

Best of all, will also nurture and develop the next generation of Black baseball writers, producers, radio hosts, broadcasters, videographers, photographers and content creators.

#HIGHFIVE| Top 5 Black & Brown MLB Bros Week 1

#HIGHFIVE| Top 5 Black & Brown MLB Bros Week 1

The Major League Baseball season has completed a week’s worth of games and several MLB Bros are already making major noise. From seemingly earning the keys to the city to being atop the leaderboards in major statistical categories, their impact has been felt. 

Here are my #HighFive players through the first week of the 20201 MLB season.

“Real Deal” Akil Baddoo (Tigers)

“BADDOO, BADDOO, BADDOO and one more by BADDOO.”  


Akil Baddoo of the Detroit Tigers takes the top spot after one of the best opening weeks we have seen in a long time.  It began Sunday, as he hit a home run on the first MLB pitch ever thrown in his direction. The blast did much to relax his mother in the stands, who said she could “finally eat a pretzel” after.  

On Monday he hit a grand slam. On Tuesday he came off the pine to smoke a walk-off single to beat the rival Twins. Wednesday, he completed his magical week with an RBI triple and an outfield assist.  



Real Deal Akil is the first Tiger’s player with an RBI in each of his first four career games since Ron Cash in 1973. Baddoo has been all over the highlight tapes this season and is giving his entire city life.

Cedric Mullins (Orioles)

“They used to call me Sacrifice Ced…But now they call me Bat Man Mullins”


Cedric Mullins went from being a utility bunt master to a legit all-around hitter and starting centerfielder at the top of the O’s lineup this season. 

His .480 batting average places him second in the league. He’s also tied for 2nd in hits with 12, five of which came in a perfect 5-knock day against the Red Sox.  

Mullins continued his newfound power stroke, blasting a home run on Wednesday night against the Yankees. 



The Baltimore leadoff hitter smashed his first home run of the season in Wednesday’s 4-3 extra-innings game against the Bronx Bombers. Mullins is a huge part of this young team on the rise. Don’t look now, but at 4-2 the Orioles are in sole possession of first place in the AL East 

Marcus “HDMH” Stroman (Mets)

“Big Drip In The Big Apple”

The only pitcher in my #HighFive is Marcus Stroman.  Stroman’s Mets had an odd beginning to the season as their first series against the rival Nationals was canceled due to a Washington Covid outbreak.  

He made his first start of the year Tuesday night against the Phillies and was electrifying as usual, baffling the Phillies with an array of pitches and arm angles and a unique savvy that few pitchers possess. 



He threw six innings of three-hit ball, striking out three and giving up only one run on a Didi Gregoris homer.  He did this, all the while keeping his swag and his mound strut on 100. Must watch TV. 



There will be plenty of eyes on the Mets this season and Stroman, a Long Island product welcomes the bright lights. He is a part of one of the strongest rotations in baseball and will be a key in what will be a tough NL East race.

Remaining healthy, of course, is the key for Stroman and if he can get 30 starts his performance is sure to be at an All-Star level.  

Byron Buxton (Twins)

“If it’s up then it’s up then it’s up then it’s Buck”

Byron Buxton missed one game this week due to a non-Covid related illness, but that did not keep him down long as he hit a pinch-hit game-tying home run in the late innings on Tuesday.  


Byron Buxton Launches MVP Campaign With Two Nukes In First Two Games Of 2021


He’s batting .357, tied for second in MLB with 3 bombs, and has a hit in every game he has played in. 

Injuries have been a problem in the past for Buxton.  He’s one of the best defensive centerfielders in the game and is starting to find power at the plate after hitting 13 home runs last season in 39 games. If he can put it all together, Buxton is a dark horse MVP candidate.

Aaron “ALL RISE” Judge

“Only God Can Judge Me”

Aaron Judge rounds out this list and if he can stay healthy I believe he will be at the top of it in no time. Entering last night’s game against the O’s, the New York slugger was batting .364 batting average and 5 RBI’s. 


He hit home runs in back-to-back games Monday and Tuesday including a three-run 8th-inning homer to break open the game against Baltimore. 



The power is there, and as he gets comfortable in the new year expect big things from Judge. #ALLRISE

Stay Tuned for the next High Five list highlighting the best Black and brown baseball players of the week.