Delves Into the Mystery Of Early Struggles For Some MLBbros Delves Into the Mystery Of Early Struggles For Some MLBbros

It’s hard to believe that the MLB season has not hit the one-month mark of the season yet. With a 162-game season facing ongoing changes such as a pitcher timer, defensive shift limitations and bigger bases, adjustments have to be made by all. Some have been positive and some need time. has made a name celebrating and shining the spotlight on Black and Brown players in professional baseball, the staff also notices the struggles of others and analyzes how they can get back into rhythm whether it’s at the plate, on the mound or in the field. So while it would be easy to follow MLBbro MVP Aaron Judge all season and count his home runs, analyzing the ups and downs of the MLB season marathon is part of the beautiful journey. 




To understand just how incredible the accomplishments of certain players are, we have to see them at their worst. When baseball seems to be an enemy at every turn, but they must keep their minds, souls and bodies intact until the baseball gods swing back in their favor.

It’s time to go to the other end of the spectrum and see what is happening with the players that have struggled coming out of the gate this season.


Honorable Mention: Jason Heyward and Mookie Betts


These two struggling Bros players are on the honorable mention list is because the Los Angeles Dodgers are not built for the regular season. They win the NL West seemingly every year. With this team, it’s World Series championship or bust. Three weeks into the season is not going to bring out weather reports of the sky falling with these two players struggling out of the gate.


Jason Heyward: 


Despite the fact that J-Hey is batting only .174 and struggling mightily, when the man puts the bat on the ball, the ball becomes a souvenir for attending fans.

Out of the four hits,  J-Hey has this season, three of them are homers with five RBI. To put this homer number in perspective, Aaron Judge has deposited five home runs with eight RBI.


J-Hey was brought on for professionalism in the locker room and timely homers in the fall. He’s already shown the ability despite the batting average.


Mookie Betts:  


With only two home runs and six RBI as of Tuesday afternoon, Mookie is only considered in a slump because he is an all-time MLBbro great.

The Dodgers and their fanbase only cares about his health at the end of the season. Why? Like anyone has forgotten about the championship he brought to Los Angeles…




Now onto the MLBbros that need to get back on track sooner rather than later


Michael Harris II:  


The reigning NL Rookie of the Year and one of the biggest stories in MLB last year was one of the MLBbros engulfed in the shadows of Aaron Judge’s magical season. After hitting .293 at the plate with 19 dingers and 78 RBI, back issues have plagued this MLBbro. After a back strain was monitored closely in Spring training, Harris injured his back in the San Diego Padres series crashing into a wall. That led to a stint on the IL. With the Atlanta Braves on fire to start the season, there’s no need to rush back one of the shiniest diamonds in the rough in years…



When the Braves release our MLBbro to start batting practice again, look for the firepower seen in his rookie season.


Josh Bell:


Josh Bell’s early debut with the Cleveland Guardians has been subpar at the start, but has watched him the last couple of seasons and may have the analysis to turn things around.


With a massive body type and skill set that brings comparisons to the “Big Hurt” Frank Thomas, it is all about mechanics that will launch his contributions past the one homer, eight RBI totals with a .203 batting average. MLB Network discussed his mechanics that transformed him from a freewheeling strikeout machine to the top of the list of wanted players at last year’s trade deadline.


How A Simple Adjustment In Hitting Mindset Led To MLBbro Josh Bell’s Hot Streak


If Josh can monitor the trajectory of his swing plane, particularly with the change of pace with the pitcher timer, he can catch fire and bring the production that he provided with the Pittsburgh Pirates and Washington Nationals.  


Byron Buxton:


Remember last year when the Minnesota Twins fan base was at odds with the Twins front office over Byron Buxton getting on the field to show his magic?


The Rising Tensions Concerning the Playing Time of MLBbro Byron Buxton


Now the fans will be happy just to see Byron Buxton do some magic on a consistent basis from Minnesota to stay at the top of the AL Central. His .224 batting average with two homers and five RBI pale in comparison to his lofty numbers in the past despite playing limited games. But like many other players on this list, the front office does not care about his numbers now. They care about his attendance on the field at the end of the season.


Should MLBbro fans be in an uproar?


Now should these slow starts by these MLBbros be a cause for concern? PFFT! No, because the season is not a month old yet. All professional sports are difficult for the participants. Only in baseball, it’s the only sport where the cliche, “It’s a marathon, not a sprint” really applies. These MLBbros will be fine.