We Know Who Leads The Mariners | JP Crawford’s 5-Game Suspension For Fighting Is Worth It Long Term

We Know Who Leads The Mariners | JP Crawford’s 5-Game Suspension For Fighting Is Worth It Long Term

J.P. Crawford is appealing the five-game suspension Major League Baseball handed down on him for his role in Sunday’s brawl between Seattle and Los Angeles.



We are accustomed to seeing the typical shoving match between teams whenever benches clear in Major League Baseball, but Sunday’s brawl between the Angels and Mariners was one of the most entertaining and wild ones in recent sports history.


“I always tell them, I have got their back,” Crawford told reporters Monday.  “Just know that I have got your back.  When stuff hits the fan, I am going to be the first one out there every time.  I am going to do that 10 times out of 10.  I have always got my boys’ back.”

Seattle’s shortstop rushed in with a few flying forearms in defense of his teammate Jesse Winker, who was hit by a pitch and got into a jawing match with the Angels bench prior to the fight ensuing.

We have to go back to June 17th to discover where this beef originated.

That night the Mariners were up 7-0 in the bottom of the 5th inning against the Angels when MLBbro and 2005 first overall pick Justin Upton was hit in the head by a fastball.

It was only Upton’s third at-bat in a Mariners uniform as he was making his team debut after being released by the Angels in early April. In five seasons in Anaheim, Upton hit .232 with 75 home runs and drove in 203 runs.

Then fast forward to Saturday night, the Mariners almost hit Mike Trout, who has six home runs against them this season on two different occasions.

Sunday afternoon Angels interim manager Phil Nevins, who’s 10-game suspension for orchestrating these hits on Mariners players was longer than anyone else involved, decided to start an “opener” who is a pitcher that only throws one, no more than two innings to begin a game in place of a typical starting pitcher.  Before he took him out, he made sure he hit his final batter, which ultimately caused the fight.

Crawford is still playing this week while his suspension is in the appeals process and should have an answer by Thursday if not early this weekend.

When he does begin to serve his time, the Mariners will be left without the most predominant peace in their lineup.

Crawford is currently going through a 3-for-26 stretch, but still ranks in the top 10 among all shortstops in on base percentage, OPS and runs scored.

On the season he is batting .261 with five home runs, 19 RBI and a .729 OPS.

Every game moving forward is crucial for the Mariners after getting off to a slower start than most expected, but Captain J.P. Crawford’s decision to stand and fight with his team will have a lasting effect on the franchise through his tender in the Electric Factory that is Seattle, Washington.