Mookie Betts Making Early Case For MVP

Mookie Betts Making Early Case For MVP

The Los Angeles Dodgers’ dynamic infielder Mookie Betts has once again shown off his extraordinary talent and worth to his team, putting up a strong argument to win the National League MVP. Betts has continuously shown why he is regarded as one of the best players in baseball.

Mookie Betts Reminding Everyone | He’s The Straw That Stirs The Dodgers’ Drink


Betts has been playing unbelievably this season. He has 11 RBI and five home runs to start the season, helping to lead the Dodgers to a 7-2 record. He continued to wow with his scoring ability, putting up strong numbers that solidified his status as the MVP candidate. Betts leads the league in hits, runs scored, home runs, RBI, on-base percentage, and batting average. He is a continual threat every time he enters the batter’s box because of his ability to hit for both average and power as well as his excellent eye at the plate.

Mookie Betts Hits A Double and A Triple As Dodgers Win!


Betts’ influence goes beyond his offensive performance. Considered by many to be among the game’s top defensive infielders, Betts never fails to impress fans with his excellent fielding abilities. He is a defensive stalwart who can prevent teams’ scoring opportunities and turning potential extra-base hits into outs thanks to his speed and accurate arm. Because of his ability to routinely protect runs and turn the tide in his team’s favor, Betts’ MVP candidacy gains a great deal from his outstanding defensive play.

More Milestones For Mookie Betts: LA Dodgers Star Shortstop Reaches 1,500 Hit Milestone


Also, it is important to consider Betts’ leadership qualities and intangible assets while assessing his MVP candidacy. With his strong work ethic, commitment, and spirit of competition, Betts sets an excellent example for the other veterans on the Dodgers squad. His worth to the Dodgers is evident in his ability to improve teammates’ performances and establish a winning culture in the team’s clubhouse.

Mookie Betts Is King Of MLB Season Week 1

Betts has been remarkable this season achieving a career milestone of 1500 hits on April 2, 2024, against the San Francisco Giants. Betts also, earned MLBbro “Home Boi” of the week on April 1, 2024. All things considered; Mookie Betts is a worthy contender for the National League MVP title because of his exceptional performance. He stands out as one of the most valuable players in the league due to his outstanding offensive output, defensive skills, leadership abilities, and impact on the Dodgers’ success. Without question, Betts will be a strong candidate to win the MVP award.

Matt Kemp Joins Chris Archer As MLBbros With LA Dodgers Front Office | Dynasty Of Diversity In The Making

Matt Kemp Joins Chris Archer As MLBbros With LA Dodgers Front Office | Dynasty Of Diversity In The Making

The LA Dodgers continue to build a dynastic and diverse looking organization from top to bottom.

Four seasons removed from facing MLB pitching, former Dodgers star Matt Kemp is back with the organization that saw him rise to superstardom as a perennial MVP candidate from 2006-2014. The three-time All-Star and two-time Gold Glove outfielder returned to the Dodgers in 2018 and earned his final All-Star selection, along with high praise from manager Dave Roberts.

According to Bob Nightengale of USA Today, Kemp will serve in an advisory role for the Dodgers. The 39-year-old MLBbro is the second former Black star to take a front office job with the Dodgers this offseason.

Former Tampa Bay Rays ace Chris Archer has a flexible role in the Dodgers front office to explore a wide range of interests.

Chris Archer Is Now Part of LA Dodgers Front Office and He’s Seeing The Fruits Of MLB Black Baseball Initiatives


Matt Kemp Bobblehead Night Planned For August 11


The Dodgers already had a Matt Kemp bobblehead night at Dodger Stadium planned for Aug. 11, so bringing him into the fold is the icing on the cake. He will probably help former Dodgers outfielder Andre Ethier aid in Miguel Vargas’ adjustment to left field, along with helping the group of outfielders who have to roam without Gold Glover Mookie Betts holding down the corner.

Betts is on his way to trying to become the first player to ever win Gold Gloves in both the outfield and an infield position other than first base. The 2024 Los Angeles Dodgers promotional and giveaway schedule includes 18 bobblehead dates, headlined by two for Shohei Ohtani.


Freddie Freeman will kick it off on Saturday, March 30. The first Ohtani bobblehead is scheduled for Thursday, May 16. The design has been revealed to have the two-way star in a batting pose while wearing the home Dodgers uniform. The second Ohtani bobblehead is being given away on Wednesday, August 28.


Matt Kemp Should Have Won 2011 NL MVP: Had 287 Career Homers, 184 Steals 


Over a 15-year career, Kemp hit 287 career homers with 1031 RBI and 184 steals. His MLB buzz during his time with the Dodgers. In his 10 seasons there, Kemp hit .292/.348/.494 with 240 doubles, 203 home runs and 733 RBI, won two Gold Glove Awards, two Silver Sluggers, made three All-Star Games and should have won the 2011 MVP, but lost in a controversial decision to Ryan Braun for 2011 NL MVP. Kemp had a heavily-brocentric season.

Kemp led the NL in runs (115), homers (39) and RBI (126). He had 40 stolen bases, falling just one-homer short of the exclusive 40-40 club. He also had more walks, hits and games played than Braun, who had a higher slugging percentage and OPS.

Ryan Braun Had PED Drama But Beat 50-Game Suspension On Technicality


It’s truly one of the worst robberies of all time considering Braun tested positive in October for elevated testosterone, and ESPN’s “Outside The Lines” revealed the positive test in December.

Braun was able to skate on the 50-game suspension, by exploiting a loophole. Multiple sources said the sample was not shipped for testing as soon as possible, as required by the drug testing policy, and instead was kept in a cool place in the sample collector’s home.

Sources told ESPN at the time that the collector left Braun’s sample on a desk in a Tupperware container and left it there for two days. Braun didn’t argue the legitimacy of the science, but the mishandling of his sample, which negates the test results. Braun is still considered a player who failed a PED test in the court of public opinion and is further proof that the award should have just gone to Kemp.

It’s not the last time you can say he was snubbed.

But now he’s back home and, in any event, what Magic Johnson and Dave Roberts and the Dodgers are building is a baseball paradise. An all-inclusive resort where players from all over the world, old and new, can become a part of Dodgers Nation as they become the “it” MLB franchise as move towards the 2030s.


Jason Heyward Has Done It All In 15-Year Career | Now He’s Shohei Ohtani’s “Unofficial Spokesperson”

Jason Heyward Has Done It All In 15-Year Career | Now He’s Shohei Ohtani’s “Unofficial Spokesperson”

As the old saying goes, “hard work pays off,” and that is the case with outfielder Jason Heyward of the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Dodgers basically saved Heyward from retiring prior to last season. The 34-year-old outfielder decided to take one more crack at it and put together a highly productive season in his backup role. 


Jason Heyward Signs One-Year/$9M Deal With Dodgers


With much less hesitance, Heyward ran it back with the LA Dodgers, signing a deal this offseason worth one year, $9 million. 


Heyward recently expressed his gratitude toward the organization for the opportunity: “It’s amazing to have people believe in you, that’s something that’s earned, for sure, especially with the Dodgers. They don’t hand out these jerseys lightly. It’s just a privilege to come back here and wear No. 23 for this group, this fan base, and city.”


“Just want to work hard, have fun and compete.”


In 98 starts, while appearing in 124 games for the Dodgers last season where he faced all right-handed pitchers, the former Atlanta Braves, Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals star batted .269/.340/.473 with 23 doubles, 15 home runs, 40 RBI, 56 runs scored.


There isn’t a safer place in the world to hit than hidden within this current star-studded Dodgers lineup. In fact, Heyward’s time with the Dodgers – from fine-tuning his swing to being able to be just one of the guys – has prolonged his career. 


Heyward is someone who overcame adversity as he was cut by the Chicago Cubs in 2022. Having a strong 2023 was imperative for Heyward to continue prolonging his professional career in the majors.


Jason Heyward Is Shohei Ohtani’s “Unofficial Spokesperson”


Now entering his 15th MLB season, Heyward has a very specific role on this LA Dodgers team, beyond his contributions on the field and his personal goal to “work hard, have fun and compete.”


Dodgers manager Dave Roberts has nominated Jason Heyward to assume the role of the team’s “unofficial spokesperson” for the Japanese media. Heyward will handle all things ” Shohei Ohtani” as the superstar’s arrival in Los Angeles will draw hundreds, maybe even thousands, of international media to American ballparks.

In a recent interview with SportsNet LA, Roberts addressed the challenge of handling the media onslaught accompanying Ohtani’s presence on the team. Referencing his own experience playing alongside Barry Bonds, Roberts acknowledged the importance of having a seasoned player who can field media inquiries, allowing others to focus on the game.

He emphasized that the unique situation with Ohtani and the curiosity surrounding other new players such as Yoshinobu Yamamoto, necessitates a respected lifer such as Heyward to handle media interaction.

“I played with Barry Bonds […] and I was that player, a teammate that answered a lot of questions because other teammates didn’t care to.” – Dave Roberts


Barry Bonds sits the bench next to Dave Roberts as the Colorado Rockies as the Rockies defeated the Giants 7-4 at Coors Field September 3, 2007, in Denver



LA Dodgers Are A Rock Star Team With Mucho Talent 


Heyward will be rejoining perhaps the most talented and most dynamic team in all of baseball this coming season as they signed two-time AL MVP Shohei Ohtani to a historic 10-year, $700 million contract as well as signing rookie Japanese star pitcher Yoshinobu Yamamoto to the largest contract by a pitcher in league history (12 years, $325 million.)


Having new additions like those players bolsters a roster that was already supreme beforehand. We haven’t even gotten to three-time Silver Slugger first baseman Freddie Freeman (whom Heyward is good friends with) and outfielder Mookie Betts, a six-time Golden Glove recipient and a former AL MVP himself.



The ‘J-Hey Kid’, as he was called back in his early days as a young Atlanta Braves phenom, can slide in at any outfield position and hold down the forte if any of the starters get injured. Heyward is also someone who can produce RBI in the box and help manufacture runs.


He’s a veteran presence with championship pedigree who will be a solid influence on young and incoming players.

Heyward is also someone who gives back to the community as he has the Jason Heyward Baseball Academy in Chicago, which he recently established. 



The club will provide hands-on instruction for young boys and girls ages 6-14 who love baseball as a nonprofit organization that will be hosted in the North Austin Center.


His academy not only offers baseball but also will have a FIFA regulation-sized indoor soccer turf field, classrooms to have proactive learning sessions, indoor courts, a workout facility, and more.


The Dodgers are the betting favorites to win the 2024 World Series at +350 according to Fox Sports and Heyward is elated to be along for the ride. 

Former Ace Chris Archer Joins Los Angeles Dodgers Baseball Operations | Harvard Business School Served This MLBbro Well

Former Ace Chris Archer Joins Los Angeles Dodgers Baseball Operations | Harvard Business School Served This MLBbro Well

After 10 years in the majors as an ace, melanated mound marauder Chris Archer is joining the Dodgers to fulfill the role of special assistant of baseball operations.

Archer, 35, started his career in 2006 when the Indians took him in the fifth round of the MLB Draft, but he didn’t get his first major league opportunity until 2012 as a member of the Tampa Bay Rays.

Throughout his career, Archer notched a 3.93 ERA, reached the All-Star Game twice and once finished 5th in Cy Young Award voting after posting a 3.23 ERA and a career-high of 252 strikeouts.

After spending his prime with the Rays, Archer moved on to the Pittsburgh Pirates in a big-time trade for Tyler Gasnow, Austin Meadows, and Shane Baz. Another stint with Tampa Bay followed before he finished 2022 with the Twins.

MLBbro Pitcher Chris Archer Is Back On The Attack? | It Sure Looks That Way

How’d He Get There?

Despite never playing for Los Angeles though, Archer landed a job with the squad and in an interview on the MLB Network’s MLB Tonight, Archer said his relationship with former Rays general manager and now Dodgers president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman played a factor in his decision to help out the ballclub.

“I’m just really excited to be with a good club, good organization,” Archer said. “There’s a lot of trust there from my days with Andrew Friedman.”

Though Friedman didn’t realize it at the moment, his decision to trade for the young Archer in 2011 paid dividends not only on the baseball field but also in the operations department.

Why now?

In Archer’s final season, he had given up 52 earned runs, but occasionally showed sparks that he could still be an occasional quality pitcher.

Still, Archer saw 35 years old as the right time to pivot, citing his quest to join the broadcast or front office side.

“It just comes a point in all of our career where we kind of see the writing on the wall,” Archer said. “I have a lot to learn in the game and there’s no better place for me to learn. I’m trying to get a different perspective from being a player.”

Archer prepared for this moment by developing a rare mental toughness while dealing with injuries that hindered his potential. He most recently attended Harvard Business School, learning the business of entertainment, media and sports under a heralded professor.

Along with being on broadcast or being a general manager in the future, Archer stated that he’s still open to returning to the field of play as a player or manager, he’s just trying something new.

This perspective could be beneficial to Archer as he still has time to decide on a return to baseball, all while being around it and seeing how the best of the best get better on a team like the Dodgers.


What can he do?


Through Archer’s career, baseball has changed. In his interview, he noted the change in defensive shifts, twice, in his 10-year career. Now, he has the chance to help others adjust to the changes in baseball as he will have been on both sides of it.


“There’s a lot of things that are different,” Archer said. “Just having an open mind and being creative and collaborative, I think I can come up with some good in-house solutions with the Dodgers.”


Despite typically having the best pitching staff in baseball, a mix of legal troubles and injuries led Los Angeles to have a middle-of-the-pack attack from the bump in 2023.


Many of its younger pitchers were forced to play as a result of this, but with Archer’s expertise, these younger pitchers might be able to jump out to a faster start.


The Dodgers typically house some of the best coaches in baseball, but having Archer, who is fresh out of an MLB career can add a level of trust to the pitching staff as the MLB continues to evolve.


“I do want to pour into guys,” Archer said. “(The Dodgers) are allowing me to do that and that gives me a lot of fulfillment.”

One Season After Contemplating Retirement, A Rebirthed Jason Heyward Runs It Back With LA Dodgers

One Season After Contemplating Retirement, A Rebirthed Jason Heyward Runs It Back With LA Dodgers

Long-time right fielder Jason Heyward is back for another one.


The 14-year veteran has reportedly re-signed with the Los Angeles Dodgers on a one-year $9 million deal. Heyward will enter the season at 34 years old and will have the chance to add to his stellar career.


J-Hey Is The Consummate Pro 


Prior to his ongoing stint in Los Angeles, Heyward spent seven seasons with the Braves, Cardinals and Cubs. With the Cubs, Heyward secured an eight-year $184 million deal that, despite winning the World Series, he was unable to sustain. In the seven seasons prior to joining the Dodgers, Heyward struggled and was only able to notch a .245 batting average with just 62 home runs.

Early in his career, with the Braves and then the Cardinals, Heyward was a budding star, batting nearly .300 in his single season in St. Louis, and winning Wilson Defensive Player of the Year with Atlanta. He was even anointed as baseball’s next big star by the legendary Hank Aaron.

In his last two seasons with Chicago, Heyward plummeted, batted .214 and .204, respectively — leading the World Series hero to be released a season early with $22 million remaining on the books.


Heyward Makes His Comeback 

After contemplating retirement, he signed with the LA Dodgers last season. At that point, he was only able to notch a minor-league deal, having to work his way up if he wanted to get back to the majors. After fixing his swing prior to 2023 Spring Training, Heyward did enough to earn a spot on the Opening Day roster and it paid dividends.


In a revived 2023 season, J-Hey put up a five-year high in batting average with .269 as well as an .813 OPS — his highest full-season mark since 2014. These numbers allowed him to cash the aforementioned $9 million check with Dave Roberts’ perennial World Series contenders.

“It’s Been A Fun Year Of Baseball” | Outfielder Jason Heyward Has Been A Pleasant Surprise For Championship-Chasing Los Angeles Dodgers


With a revamped offensive approach and his past Gold Glove blessings, Heyward has the potential to continue to be a valuable veteran utility player for the Dodgers in the 2024 season.