Brian Goodwin Is Having The Best Of Times On The Southside Of Chicago

Brian Goodwin Is Having The Best Of Times On The Southside Of Chicago

Brian Goodwin has bounced around the league his entire career. He has played for five different teams in the last six seasons.

That’s a lot of moving and relocating for sure. But it’s part of the game and Goodwin understands that.

Now that he’s with the Chicago White Sox, he’s enjoying every moment playing on that team and he has contributed throughout the season.


Brian Goodwin’s Iconic Bat Flip Let’s You Know That He’s All About That Action


There’s no question that he’s been a fan favorite this season and he fits in well with the White Sox.

“This is the best team I’ve been on,” Goodwin told the Chicago Sun Times. “Unmatched vibe, unmatched relationships, family type of environment, it’s the best all the way through,” he said.

Goodwin has dealt with many different personalities and characters during his nomadic career and when you watch him play on the White Sox, you can see how much he enjoys being a part of the team. 

This MLBbro is having fun out there, you can see it on his face and how he attacks every pitch and savors every opportunity to cleat up and go at it. 



We all remember the epic bat flip from Goodwin after hitting a walk-off homer against the Cleveland Indians on August 1st. That moment right there was a pivotal one for Goodwin. He let the rest of the league know that he’s about that action.

Despite his many destinations, this season, Goodwin’s had some superstar moments that have contributed to the Chicago White Sox being legitmate World Series hunters for the first time since 2005. 

The Sox are a team filled with talented players and on paper they are one of the best MLB squads. Goodwin has found a way to insert himself into the lineup and make an impact whenever he steps on the field.

“We never really look at the lead, the records, the lists, the rankings,” Goodwin said. “Just keep our eyes off it and keep our heads straightforward, to the next game. See them when they get here and beat them. The mentality hasn’t changed since I got here.”


Brian Goodwin Knows A Thing Or Two About First Impressions


It seems as if Goodwin has found a home in Chicago. Goodwin brings that dog mentality to the South Side and that fits perfectly with the team.

“These last couple of months, I don’t even know how long I’ve been here, but it’s flying by,” he said. “It’s still the same excitement I had since Day 1, and I’ve been embraced like family since I got here.”

Goodwin is hitting .232 with seven home runs and 22 RBI on the season. The numbers don’t do him justice because wherever  the team needs him to play, he goes out there and gives max effort.



He has played all three outfield positions and has hit in six different spots in the lineup. Goodwin doesn’t have to start every game to make an impact. He understands his role.

Most importantly, Goodwin has a lot of respect for his manager, Tony La Russa.

“He still has a lot of old-school philosophy, but he has a personality that fits in pretty much with any crowd or generation,” Goodwin said of La Russa. “Baseball takes care of itself because we’re all on the same page there, and he has a great personality off the field, so he covers all the bases, right?”

Goodwin has a chance to be a part of something special this season so don’t be surpised if he has some historic moments in the playoffs. Unheralded, sometiems undervalued players often come up huge in October. 




Brian Goodwin had another go ahead homer for the White Sox on Sunday and another hit on Monday.

He has 7 hits in his last 25 at bats, 7 runs, 3 homers & 5 RBI. He’s making a strong case to be on the post season roster.


Brian Goodwin’s Iconic Bat Flip Let’s You Know That He’s All About That Action

Chicago White Sox outfielder Brian Goodwin hit his first walk-off home run on Sunday against the Cleveland Indians, and it was one to remember. The best part about his walk-off home run was the iconic bat flip. It sent social media into a frenzy. Goodwin flipped that bat so high that it probably hasn’t landed yet.


Bat flips have become a part of the game and Goodwin certainly did not hold back with his.

“We just got dogs,” Goodwin told NBC Sports after hitting the walk-off against the Indians. “We wanted it as bad as any game we’ve had this season.”

In his first year with the White Sox, Goodwin has made quite the impression in the Windy City. 


Brian Goodwin Knows A Thing Or Two About First Impressions


He’s the type of player that will come in and do whatever it takes to make the team better. Whether he’s in the starting lineup or coming off the bench, Goodwin will leave his all on the field.


“We know everybody out there is battling their ass off, they’re doing everything they can to get the job done. That’s what we take pride in,” Goodwin said. “We’re just thankful for our guys going up there and fighting. We have anybody up there, any type of situation, we’ve got confidence that the next guy is going to get it done, like they have been doing. And when it happens, we’re grateful, and when it doesn’t, we just look for the next opportunity. But we never stop fighting.”

“We got a bunch of dudes that come out and give you everything you want and then some. And no backing down.”

When Goodwin joined the White Sox, he teamed up with fellow MLBbro Tim Anderson and the two have two of the most iconic bat flips in recent years. They both bring that soulful spice that fits perfectly in Chicago and most importantly they are having fun on that field.



Goodwin has put up impressive numbers in his first season with the White Sox. Through 40 games he’s hitting .248 with six home runs and 19 RBI.

He’s been swinging a hot stick lately as he’s carrying a four-game hitting streak. In his last two games he’s homered, so this brother has been seeing the ball well.

Goodwin is a key role player for a Chicago White Sox team that is thinking championship. No cap. The veteran is willing to serve in any capacity needed. 

“We know where we’re trying to go, and that’s all the way through October,” Goodwin said. “Not to get ahead of ourselves, we all know that we’ve got to take care of business, we’ve got to take care of the little things, the details, and make sure we handle our stuff the right way.”

“But everybody’s on the same page. We’ve got the same agenda. We know where we’re trying to go and where we want to be when this season ends up.”

There’s some exciting baseball being played on Chi-Town’s South Side and Goodwin has something to do with that. He’s an MLBbro that could cause some ruckus in the playoffs similiar to how Howie Kendrick helped the title-starved Washington Nationals get over the hump with some key bombs in 2019. 

Brian Goodwin Is Having The Best Of Times On The Southside Of Chicago

Brian Goodwin Knows A Thing Or Two About First Impressions

When it comes to making a good first impression, Chicago White Sox outfielder Brian Goodwin does that well. 

The 30-year-old gave White Sox fans a treat in his debut on June 12. The White Sox bats came alive that day against the Detroit Tigers in a 15-2 win and Goodwin, a six-year veteran, made sure to join in on the fun.

He went 2-for-5 at the plate, hitting his first home run of the season and had five RBI. Goodwin became the 38th White Sox player to hit a home run in their debut.



“It felt good, first game, give the fans and teammates something to see,” Goodwin told the Chicago Sun-Times after his performance. 

That is the production Goodwin needed to have the opportunity to make an impact for a team who has a chance to play for a World Series title this season. This surging White Sox team will benefit from having a player like Goodwin, who can be productive at the plate and in the field. 

The start of the 2021 season has been a rollercoaster for Goodwin. He signed a minor league contract in February with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Our MLBbro received an invite to spring training in hopes of making the Opening Day roster. The talent-strapped Pirates decided to release Goodwin on May 3rd. At that time the veteran outfielder wondered when he would next play baseball.

But, that didn’t last too long. A day later,  he signed a minor-league contract with the White Sox and now he’s back in the majors.

“I wasn’t too happy about it, but it helped me keep that chip on my shoulder,” Goodwin said. “Signed here in May, and I’m still [ticked] off. I’m going to take it out on everybody else with how I play.”



After spending time in Triple-A Charlotte, Goodwin got the call up after Nick Madrigal went on the 60-day Injured List.

Before joining the White Sox, Goodwin played with four other MLB teams. His last stint in the league was in 2020 with the LA Angels and Cincinnati Reds. During the COVID shortened season he appeared in 30 games with the Angels and batted .242 with 17 RBI. The Angels traded him to the Reds and he finished the season playing in 20 games and batted .163.

Goodwin started his career with the Washington Nationals, who drafted him in 2011 out of the University of North Carolina.

He made his debut with the Nationals in 2016, appearing in 22 games and finished with an impressive .286 batting average. The next season, Goodwin appeared in 74 games, finishing with a .251 average. This brother quickly made an impact in his first few years. 

In 2018 he spent the first half of the season with the Nationals and was then traded to the Kansas City Royals. The Royals released Goodwin in March of 2019 and he was picked up by the Angels, where he had a career season. 



So as you can see, Goodwin has bounced around during his time in the Majors. He has a career .250 batting average and he’ll continue to look to make an impact while he’s on the field.



It all came full circle for Goodwin because the first time he was drafted was out of high school in 2009 and can you guess what team drafted him? The White Sox.

Now he’s a member of the team on the South Side that could make a deep run in the postseason.