Josh Bell Showed & Proved This Season…That’s The Tweet

Josh Bell Showed & Proved This Season…That’s The Tweet

Rachel Hill gives her Two Cents about Washington Nationals first baseman Josh Bell. The rising star was considered expendable by the Pittsburgh Pirates coming off COVID season in 2020.

Young, power hitting corner infielders don’t grow on trees but Bell’s 37 homers in 2019 didn’t mean much to the perennial bottom feeders.

That’s okay because the 29-year-old slugger is approachign his peak and he will be a huge part of the Nationals’ rebuild, along with Juan “Young Genius” Soto and top pitching prospect Jo Jo Gray.


Marcus Stroman Has Been Mr. Consistent For The Mets This Season

Marcus Stroman Has Been Mr. Consistent For The Mets This Season

Marcus Stroman has worked his butt off this season. While his record may not show it, he has put the New York Mets in position to win games all season.

Stroman has been the model of consistency for the Mets. 



The Mets had big expectations coming into the season, but the season has certainly not gone the way the team envisioned. But Stroman has left it all on the field every time he has touched that mound. The Black Knight has been the ace of the staff in Jacob deGrom’s absence and he recently had another impressive start against one of the top teams in the league. 

On August 22nd, the Mets took on the reigning World Series champions. Stroman was ready for that action and he let everyone know tthat despite his team’s collapse, he’s still on track and about his business. Stoman hurled six innings, striking out six while giving up two earned runs to secure the victory over the Dodgers

Let’s be real here, the Dodgers can flat out hit, but Stroman kept the Mets in a good position to win the game and that’s what they did. Stroman put together another solid performance five days prior to playing the Dodgers. That game was against another top team in the San Francisco Giants.

The Mets lost that game by one run but Stroman was solid that night. He went seven innings giving up three runs and striking out nine. 



“He’s been outstanding for us,” manager Luis Rojas told the New York Post about Stroman. “He’s pitched like an ace. … He’s been very valuable and he’s been one of the guys to keep us afloat.”



The Mets have dealt with injuries throughout the season and players have been put in a situation to step up. 

And Stroman has been doing just that.

When he steps on that field, he brings that swag and confidence that you don’t see much of in the game of baseball.

“Just mix, man,” Stroman said on his outing against the Dodgers. “Just being really aggressive. … I thought I had a really great mix.”

Stroman got the support he needed from his team against the Dodgers and he was pleased to see that. 

“It gives me more confidence, just gives me another level to kind of go-to,” Stroman said. “That was awesome to see.”

But that has not always been the case when Stroman is on the mound. On the season he has a 9-12 record with a 2.85 ERA through 18 starts.



Looking at those numbers, you’ll notice that he has a losing record, but he has a solid ERA. This season, Stroman just hasn’t got that run support on a consistent basis.

There’s no question that Stroman can pitch. The brother is very talented and each pitch he throws is effective.Stroman will be a free-agent after this season and if the Mets don’t re-sign him, teams will be knocking on that door to acquire him.

Our MLBbro is in his seventh season and he’s brought that excitement to the game over the last few years.

He can certainly make an impact on any team he plays for. 

Brian Goodwin Is Having The Best Of Times On The Southside Of Chicago

Brian Goodwin Is Having The Best Of Times On The Southside Of Chicago

Brian Goodwin has bounced around the league his entire career. He has played for five different teams in the last six seasons.

That’s a lot of moving and relocating for sure. But it’s part of the game and Goodwin understands that.

Now that he’s with the Chicago White Sox, he’s enjoying every moment playing on that team and he has contributed throughout the season.


Brian Goodwin’s Iconic Bat Flip Let’s You Know That He’s All About That Action


There’s no question that he’s been a fan favorite this season and he fits in well with the White Sox.

“This is the best team I’ve been on,” Goodwin told the Chicago Sun Times. “Unmatched vibe, unmatched relationships, family type of environment, it’s the best all the way through,” he said.

Goodwin has dealt with many different personalities and characters during his nomadic career and when you watch him play on the White Sox, you can see how much he enjoys being a part of the team. 

This MLBbro is having fun out there, you can see it on his face and how he attacks every pitch and savors every opportunity to cleat up and go at it. 



We all remember the epic bat flip from Goodwin after hitting a walk-off homer against the Cleveland Indians on August 1st. That moment right there was a pivotal one for Goodwin. He let the rest of the league know that he’s about that action.

Despite his many destinations, this season, Goodwin’s had some superstar moments that have contributed to the Chicago White Sox being legitmate World Series hunters for the first time since 2005. 

The Sox are a team filled with talented players and on paper they are one of the best MLB squads. Goodwin has found a way to insert himself into the lineup and make an impact whenever he steps on the field.

“We never really look at the lead, the records, the lists, the rankings,” Goodwin said. “Just keep our eyes off it and keep our heads straightforward, to the next game. See them when they get here and beat them. The mentality hasn’t changed since I got here.”


Brian Goodwin Knows A Thing Or Two About First Impressions


It seems as if Goodwin has found a home in Chicago. Goodwin brings that dog mentality to the South Side and that fits perfectly with the team.

“These last couple of months, I don’t even know how long I’ve been here, but it’s flying by,” he said. “It’s still the same excitement I had since Day 1, and I’ve been embraced like family since I got here.”

Goodwin is hitting .232 with seven home runs and 22 RBI on the season. The numbers don’t do him justice because wherever  the team needs him to play, he goes out there and gives max effort.



He has played all three outfield positions and has hit in six different spots in the lineup. Goodwin doesn’t have to start every game to make an impact. He understands his role.

Most importantly, Goodwin has a lot of respect for his manager, Tony La Russa.

“He still has a lot of old-school philosophy, but he has a personality that fits in pretty much with any crowd or generation,” Goodwin said of La Russa. “Baseball takes care of itself because we’re all on the same page there, and he has a great personality off the field, so he covers all the bases, right?”

Goodwin has a chance to be a part of something special this season so don’t be surpised if he has some historic moments in the playoffs. Unheralded, sometiems undervalued players often come up huge in October. 

MLBbro Mookie Betts Is No Mere Mortal | He Continues To Grind Through Injuries & Inconsistency

MLBbro Mookie Betts Is No Mere Mortal | He Continues To Grind Through Injuries & Inconsistency

The 2021 season for Major League Baseball superstar Mookie Betts has been full of highs and lows as he was placed on the Injured List retroactive to August 8 after suffering a right hip injury last week, a re-aggravation that initially took place over the previous two weeks of July. 

His numbers didn’t indicate him slowing down as he’s averaging .381 with four RBI and three home runs in his last 21 at bats. 



Although sensational, the injury bug continues to swarm the star right fielder. Reports indicate that the Los Angeles Dodgers (on the road in Philadelphia) have sent Betts back to Los Angeles to meet with team doctors as they will be placing him on the IL today.

Manager Dave Roberts told reporters Wednesday afternoon, “We’re going to have some more experts chime in to try to figure this thing out.”

Roberts told the media Tuesday, “Yesterday, the off day, he came in just achy, sore. Basically, can’t play right now. I don’t know what other test we may do but envisioning an IL move is very probable.”



The Los Angeles Dodgers have managed Betts thus far as he continues to battle for his rightful spot as one of the best players in the game. Sources close to the situation specify that the team may rest him until the start of the postseason.

Roberts told USA Today. “I think it’s something that as we look at, we are probably going to have to manage it a lot. Ideally, we would not. Our reality is it’s something that’s not going to go away.”

He continued, “Mookie is doing what he can to give us innings out there defensively, give us at-bats… so we’ve just got to manage him. Fortunately, we’ve got a lot of good players that can help support.”

His hip diagnosis became knowledgeable to the media when Roberts removed Betts from the lineup during the team’s first series after the Midsummer Classic vs. the Colorado Rockies.

Betts dodged the All-Star game for a bit of rest & relaxation as he dealt with some shoulder and back issues as well, to name a few.

Team reports indicate that Betts received a cortisone injection for what the team described as a hip pointer with inflammation that didn’t work promptly, which led to the first injury list designation.

Another way to keep Betts fresh was to play him in the infield, as fellow MLBbro Malik Wright talked about last week. The move will slow down his strides and allow him to play at a decreased pace than he would as an outfielder.

And judging from the crowd’s reaction, the move proved to be genius as Betts turned a double play.



He followed that up with an outstanding grab out in his old stomping grounds, which showed Dodger faithful that he is willing to give it his all for the team’s betterment.



In addition to playing some infield, the organization will have daily discussions with Betts to monitor his health.

Upon his return to action, the switch would be a way to ease the future Hall of Famer back into the lineup. Mookie told the press about playing second base, ” It is less running. I think you forget the run to the outfield, running on the bases; It is just a lot of running, and the amount kind of adds up. It’s a shorter run to second base, so I am just trying to take less steps.”

Betts is potentially the game’s best all-around player as he is a complete hitter who provides exceptional glove work in the field of play. Remember, he was drafted as a second baseman before he moved to right field. So, yeah, he is primarily an outfielder, but as you can see, he can excel at multiple positions.