Jo Adell Smokes His First Career Grand Slam

Jo Adell Smokes His First Career Grand Slam

Two weeks ago, Jo Adell made his season debut with the Los Angeles Angels. It was the talk around the league as many were waiting for the talented outfielder to return. 



Let’s just say that in his first game, he did not disappoint at all. Adell went 3-for-4 with three RBI and a stolen base in his season debut against the Texas Rangers.

That’s exactly the type of performance the Angels wanted to see from the 10th overall pick in the 2017 MLB Draft. 

The party continued on Tuesday night as Adell hit his first career blast with the bases loaded to break a 2-2 tie and propel the Angels to an 8-2 win over the Detroit Tigers.



When our MLBbro debuted during the 2020 shortened season, it was one to forget for Adell. He finished with a .161 batting average with 55 strikeouts. Coming into 2021, Adell wanted to make significant changes from the previous season. He’s been wreaking havoc in the minors. It was only a matter of time that he would get called back up. 


The Wait Is Over | Angels Bring Up Jo Adell & His Return To The Big Leagues Was Highly Anticipated


Through 13 games this season, Adell hit .234 with six RBIs and four runs scored , but no homers. After his explosion, people have a better understanding fo why he’s known for is his power at the plate. A lack of power hasn’t meant he’s slacking in other areas.

The 22-year-old has shown a lot more discipline at the plate from last year and he has made tremendous strides on defense.



“That was really my only goal,” Adell told the Los Angeles Times. “I told myself, when I come back, just try to be a factor in the lineup, try to contribute and keep moving.”

His improvements have not gone unnoticed at all. Angels manager Joe Maddon is pleased with the progress Adell has made in a year’s time.

“Everything’s getting better,” Maddon said. “Every part of his game has accelerated since last year.”

“He’s a completely different player than I saw last year,” Maddon said. “You have to suck up some growing pains on occasion, which we did. And now he’s benefitting, and so are we.”

With that kind of endorsement, there’s a good chance that he will play out the rest of the season for the Angels. 

“These are plays I’ve worked on myself, parts of the game I have yet to showcase,” Adell said. “I’m at the point now where I’ve slowed it down, I’m playing the game and reacting to what’s coming to me. Not trying to force anything.”

Adell will be an important part to the Angels future and there’s no doubt that the rookie has superstar potential. 

This last half of the season will be an important one for our MLBbro.