Braves Superstar Ronald Acuna Jr. Joins MLBbros Rickey Henderson, Eric Davis and Kenny Lofton In Rare Feat | He’s Taking It To Next Levels Too

Braves Superstar Ronald Acuna Jr. Joins MLBbros Rickey Henderson, Eric Davis and Kenny Lofton In Rare Feat | He’s Taking It To Next Levels Too

What do the great Rickey Henderson, Eric Davis, Kenny Lofton and now Atlanta Braves star outfielder Ronald Acuna Jr. have in common?


They are all known for swinging dangerous bats, swiping bases and driving in runs. In fact, Henderson, Davis and Lofton were the only players to reach double-digit home runs and 40-stolen bases through the season’s first 84 games.


MLBbros Set The Tone For Speed/Power Combination 


Before Acuna, who is in the midst of a 16-game hitting streak,  joined this exclusive group, it had only been done five times in MLB history, with The “Man of Steal” Henderson accomplishing the feat in 1985, 1986 and 1990 as a member of the NY Yankees and Oakland Athletics.


“ED” did it in 1986 as a member of the Reds, and Lofton, the former Arizona Wildcats two-sport star, accomplished this rare feat in 1994 as a member of the Cleveland Indians.





Acuna Jr. Sets New Mark Within Feat


But even as great as those five magical starts to a season were from a hitting, base stealing and run producing standpoint, what Acuna Jr. did tops all. In fact, RAC Jr., became the first player in history to hit at least 20 homers, while stealing at least 40 bases and producing at least 50 RBIs through his team’s first 84 games.


Following his big night Acuna Jr., via his interpreter, had this to say.


“I’m super happy to be honest. I’m really happy for the way the season has been panning out for me and my team,”


As he should be, because his Atlanta Braves are 57-28 which is the best record in all of baseball. And the play of Acuna Jr. has been the catalyst to the great start in “HotLanta.”



This is the best Acuna Jr., has looked since 2021 when he tore his ACL in July. Up until that point he had 24 homers, 52 RBI and 17 stolen bases. In 2023, he’s more than tripled his stolen base output from that season and we are just entering the All-Star break. 





Acuna’s also already surpassed his home run (15), RBI (50) stolen base total (29) from 2022, as he played in just 119 games in his return from the torn ACL.


Incredible numbers when you consider he was coming off such a devastating injury, but that puts this amazing start to the 2023 season into even more perspective.


Acuna Jr. is walking in rarified air, and what’s scary is he’s just getting started.



Acuna Sets Sights On Henderson Feat


While it’s farfetched to think Acuna Jr., or anyone will ever catch Henderson’s single season stolen base mark of 130 in 1982, there is another record that Henderson holds that’s within Acuna’s sights. 


Since 1988, no player has stolen more than 84 bases in a season, and that was Henderson himself with 93. Can Acuna Jr. eclipse that mark? 


Probably not, but when you possess the swagger, skill and talent that Acuna does, it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on. He’s combining skills that we usually see exhibited by the Bros. He also carries the same attitude that Rickey, ED and Lofton all had in their primes. That SWAGGER. The belief that I’m the best at what I do.


Cedric Mullins On Verge Of 30-30 Club, Superstardom

Cedric Mullins On Verge Of 30-30 Club, Superstardom

Cedric Mullins has been one of the few good things about the Baltimore Orioles, and Saturday afternoon he once again showed you why he remains a lone bright spot in their season.

The Orioles lost 9-3 to the Boston Red Sox, But after going 2-for-4 with two stolen bases, the young star crept closer to joining the exclusive “30/30 Club”.

Now entrance into the 30-30 club would be cause for celebration any year, but with the Orioles in the midst of another 100 loss season, such an accomplishment gives the ballclub hope for the future.

“When you have a season like this, you are looking for bright spots and things to build on for the future,” manager Brandon Hyde told “Looking for cornerstone guys that, when the team does get competitive and does get good, that you can surround them with. The right kind of players, veteran players, the right pitching staff. Cedric Mullins is playing like that, there’s not a doubt about it. Playing like an All-Star.”

Indeed Mullins has flashed all the tools you would want your cornerstone franchise player to possess, but the exclusivity of the 30-30 club signifies just how high his ceiling is.

Once he connects on his 30th bomb of the season, Mullins will be the 41st player to join the 30-30 club, and the 18th Black player to join this illustrious group.

First accomplished in 1922 by Ken Williams, once Willie Mays cracked the club in 1956, the brothers dominated with Mays (two), Hank Aaron, Bobby Bonds (five) and Tommy Harper recording the next nine 30-30 seasons.

1987 was a special season for the MLBbro’s on the base paths and at the plate, as Black legends Joe Carter, Eric Davis and Darryl Strawberry compiled three of the four 30-30 seasons recorded that year.

Willie Mays and Bobby Bonds were the only two players in MLB history to accomplish the feat in back-to-back seasons, that was until his son, Home Run King Barry Bonds went on to do it three straight times from 95-97, which helped him match his fathers all time total of five.

Of the 17 Black ballplayers to join this elite group, there are five who have gone on to win League MVP Awards as well as carry their teams to a World Series Championship.

If Cedric Mullins has his way, the Baltimore Orioles will return to their winning ways of the past sooner than people expect. And If the O’s keep him around he’s sure to be a cornerstone of their rebirth.