Mets Prospect Jaylen Palmer Continuing To Realize His Lifelong MLB Dream | Brooklyn To Queens … Is It In The Cards?

Mets Prospect Jaylen Palmer Continuing To Realize His Lifelong MLB Dream | Brooklyn To Queens … Is It In The Cards?

By Devon POV Mason | MLBbro Content Reporter

The New York Mets haven’t tasted World Series glory since 1986 and during that time span d
ivision rivals Washington and Atlanta have won the World Series.

They’ve also had more African-American talent than the Mets who seem to be allergic to melananted ball players over the past two decades. And the organization’s farm system hasn’t exactly been producing studs.

Enter rising Mets prospect Jaylen Palmer, who plays on the minor league affiliate Brooklyn Cyclones. The #MLBbro has a chance to be a part of the Mets core of the future, and have his New York family see him play nightly at nearby Citi Field.

His mom Loren Palmer has already envisioned that day happening when she’ll be able to support her son in a major league stadium adjacent to where they grew up and currently live. The Canarsie (Brooklyn) family has high hopes of Palmer getting that big league shot in the near future.

“I’m waiting for that day to happen. It’s definitely going to be a very exciting but also emotional day.” said Palmer. “All the hard work will have finally paid off.”

Palmer Possess Attributes That Usually Equal Success In MLB: Speed And Power

Coming up Jaylen fell in love with the game, and although his dad June was a huge basketball fan who would’ve loved to see Jaylen play on the hardwood. He preferred the swinging of the bat and catching routine fly balls.


Jaylen stands 6-foot-3 and 200 pounds, solid. He’ll continue to add mass to his frame, which in turn will increase his already pretty impressive power. He’ll need some technical work on his swing to avoid wasting power and lunging at the baseball.

Already possessing quality bat velocity and torque, with experience and quality coaching Palmer will become better at pitch recognition, which in turn, will allow him to show more plate discipline, swing less at pitches he has no business hacking away at.

His power is good now but could become great with time and experience.

Palmer Is A Utility Player: Has Shown Promise At Three Positions

After beginning his career as a shortstop, he then moved to the “hot corner” aka third base, where he showed some flashes with his glove and athleticism. His strong, accurate throwing arm really helped him in the infield. But with his speed and freakish range, he projects as an e’s a natural at natural centerfielder. He is so fast that he uses that to track the ball, but with experience he should become better at tracking the ball off the bat, to make it easier and in the outfield.

Steve Adams, his coach at Holy Cross High School in Queens, NY,, Steve Adams raves about what he witnessed from Palmer at shortstop.

“He would do things on the field that were just freakish — plays that other guy weren’t getting into the hole, throws they wouldn’t make.

Mets Have An All-World Shortstop: So Palmer’s Future With Them Would Probably Be In The Outfield

The Mets and Francisco Lindor agreed to the third richest contract in league history last April. The deal is for 10-years and $341 million dollars, meaning he’s going to nna play in Queens for at least 6-7 of those years.

 That in turn says that if Palmer does realize his dream of making the majors and playing at Citi Field it’ll be as an outfielder, not a shortstop.

With Palmer ranked as the team’s 14th best farm prospect, the reality of playing in the majors is real. Now he’s gotta put the daily work in and grind his way to a roster spot in the future.