Atlanta Braves Unveil New City Connect Uniforms Honoring The Late Great MLBbro Hank Aaron

Atlanta Braves Unveil New City Connect Uniforms Honoring The Late Great MLBbro Hank Aaron

ATLANTA, GA — The Atlanta Braves unveiled their new city edition uniforms on Monday morning for the 2023 MLB season that will honor the late great Hall Of Famer Hank Aaron.  The jersey that Michael Harris Jr. and the rest of the Braves players will be wearing is a replica of the 1974 jersey that Aaron wore when he broke Babe Ruth’s record becoming the new home run king at that time with 715 home runs. 



City Connect Video Features Ludacris 

The Braves released a video of their new ‘City Connect’ jerseys that feature rapper/actor Ludacris and Aaron’s widow, Billye Aaron. 

The commercial begins with different views of Truist Park as a helicopter is shown landing in centerfield, and Ludacris and two others exit the helicopter in the new Braves uniform. The rest of the video is a security detail delivering the new jersey — to some people in a secret delivery.

The classic jersey is reimagined with “The A” emblazoned across the chest, synonymous with Atlanta’s nickname and a visual representation of the Braves’ rallying cry “For The A.



Long-time MLB Authentic Collection partners New Era & Stance have worked in collaboration with the Clubs, MLB and Nike to develop the official on-field City Connect hats and socks in order to complete the players uniform designs. 

“Over the course of its first two seasons, the Nike MLB City Connect Series has been the most successful consumer product initiative we’ve ever had,” said MLB Chief Revenue Officer Noah Garden. “The overwhelmingly positive response from our fans is clear when you see ballparks full of these distinct designs and colors. Our Clubs have focused so much time and effort with Nike to create these exceptional uniforms for their fan bases, and it shows in every last detail. We look forward to seeing even more of our parks filled with City Connect jerseys this season.”


When Will Braves Wear The City Connect Jerseys? 


The Braves will dawn their City Connect jerseys for Saturday games in Truist Park beginning April 8th. The Braves under current Major League Baseball (MLB) rules are only allowed to have four jerseys they can highlight from six Clubs across the United States that include Atlanta Braves, Texas Rangers, Seattle Mariners, Cincinnati Reds, Baltimore Orioles and Pittsburgh Pirates. Nike MLB City Connect Series will be unveiled now through June.

MLB, Nike Unveil Seven Clubs In City Connect Uniform Program| Washington Nats Drop First With Tribute To America’s ‘Majestic Capital City’

MLB, Nike Unveil Seven Clubs In City Connect Uniform Program| Washington Nats Drop First With Tribute To America’s ‘Majestic Capital City’

Major League Baseball and Nike unveiled the seven participating clubs in this year’s City Connect uniform program. The seven clubs announced today will join the inaugural seven clubs that participated in 2021, making a total of 14 clubs that will sport City Connect uniforms on field by season’s end.

MlBbro pitcher Josiah Gray models the Washington Nationals City Connect Jersey (LernerNats)

Launched last season, the Nike MLB City Connect program was created to celebrate the bond between each Club and its city. This uniform series explores the personality, values and customs that make each community and their residents unique

Nike and MLB Clubs partnered to design jerseys inspired by their cities to celebrate new baseball traditions and invite more fans into the game of baseball.


Year two of the Nike MLB City Connect program will highlight seven additional clubs, including: Colorado Rockies, Houston Astros, Kansas City Royals, Los Angeles Angels, Milwaukee Brewers, San Diego Padres and Washington Nationals. Nike MLB City Connect Series uniforms will be unveiled now through July.

Leading the 2022 City Connect Series will be the Washington Nationals, whose jersey pays tribute to America’s majestic capital city and the proud, diverse, creative people of all backgrounds who call it home. Taking inspiration from the annual springtime blooms of cherry blossom trees that abound around the Potomac basin signifying the promise of new beginnings and possibilities of a new season, the jersey features an anthracite base color, cherry blossom print and pop of pink on the trims.



The ‘WSH’ graphic on the front of the jersey reflects the power and strength of the neoclassical architecture found across the District. On the left sleeve, the District of Columbia patch is an homage not only to America’s first president, but to all former, current and future Washingtonians.

“There’s nothing quite like the bond between baseball fans, their home teams, and their hometowns — and the Nike MLB City Connect series is an ongoing celebration of that relationship,” said Sonja Henning, Nike VP of North America League Partnerships. “We are thrilled to honor the history of each club while pushing the bounds of what a baseball jersey can be. We hope this series will continue to energize longtime fans — and bring a generation of new ones to the game.”

“The excitement that our fans and players showed last year at each City Connect debut is exactly what these uniforms are all about,” said MLB Chief Revenue Officer Noah Garden. “When we initially partnered with Nike, the incredible energy that we see at each uniform launch is exactly what we envisioned. Nike continues to raise the bar working with our Clubs on developing these unique designs, bringing each community’s story to life. We can’t wait to see how these next seven uniforms connect with our fans and generate excitement on the field this season.”

The hat is fire too and goes along with the intricately and delicately designed theme. Pink is popping this summer and the City Connect jerseys are spring ready for a summer of bold baseball fashion at the ballpark and in the streets.


The MLB City Connect Series continues the work of Nike uniform design to explore each organization’s connection to its city and its fanbase, each with distinct personalities, values, customs and traditions.

Chicago City Connect Jersey Drip-Off | Cubs vs. White Sox

Chicago City Connect Jersey Drip-Off | Cubs vs. White Sox

Jala Norman discusses the inner-city rivalry between the Cubs and White Sox and how their new City Connect Jerseys reflect each team’s city, history, fans, and personality. The Chicago squads share the city, but each team has a culture of its own.



Next Up:

Arizona D-Backs (June 18th), San Francisco Giants (July 9th),  LA Dodgers (Late August)

Miami Marlins City Connect Series Drip Unveiled Today

Miami Marlins City Connect Series Drip Unveiled Today

Major League Baseball and NIKE are unveiling the second jersey in their City Connect Series Monday morning, and on-deck is one of the most-diverse and culturally affluent cities — the Miami Marlins.

We personally unveiled the first jersey in this series from the Boston Red Sox back in April. 


City Connect Uniforms Are Designed To Show Spicy, Futuristic Union Between NIKE & MLB


We have entered a new era of baseball and the game-changers at NIKE are a huge part of the culture change that invigorating the sport at the grassroots level.  From bat flips, walk-off celebrations and passionate play all across the country, this is not the same style of diamond-mining your grandad grew up watching. 

In January of 2019 NIKE struck a $3 billion deal, their third with an American professional sports league, to be the uniform maker for Major League Baseball.  





This season, they unveiled a new City Connect Series.  The jersey series celebrates the bond between each club and its city, exploring the personality, values and customs that make each community and their residents unique.

No city or team fits this more perfectly than the diverse paradise that is Miami and their hometown Marlins.

The Marlins will be the second team out of seven to have their City Connect jerseys released this year.  

The Boston Red Sox were up first and came out big dripping in their yellow and blue Boston Marathon edition (Big thanks to the people at NIKE for sending me a customized version of the jersey).  These were worn April 17, in a game vs. the Chicago White Sox.





Miami will get their chance to dawn their uniforms this upcoming Friday night, and when you think of all the great uniforms that the city has seen, from the orange of the Dolphins to the new blue and pink Vice City edition Heat jerseys and even the green and orange worn by the Hurricane, I have high expectations for these.

This jersey will give an ode to Latin America’s contribution to baseball’s rich history.  In 1959, the Cuban Sugar Kings’ won the Junior World Series Championship which opened doors for many future Latin American baseball players to get to the majors.  

Fidel Castro nationalized all U.S.-owned enterprises in Cuba and on July 8th moved the team to Jersey City, New Jersey, were they became the Jersey City Jerseys.  They lasted there one season before the franchise had to move again due to poor attendance.

The somewhat new normal of black and orange usually worn by the Marlins will be replaced by red for their City Connect jerseys.  The jersey’s red color will pay tribute to the energetic vibe and culture of Latin American nations, blending the old school character with the bold swagger of Miami.





“Miami” will be across the chest of the jerseys in the hand-painted style of Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood.  On the right sleeve, there will be a redesigned Sugar Kings’ patch to connect Marlins baseball to the Latin American heritage and community in Miami.

One of our favorite, most flashy, stylish and swaggy MLB Bros, Jazz Chisholm, will get a chance to rock the new red uniforms as he returned to the club on Sunday after being sidelined with a hamstring injury since April 28.  

Five other teams will wear their City Connects on the field this season while the rest of the league waits until next year.  The White Sox on June 5, Cubs on June 12, Diamondbacks on June 18, Giants on July 9 and Dodgers on August 20.

The Marlins will debut their jerseys this coming Friday as they take on the New York Mets and their trio of MLB Bros Dominic Smith, Marcus Stroman and Taijuan Walker.