Breaking News!! And Major League Baseball Collab On Coverage Of Black and brown Major Leaguers

Breaking News!! And Major League Baseball Collab On Coverage Of Black and brown Major Leaguers


In a groundbreaking agreement, Major League Baseball and the media company will collaborate on content and coverage focused on the 7.2 percent Black and brown baseball players spread across MLB rosters as well as the pioneers of the sport whose contributions have helped elevate pro baseball across the globe to its current heights.  

Starting this season, content from will also appear on Major League Baseball’s various media platforms. Major League Baseball released this statement: 

MLB Official Statement On Collab With

Since its inception in 2021, has been the leading source of coverage for Black and brown professional baseball players. The company consistently covers African-American players throughout MLB and the minor leagues as well as MLB’s diversity and grass roots development programs which cultivate baseball’s next generation of Black Knights and makes the game more accessible and affordable to girls and minorities. 

With a staff of 58 young, enthusiastic baseball content creators, MLBbro chronicles the paths of both present and past Black players highlighting their achievement in the game right now and from an historical standpoint. 

“We couldn’t be more thrilled,” said MLBbro President Of Operations, JR Gamble. The fact that MLB recognized what we’ve been doing and identified it as important to their mission of preserving the past while building towards an all-inclusive future for the greatest game in the world, speaks volumes as to the effort MLB is making to be a universal sport and support and recognize all fans and voices within its ever-changing culture. It’s an unprecedented move for a league to throw support behind such an endeavor, but we have been preparing for this union for quite some time and are in line with the principles, presentation and re-connection that MLB has been trying to make with the urban community for some time now.” 

In’s mission statement, CEO and company founder Rob Parker says: “We will give Black players a voice and put context to their presence in the game. In the process, we will display the culture and flair MLBbros bring to the table.”’s ultimate goal in covering each day of the162-game MLB season and playoffs, is to be a key component in reconnecting the MLBbro community with a sport that is deep-rooted in Black culture. Also, enlightening people of all races about the impact Black players have currently and throughout baseball’s multi-layered history.  

Best of all, will also nurture and develop the next generation of Black baseball writers, producers, radio hosts, broadcasters, videographers, photographers and content creators.