“Black Jack” Flaherty Showing Signs Of Improvement | He’s Shaking The Injury Bug

“Black Jack” Flaherty Showing Signs Of Improvement | He’s Shaking The Injury Bug

The St. Louis Cardinals have been without their starting pitcher Jack Flaherty all season.  After having a successful 2021 season where he finished with a 9-2 record and 3.22 ERA, Flaherty was ready to play a significant role in leading the Cardinals to another postseason appearance.

Jack Flaherty Is Back & He’s Money Whenever He Toes The Slab

Let’s not forget that he dealt with an oblique tear that forced him to miss some time last season and if that injury did not happen, he could have put himself in the NL Cy Young race.

Well, things didn’t go as planned for the 26-year-old going into the 2022 season. 

Flaherty started the season on the injured list dealing with inflammation in his right shoulder and while there’s no confirmed timetable on a return, Cardinals manager Oliver Marmol believes he’ll be back soon.

In an mlb.com article, Marmol said that Flaherty is gearing towards a late May/early June return which is a positive sign.

 The right hander recently had a bullpen session and he felt pretty good.

“Everything feels really good, and it’s been fun watching how the ball is coming out of my hand and how it feels coming out,” Flaherty said in an mlb.com article after his recent bullpen session this past week.

When Flaherty returns to the lineup, the Cardinals will have another weapon on their pitching staff, which comes as no surprise. He’s been the Opening Day starter the past few seasons and has been a spark for the team on the mound.

MLBbro Pitcher Jack Flaherty Suffers First Loss Of The Season |He Is Human After All


According to the article, Flaherty spent the last two seasons with a small tear and bursitis in his right shoulder.

The fact that our MLBbro was still going out there and competing at a high level speaks volumes to the competitor he is. But safety and health is very important and the Cardinals certainly don’t want anything serious to happen to their talented pitcher.

In March, Flaherty was put on a rehab plan and also went through a strengthening program to help out with the inflammation. One word that Flaherty has really dealt with over the last few years is patience. 

“Last year, the oblique injury felt longer because there wasn’t necessarily a timetable, and I really couldn’t do anything to speed it up,” said Flaherty. “It wasn’t like I could do more rehab; I had to just give it more time to heal, which felt like forever. It wasn’t like I could put this on it or do this exercise because we had to let it heal first. And it was the first time I had injured [an oblique], so that just made it a lot different than this year.”

There’s no question that Flaherty is ready to get back on that bump and put his team in positions to win games.

You Don’t Know Jack!

“That’s why we love to play the game. To be on that mound, that’s what I love to do,” he said. “I like being in here supporting these guys and pulling for them, but I really want to be back out there. Everything is feeling good, and I’m confident.”

All eyes will be on Flaherty once he makes his season debut and he certainly will go out there and compete every pitch.