“The Story Of Baseball’s Controversial Single-Season And All-Time Home Run King” | Barry Bonds Documentary Coming To HBO

“The Story Of Baseball’s Controversial Single-Season And All-Time Home Run King” | Barry Bonds Documentary Coming To HBO

When you think or talk about baseball there’s no way you don’t mention Barry Lamar Bonds, arguably the greatest hitter we’ve ever seen take the field. And while his accomplishments are indeed deep, it’s all marred by controversy and scandal from alleged steroid use. Yet-in-still Bonds’ ability captivated an audience and kept the attention of the masses.



From his record-breaking 73-homer season in 2001, where he shattered Mark McGwire’s record of 70, to his home run chase in 2006. Baseball brilliance that saw him pass Babe Ruth for second all-time with 715 homers and eventually Henry “Hank” Aaron one year later in 2007 for the most all-time with his 756th dinger. 

Bonds could swing that bat.

In all, it was a spectacle to see at beautiful Oracle Park in San Francisco, as long fly balls constantly landed in McCovey Cove, named after Giants great Willie McCovey.




Baseball fans can never forget the scenes of people who paid thousands to rent Kayaks, desperately paddling and even fighting to snatch a Bonds homerun ball as he got closer to the record.

Now HBO is putting together a documentary about Bonds, arguably the greatest single talent we’ve ever seen on a baseball field, who’s also still the central figure in MLB’s steroid scandal that still lingers to this day and has influenced Baseball’s Hall of Fame.

One that involved BALCO, a Bay Area supplement company that allegedly helped players cheat by dispersing steroids and many other banned performance enhancing drugs and supplements. That has held up Bonds’ induction into baseball immortality aka “Cooperstown.” He’s not the only all-time great player to suffer from the effects of the PED era. 


Documentary To Be Executive Produced By “Last Dance” Producers


In an effort to make this a hit, HBO has entrusted the trio of Ezra Edelman (O.J.: Made In America) along with Connor Schell and Libby Geist to executive produce the documentary. Together they produced the very popular “Last Dance” documentary on ESPN which featured Michael Jordan and was released during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. It’ll be directed by Keith McQuirter who’s claim to directing fame is his work done on “By Any Means Necessary: The Times of Godfather of Harlem”


“The untitled HBO Sports Documentary will tell the story of Barry Bonds, baseball’s single-season and all-time home run king, from his beginnings as the son of Bobby Bonds, and godson of the iconic Willie Mays, all the way up to the meteoric rise in the 1990s and 2000s,” notes a release about the project. “Using archival footage and original interviews, the film will chronicle Bonds emergence as one of the game’s most talented all around players with the Pittsburgh Pirates and San Francisco Giants and then his years as a superstar with the San Francisco Giants when he rewrote the record books in his late 30’s amid controversy.”


According to a press release the documentary will reportedly feature a multitude of things.


“Will include a diverse cast full of influential figures from Barry Bonds’ life and career.” While there’s been no word of Bonds appearing in the documentary himself, he’s definitely welcomed to.

“The opportunity for Bonds to actively participate and share his firsthand experiences remain available.”


If this is anything like the “Last Dance,” HBO has a hit on its hands. To make that happen they’ll need Bonds to do as Jordan did and be front and center. We all know that’s not Bonds’ personality so that may be farfetched.


Bonds’ Accolades Alone Are Enough To Write A Book About: Baseball’s Only 500-500 Guy


What Bonds did on the field was simply amazing, home runs aside, because he was so much more than a home run hitter. He’s still the only player with 500 homers and 500 stolen bases. His seven MVPs are the most all-time for an individual player. A regular at the midsummer classic, Bonds also picked up 14 All-Star nods during his 22-year MLB career. His 162.7 WAR (Wins Against Replacement) ranks second all-time for hitters behind Babe Ruth.




The list of accomplishments and accolades for the great Barry “US” Bonds and his deep, historic family tree is a part of baseball lore. He and his bloodline have been as big part of shaping the game, especially for MLBbros, as anybody to ever do it. Hopefully this documentary will give us a little more insight into the daily life of one of baseball’s best ever.