Byron Buxton’s 5-for-5 Explosion | That MVP Talk Is Legit

Byron Buxton’s 5-for-5 Explosion | That MVP Talk Is Legit

Byron Buxton’s scalding hot bat has no freeze. This video alone shows you how Buxton has the potential to completely wreck a game by turning singles into doubles and being versatile with his hitting approach, able to bash or make contact and utilize his blinding speed. 

His Wednesday was something special as he went 5-for-5 and his Minnesota Twins squad, who have the fewest wins in MLB, thrashed Cleveland.



He’s proving to be the total package. 

When told you that the former No. 2 overall pick was looking like an MVP candidate and then referred to MLB Network’s Joel Sherman as the original source of such a proclamation, we got attacked by a couple of trolls who felt it was too early to anoint a guy with a lifetime batting average below .250, as the best player in the game this season. 



Fast forward to the 25-game mark and it’s clear to everyone analyzing Buxton’s development that he’s not just on a hot streak. He’s matured as a player. The five-tool athlete with unlimited potential is finally ascending to official superstar status nine years after his Draft Day. 

You just never know with baseball. 

Coming into Wednesday’s game, Buxton owned a 2021 slash line of .390/.429/.847. Now he’s at an eye-popping.429/.463/.921, and at the moment his eight home runs tie him for the MLB lead. 

It’s gotten so legendary for Buxton that people are mentioning him in the same breath as Kirby Puckett, the great Hall of Famer and two-time World Series champion. 


World Series Savage: Kirby Puckett Was Dynamic and Clutch


Until today, that seemed far-fetched. Buxton is probably close to Puckett’s equal with the glove, although he doesn’t have Kirby’s ups, but as a hitter, Kirby was head and shoulders better, 

However, the maturation of Byron Buxton has become a movie, where blinking could cause you to miss the kid from Baxley, Ga. becoming a mature, patient assassin at the plate. 

He started off hot with two nukes in his first two games and despite a brief injury setback, he hasn’t missed a beat. 

Byron Buxton Launches MVP Campaign With Two Nukes In First Two Games Of 2021


Now, he’s the talk of every baseball show, podcast, social media post and video talking about the leading MVP candidates for this season 

There are levels to this and Button just took it up another notch,

Byron Buxton’s 5-for-5 Explosion | That MVP Talk Is Legit

Byron Buxton Launches MVP Campaign With Two Nukes In First Two Games Of 2021

This is looking like the season that 7-year veteran outfielder Byron Buxton finally puts it all together for Minnesota. The multi-tooled player has never lived up to his offensive potential in the eyes of most baseball fans. He’s fast, he has power, but his wicked web game has kept him in the league. Winning a Platinum Glove is no joke.

Two games is not a season make, but after homering in back-to-back games to start the 2021 season, Buxton has certainly built a fan base of respected baseball voices.

“He’s now put power onto his game,” said Joel Sherman on the MLB Network, following Buxton’s clutch jack. “The only thing that was missing last year was patience behind the plate. I think he drew like one or two walks all of last season. If he never draws a walk and gives you power and perhaps the best defense in the game in centerfield, then that combination makes him incredibly valuable. Staying healthy and the ability to get on base a little more turns him into an MVP candidate.”

On Opening Day, Buxton launched a 465-foot moon blast off the scoreboard. It was a “look at me now” flex that raised some eyebrows.

On Saturday night, he smacked another one out that broke up a no-hitter in a 0-0- pitchers duel, giving Minnesota a 1-0 lead in the top of the seventh inning and chasing the Milwaukee Brewers starter into the showers.

Buxton has never hit more than 16 homers in a season and has never had a batting average higher than .262, but he always seems one hot streak away from pulling it all together and becoming a next-level force on the field. He did slug a career-high .577 in the 60-game COVID season and finished 16th in the MVP voting, so his performance showed us he was coming.

Maybe this is the year he ascends to an elite level.