Keynan Middleton Comes For Carlos Correa In Midst Of Career Year  |  Middleton Calls Correa A “Cheater”,  Carlos Says “I’ve Heard Worse”

Keynan Middleton Comes For Carlos Correa In Midst Of Career Year | Middleton Calls Correa A “Cheater”, Carlos Says “I’ve Heard Worse”

Cheating in professional sports has always been frowned upon. Such was the case with the 2017 Houston Astros involvement in the sign stealing fiasco which ultimately helped the team win the 2017 World Series.

The stench of the tainted championship run has followed all those involved, and MLBbro Kenyan Middleton is making it his mission to not let Carlos Correa forget what he did. 

Wednesday the Chicago White Sox faced their division rival Minnesota Twins.

Chicago manager Pedro Grifol elected to go with the seven year MLBbro veteran for the closing of the game.

After the MLBbro struck out Minnesota Twins’ shortstop Carlos Correa, he celebrated with much passion.


Reporters asked Middleton how he felt after blowing a fastball past Correa in the ninth inning. He replied by saying “I don’t like him. I enjoyed that a lot”.

Keynan Middleton Having A Strong Season 

Kenyan Middleton spent his first four seasons in the Major Leagues playing for the Los Angeles Angels. Playing against the Astros as a division rival surely helped to fuel some of the disdain that Middleton has for Correa and the 2017 Astro members.


The type of passion shown by the MLBbro after the game is symbolic for the strong season he has gotten off to.

Middleton has appeared in 11 games this season, pitching  9.1 innings. The MLBbro has struck out 17 against only four walks.

With a 2.89 ERA and a whip of 1.393, he has made a strong case for the closer role in the south side of Chicago. 

After back-to-back disappointing years with the Seattle Mariners and the Arizona Diamondbacks, the MLBbro is looking to settle into a role with the White Sox.


If he can maintain his current pace, his age-29 season can turn into somewhat of a breakout. If he gets to face Carlos Correa, or  the “cheater” as he put it, more often in division matchups perhaps he can add even more motivation to continue his strong performance.

Correa was asked about Middleton’s comments on Thursday, but really didn’t want any smoke. With Minnesota in first place in the AL Central Division, CC doesn’t want to give his rivals any inspiration by engaging in a war of words.

“I’ve heard worse,” Correa said, per ESPN’s Bradford Doolittle.

For now, everything is cool but these players are sure to meet again – and quite possibly with playoff implications at stake.