Jazz Chisholm’s Grand Slams In Two Straight Games Sparks Unique Miami Marlins Team Achievement

Jazz Chisholm’s Grand Slams In Two Straight Games Sparks Unique Miami Marlins Team Achievement

In the last two months there has been an explosion of MLBbros sending baseballs out of parks and providing plenty of excitement and content for MLBbro.com and exposure for Black and brown players in Major League baseball.

As of late, Royce Lewis of the Minnesota Twins has provided extra spice to the long ball with his stretch of hitting three grand slams in a week. 


Something that the MLBbro.com video staff made sure was documented on the weekly Chocolate Thunder segment…


But what Jazz Chisholm did last week was even more interesting. He hit grand slams in back-to-back game, contributing to a feat that is almost unheard of in baseball. The Miami Marlins hit for the home run cycle.  

But to understand how amazing and unlikely this is, first the cycle itself needs to be broken down.


What is exactly meant by the term” Hitting for the cycle”?


It’s one of the more unique and rare accomplishments a player can achieve offensively at the plate. It’s when a batter hits a single, double, triple and home run in the same game. Some MLBbro icons are on this exclusive list…


  • Jackie Robinson did it in 1948 against the St. Louis Cardinals playing with the Brooklyn Dodgers.

  • Larry Doby did it in 1952 playing for the Cleveland Indians against the Boston Red Sox.

  • Frank Robinson got on the list in 1959 playing with the Cincinnati Reds vs. the Los Angeles Dodgers.

  • Willie Stargell did the deed in 1964 playing with the Pittsburgh Pirates vs. the St. Louis Cardinals.

  • Rod Carew joined the list in 1970 playing with the Minnesota Twins vs. the Kansas City Royals.

  • Lou Brock added his name to the list in 1975 with the St. Louis Cardinals against the San Diego Padres. 


But the cycle did make it to modern times with MLBbro representation. Players closer to this generation that made the list were…


  • Willie McGee made the list with the speed driven St. Louis Cardinals in 1984 against the Chicago Cubs.

  • The late, great Kirby Puckett accomplished the feat in 1986 with the Minnesota Twins against the Oakland A’s.

  • Andre Dawson was added to the list months later in 1987 with the Chicago Cubs against the San Francisco Giants.

  • Eric Davis closed out the MLBbro era in the 80’s hitting for the cycle against the San Diego Padres while playing for the Cincinnati Reds in 1989.

  • Dave Winfield started the 90’s hitting for the cycle against the Kansas City Royals while playing with the California Angels.

  • To close out the list will be one of the best MLBbros today in Mookie Betts, who achieved the feat with the Boston Red Sox in 2018 against the Toronto Blue Jays.


Jazz’s first grand slam came with a bit of history. He became the first player since 1920 to hit a grand slam and steal three bases in the same game. 


Marlins Hit For Home Run Cycle In Consecutive Games 

But he was not alone going yard in this game as Jake Burger hit a two-run homer, Luis Arraez hit a solo shot and Yuli Gurreil deposited a three-run shot in the seats to achieve a home run cycle for Miami.


Then a funny thing happened the very next game…



For the first time in team history, powered by MLBbro Jazz Chisholm, the Marlins went for the home run cycle in consecutive games. What’s even more impressive is that this happened against the Atlanta Braves who are running away from the National League as the first team to clinch a postseason spot. 


For the Marlins to make the final Wild Card slot, they will need more offensive explosions like these led by Jazz Chisholm.