Pitcher Appreciation Day: “Bro-dictions” Part II Brings Black Arms Race To The Forefront

Pitcher Appreciation Day: “Bro-dictions” Part II Brings Black Arms Race To The Forefront

Ever feel like you are Marty McFly, and you just came back from the future with the Sports Almanac? Well, in this case, that’s me. 

As we wait with bated breath for another one-of-a-kind season of Major League Baseball, we look forward to performances of some of the game’s most promising bros on the bump.

This year’s roster of talent is nothing short of spectacular, with each hurler set to make an impact for their squad. Let’s “brodict” their performances and see where they will stand statistically by the end of the year. 

Marcus “Stro Show” Stroman, this Yankee, known for his impressive tool kit of pitches and competitive spirit, is expected to continue his consistent performance on the mound. Stroman’s ability to induce ground balls and keep hitters off balance will help him maintain an ERA in the low 3s with a solid strikeout-to-walk ratio. 



Josiah “Sway” Gray is set to showcase his talent and potential this season, after putting up ace-like numbers in 2023. With his dynamic arsenal of pitches and deceptive delivery, Gray could emerge as a consistent starter for the Nationals with an ERA in the mid-3s and over 150 strikeouts. 



Hunter Greene Machine, heralded for his blazing fastball and electric stuff, is looking to make a splash in his debut season with the Reds. While he may experience some growing pains as he adjusts to the rigors of the big leagues, Greene’s raw talent suggests the potential for an ERA in the high 3s to low 4s with flashes of brilliance on the mound. Expect close to 170 strikeouts if he stays healthy. 



Devin “Airbender” Williams, the 2020 NL Rookie of the Year, is expected to build upon his stellar performance from last season. Arguably the best closer in the game, Williams has a devastating changeup and impeccable command. This Brewer’s closer could maintain an ERA below 2.00 for the third straight year. He will continue to rack up strikeouts and likely record over 30 saves. 



Taijuan “Fly Tai” Walker, known for his calm demeanor and resilience on the mound, is ready to make an impact in his second season with the Phillies. Walker’s ability to mix pitches and keep hitters guessing is in his DNA. Expect him to post an ERA in the mid-3s while providing valuable innings and stability to the starting rotation. 



Black Jack Flaherty, seen as one of the premier young bros in the game, is expected to bounce back from a challenging season in 2023. Flaherty’s specialties are his electric fastball and devastating slider. He could return to his All-Star caliber form in Detroit this year, with an ERA in the mid 3s and a high strikeout rate.

While these predictions offer insight into what fans can expect from these talented Bro pitchers, it is important to remember that baseball is unpredictable – just like Marty’s adventures back to 1985, and any number of unknowns can influence a player’s performance throughout the season. From injuries to adjustments made by opposing hitters, the journey of a baseball season is full of twists and turns. 

As the new season unfolds, baseball fans will eagerly watch as these melanated mound marauders, each hoping to leave their mark on the game and contribute to their team’s success. With talent, determination, and a bit of luck, these pitchers have the potential to make this season one to remember for MLB fans everywhere.

Hunter Greene Machine Adding More Pitches To His 105 MPH Flamer | The Arsenal Is Upgrading This Spring

Hunter Greene Machine Adding More Pitches To His 105 MPH Flamer | The Arsenal Is Upgrading This Spring

Hunter Greene has been on fire this spring training. He threw a split-finger fastball and a curveball during one of his outings. Two of which he never threw in the majors

In his first Spring outing on February 25th, the flamethrower used all four pitches during his 1 2/3 innings in Cincinnati’s 9-4 win at Goodyear Ballpark.

“Pretty good. I tried to keep it simple,” Greene said. “I feel like I had a good feel for everything. Curveball was a little iffy, but as far as spring I will continue to work on it.”


Hunter Greene Adds Splitter and Curve To Repertoire


Overall, Greene gave up one hit with two walks and four strikeouts. His control with the curveball was a bit rusty. The splitter has a chance to become the pitch that makes Greene untouchable.


“The split was fantastic today,” said Greene, who was 4-7 with a 4.82 ERA and 1.42 WHIP last season. “It was unbelievable. So it’s just continuing to work on it and get it ready for Opening Day and the rest of the season.


Greene throwing new pitches proves he has been putting in the work this offseason. Greene’s arsenal already consists of, a slider, explosive four-seam fastball, and changeup that he rarely goes to.  These new pitches can make Greene even more deadly than he already is. He struck out a remarkable 152 batters in 112 innings. 


Standing at six feet five inches tall, Greene has a golden arm and can throw up to 105mph on a fastball. If he can quickly learn to control his other pitches, we can be looking at a Cy Young nominee.  



In 2023, Greene had a good season, earning a 4.82 ERA in 22 games played. With the new pitches, he could be seeing more starts and pitch deeper into games.  


Hunter Greene Has Cy Young Potential


If Greene keeps developing these new pitches along with the ones in his arsenal, the real question will be how the Reds will use him. During spring training, Greene has been proving himself as a future star of the Reds’ rotation. He might even end up getting some bullpen work. With his new repertoire, he can come out of the bullpen or start as he’s accustomed to. 


It all depends on how effective the Reds want to be on the defensive side of the baseball. 



Greene was drafted in the 2017 MLB draft with the second overall pick. As a high draft pick, Greene showed glimpses of a star in the making as he performed well in the minors, earning himself a call to the majors. 


 The Reds are in an exciting rebuild with young talent exploding across the roster. Greene adding to his bag of tricks can make a huge difference. The Reds also have “Mr. Electricity” Elly Del La Cruz, who has tremendous bat speed at the plate and a great amount of defense at the shortstop position.  With these two young stars, the Reds are two steps closer to a phenomenal young core. 



Let’s not forget outfielder Will Benson. The MLBbro had some breakthrough moments last season and looks to take another step up in production in 2024.


Hunter Greene Building A Better Person and Pitcher


Greene is not just adding new pitches, he is also building himself. Greene is becoming a better athlete, improving his endurance and strength. At 24 years of age, Greene is reaching a level of maturity that should serve him well. He’s already had some incredible success in MLB, despite the Reds being one of baseball’s worst squads. With the team improving, look for Greene to start racking up plenty more wins in 2024. 




Straighten It Out! | Elly De La Cruz’s Foul Ball Breaks Hunter Greene’s Car Window, So Who Pays?

Straighten It Out! | Elly De La Cruz’s Foul Ball Breaks Hunter Greene’s Car Window, So Who Pays?

In April of 2023, Cincinnati Reds flamethrower Hunter Greene signed a 6-year/$53M extension with the Cincinnati Reds, so the Melanated Mound Marauder enters this Spring Training with some veteran scratch. 



That’s a good thing, because Spring Training started off with a bit of a bang for Greene, as Sam Greene of the Cincinnati Enquirer shared. 


Greene’s Cincinnati Reds teammate Elly De La Cruz fouled a pitch off Greene during Tuesday’s practice.  Ironically, the ball landed on Greene’s car, breaking the window. In an incredibly unfortunate twist for the pitcher, it ended up hitting and breaking his car window. 


It could be an omen, that the rising Reds are going to smash the competition in the NL Central with a pitching staff led by a healthy Hunter Greene and a multi-faceted lineup led by De LA Cruz, the fastest man in the sport. Greene wasn’t taking any responsibility for Cruz who couldn’t keep the pitch in the field of play. 


“You’re paying for it,” Greene said. 

EDLC told Greene, “You make more than me.”


Spring Training 2024: Elly De LA Cruz's foul ball broke teammate MLBbro Hunter Green's car window


Not sure how that will play out, but these guys have to get on the same page before the season starts. 


Cincinnati improved by 20 games last season as an influx of young talent produced a record of 82-80 in 2023, which has Reds Nation thinking playoffs. 


Cincy Reds Will Rely Heavily On ELDC and Hunter Greene


De La Cruz is known for his electricity and dynamic performance. Expect him to improve on his .235/.300/.410 rookie slashline with 13 home runs, 44 RBI and 35 stolen bases. If Greene is healthy and can make 30 starts for the first time in his career, he will be among pitching leaders in strikeouts, velocity and he’s a constant threat to throw no-hit innings. 


Greene Machine, who is probably the hardest thrower in the sport, clocked up to 105 MPH, is looking to get on the winning side of things in his career as he’s 9-20 since entering the league two seasons ago. He has, however, racked up 316 strikeouts over 237 2/3 innings pitched in 46 starts.



MLBbro Will Benson will be expected to take the next step in his development as well, as the 25-year-old is expected to play his first full season as a starter. 

#HIGHFIVE | Return Of The Greene Machine, T.A. Is A Closer, Ke’Bryan Hayes Has Arrived

#HIGHFIVE | Return Of The Greene Machine, T.A. Is A Closer, Ke’Bryan Hayes Has Arrived

Hunter Greene “Machine” is the best pitcher in the Majors under the age of 25 and with his Cincinnati Reds in the thick of the playoff race, he performed like an Ace Wednesday afternoon, striking out 14 Twins which is the most in a single start by a Reds pitcher since 2000.

That earns him the top spot on Week 24 of our #HighFive list.


1. Hunter Greene “Machine”



The Reds have a little over a week left to shock the world and earn themselves a trip to the playoff with one of the youngest rosters in the Majors.
If they want to accomplish what most outside of their clubhouse believed they could not do, they need someone to step up and be the Ace of their rotation and Hunter Greene is that dude.


In Wednesday afternoon’s contest against the Minnesota Twins, Greene threw seven innings, striking out 14 and allowing just one run on three hits and a walk. Since 1906, Greene is the ninth pitcher in Reds franchise history to strike out 14 in a game.


That marked the sixth time in his career Greene K’d at least 10 in a start as he lowered his season ERA to 4.24 and increased his strikeout total to 143 in just 20 games this year.


NL Wild Card Race Has A Brocentric Fate | Stro Show, Jazz, Greene Machine Take Center Stage


He also has given up three or less runs for four consecutive starts.

Greene’s next appearance on the mound will be Wednesday in an interstate matchup against the Guardians in Cleveland.


2. “TA” Tim Anderson



Tim Anderson is ending his rough 2023 season strong as he reminds folks, he still has the skills that led him to a batting title in 2019.


A .444 batting average for Anderson over his last seven games is a far cry from the struggles he faced at the plate this year. He has hit safely in seven straight games and in nine out of 11 since September 8th. The drama around Anderson will continue to circulate this off-season as his White Sox have a $14 million team option that they can pick up on him.


If they choose not to, he will enter free agency and do what I think is best for his career, get far, far away from the south side of Chicago.


3. Ke’Bryan Hayes


By this time next year, Ke’Bryan Hayes has a chance to be considered the best third baseman in the Majors. His play over the last seven games gave us a look at his potential on both sides of the ball.

The soon to be named National League Gold Glove third baseman is slashing .448/.452/.655 with five RBI, a homer and a stolen base.

He is currently fourth amongst Major League third in batting average and 10th in slugging percentage and total hits.


4. Marcus Semien

Marcus Semien knows what is at stake for his Rangers and is answering the call with big time performances in what is the closest divisional race since 1969.
Entering Friday, the Rangers, Mariners and Astros are all separated by a half a game with only 10 contests remaining.

Semien, who saw his last playoff race in 2021 end with his Blue Jays missing out on October’s greatest tournament by one game, is doing his part to make sure that is not the result for him in 2023.

He is slashing .320/.452/.560 over his last seven games with eight RBI, five walks and a homer, which was his franchise record 9th leadoff bomb of the year.



This weekend Semien and his Rangers take on J.P. Crawford and the Seattle Mariners in the final home series of the year for Texas.


5. Jordan “Sky” Walker

Jordan “Sky” Walker showed off his clutch gene with the first game-winning home run of his career Saturday afternoon against the Phillies.

Walker has put a ribbon on a successful rookie campaign with a great month of September.

With 10 days left this month, he is batting .302 with four home runs, eight RBI, two doubles and his first career game-winning bomb in the eighth inning last Saturday afternoon.

That game began with a diving catch by Walker to rob the game’s first hitter of extra bases.


Jordan Walker’s Lived Up To Billing In Rookie Season | The Record-Breaking MLBbro Is Already Gearing Up For 2024 Takeoff


He now has hits in eight straight games and four multi-hit games this month.


NL Wild Card Race Has A Brocentric Fate | Stro Show, Jazz, Greene Machine Take Center Stage

NL Wild Card Race Has A Brocentric Fate | Stro Show, Jazz, Greene Machine Take Center Stage

This year’s National League Wild Card race has seen quite a few twists, and this latest turn of events puts several MLBbros in each other’s crosshairs for the final few weeks of the season. 


The Chicago Cubs have lost control of the second WC spot that they once held by a three-game lead over Tommy Pham and the Arizona Diamondbacks. After going 2-8 in their last 10 ball games, Marcus Stroman and the Cubs now find themselves staring down Jazz Chisholm Jr and the streaking Miami Marlins for the final spot. 



Hunter Greene and the Cincinnati Reds have managed to wiggle their way back into the picture as well and sit just a half game back of the Cubs and Marlins headed into Monday’s slate of games. 


Let’s take a look at how we got to this point.


Stroman Looks to Stop Bleeding


Marcus Stroman was a key piece in the Cubs rotation, going 10-8 with a 3.85 ERA in 23 starts this season for the North Siders before he went down with inflammation in his right hip along with a rib cartilage fracture.



Stroman garnered early Cy Young consideration, but the injuries would cause his performance to drop off before he went to the IL. Now, with his team looking for something to spark one final push for the stretch run, Stroman is ready to do whatever it takes to help his team win.

And yes, that includes going to the Pen.


“Marcus has a proven track record, and getting him back was an important step,” said Cubs manager David Ross. “He’s on a journey to try and build back up, but right now, he’ll help us out in the bullpen. Then we’ll read and react and see how everything goes these last couple weeks.”


His first outing out of the bullpen was a solid one, going two scoreless in a tough loss against Tommy Pham and the Arizona Diamondbacks.


Jazz Heats Up Little Havana 


Meanwhile down in Miami, Chisholm and the Marlins have been playing inspired baseball of late. MIami has won six of their last 10 games, including a sweep of Michael Harris II and the Atlanta Braves over the weekend.


Miami took advantage of Ronald Acuna Jr being out with calf tightness the final two games, and Jazz made sure of it. Chisholm became the first player in the clubs 32-year history to hit a grand slam in consecutive games, hitting one in the 8th inning of game two and then again in the third inning of game three.



“Our team is here to fight,” Chisholm said. “I don’t care about the team we go up against because I know my team is going to go out there and battle every single pitch. I felt every pitch today, and everybody was ready.”


Over his last 15 games has hit .286 with four homers, 12 RBI and a .915 OPS. They have a three-game set with Minnesota that on paper stands to be their toughest test the rest of the season, although the inconsistent Mets will have an opportunity to play spoiler to their division rival.


Greene and the Reds Lurking 


The media frenzy around rookie Elly De La Cruz may have quieted, but this young ball club is still looking to make waves come postseason. Now Cincy may be 5-5 in their last 10 ball games, but of all the teams vying for the final WC spot they have the easiest remaining schedule.



Can Hunter Greene and Cincy finally give those fans a glimpse of a bright future after years of futility? The next two weeks will tell us everything we need to know.