How A Decision At The Plate Changed Fortunes of Cedric Mullins’ Baltimore Orioles

How A Decision At The Plate Changed Fortunes of Cedric Mullins’ Baltimore Orioles

This week there will be an early season showdown with two American League East powerhouses in the New York Yankees (29-20 entering the series) and the Baltimore Orioles (31-16 entering the series).


Wait a minute, the Baltimore Orioles? In an early season AL East showdown? In a much-anticipated series against the Yankees of any type of importance?


Yes, these words are not typos. The three-game series on Tuesday is important for both clubs as they try to stay in view of the AL East-leading Tampa Bay Rays with the best record in baseball at 35-14. 


It’s not a battle of two AL East teams for contention, there’s a MLBbro connection as well between Aaron Judge and Cedric Mullins who have both torn the cover off the ball lately, as Dante Miles illustrates in’s segment…” What’s Poppin?”



Anyone that follows sports knows what Aaron Judge has done over the course of his career and with becoming the American League home run king last season, now there are fans that don’t follow sports knows his name.


But what about Cedric Mullins?



We told you last season that the O’s and Mullins had something up their collective sleeves in 2023.

This MLBbro has thrust himself into the spotlight after a very impressive five-hit performance in a 8-3 victory over the Toronto Blue Jays on Sunday. The 31-16 Orioles sit three games behind Tampa Bay. 


  • This marked Mullins’ third career five-hit performance.
  • In the 10th inning, our MLBbro drove in a run in the 10th inning.
  • His final hit was a two-run double sparking a five-run 11th inning explosion to put the game away.
  • Most important, Cedric Mullins’ production is translating to wins as they swept the Blue Jays in their three game series. 
  • Overall in the game, Mullins finished with two doubles, three RBI (All in extra innings), one run scored and a steal.


This game is just a microcosm of how the 30-30 MLBbro has been at the plate. After this game, Mullins’ batting average has soared 20 points to .283. Coupled with seven home runs and 38 RBI, he has regained the shine he commanded when he exploded on the scene back in 2021. 

Did we forget to mention that all of this was done on the heels of Mullins hitting for the cycle less than two weeks before?



What has been the difference for this MLBbro?


It was the ultimate decision after the 2020 season to stop being a switch hitter and becoming a primary left-handed hitter for the first time since his high school days. According to the man known as “CM Storm”, it really wasn’t hard to figure out why…



“It really was as simple as looking at the numbers”, our MLBbro said.

“Going into 2021, I was looking into my big-league numbers, my minor-league numbers, and my right-handed swing just wasn’t holding its weight. It was way overpowered by my left, and it was pretty obvious.”

“I had a sit-down with the brass and said I trust my left-handed swing to be able to perform at the big-league level, and my right-handed swing’s just not gonna cut it.”

Let’s just say that it was a great decision.


In 2021, Mullins became an All-Star for the first time reaching the 30/30 milestone. In doing so, our MLBbro became the first player in Orioles history to record 30 home runs and 30 steals in a season.


And he has not let up this season, he is one of the top base stealers in baseball without getting caught.


13 – Anthony Volpe

12 – Cedric Mullins

8 – Christian Yelich


Plus, he gets his teammates off the bases when they are in scoring position. He’s in the top five in batting averages with men in scoring position.


(Minimum 25 at bats)


.511 — Marcus Semien

.500 — Jonah Heim

.475 — Cedric Mullins

.455 — Yordan Alvarez


Oh by the way, the Baltimore Orioles like the way he plays in the outfield too.


Look for this MLBbro to be in the All-Star game this season. But the true story of Cedric Mullins is the self reflection of making changes and adjustments for not only the betterment of himself but his teammates. 


It would have been easy to become resentful and bitter with the Orioles making a ton of changes over his tenure, but Cedric Mullins accepting the challenge of the difficult times while making the most of it has got Baltimore with the second best record in the majors.


Finally, The Philadelphia Phillies Have An MLBbro Position Player | Versatile Josh Harrison Will Shed Some Brotherly Love

Finally, The Philadelphia Phillies Have An MLBbro Position Player | Versatile Josh Harrison Will Shed Some Brotherly Love

The Philadelphia Phillies have signed MLB veteran Josh Harrison to a one-year deal for the upcoming season.



Phillies Sign an MLBbro


According to an article from Forbes, the Phillies did not have an MLBbro on the Opening Day roster last season for the first time in 63 years. That will change this season with former Mets pitcher Taijuan Walker, and now Harrison joining the team. The last MLBbro to suit up for the Phillies as a full-time starter was outfielder Andrew McCutchen.  Outfielder Roman Quinn played 79 games for the Phillies in 2022. And outfielder Darrick Hall ended up playing in 41 games this season for the Phillies.  During that time, he batted .250, with nine home runs, and 16 RBI. He had an on-base percentage of .282, and a slugging percentage of .504.

No Bros In 2022 World Series


Philadelphia will look to make another run back to the World Series – this time with a multi-talented Black utility player who can provide everything from hitting and baserunning to soul in the hole and a number of other positions. If the Phillies can make it back and Harrison is still on the team, he and Walker can become the first Phillies MLBbros to win a title since 2008.

Three MLBbros were on that team: Jimmy Rollins, Ryan Howard, and Tom “Flash” Gordon. Gordon got hurt and was ruled out for the season, but still received a World Series ring.

This will be Harrison’s sixth MLB team that he’s played for during his career. The two-time All-Star is still searching for his first World Series title and will have a good opportunity to do so with the Phillies. He spent the 2022 season with the Chicago White Sox and had a solid season.



Josh Harrison Is A Versatile  MLBbro Veteran


In 119 games, he hit .256 with 27 RBI and 50 runs scored. Harrison can provide value at the plate and in the field.  He’s the type of player that can make an impact as a starter or a player coming off the bench. You better believe the Phillies will utilize Harrison the best way they can. The 35-year-old can still play at a high level and it’s no surprise that a team like the Phillies picked him up.

Harrison is best known for his defensive abilities at second base, but this brother can play numerous positions on the field. Last season, in addition to playing second, he played shortstop, third base, left field, and made a few relief appearances on the mound. So the Phillies will definitely find somewhere to put this Swiss Army knife. And if Harrison can put up productive numbers at the plate, it’ll be difficult to keep him out of the lineup.

JP Crawford Is Vital to Seattle’s Playoff Push | There’s A Next Level For This MLBbro

JP Crawford Is Vital to Seattle’s Playoff Push | There’s A Next Level For This MLBbro

The MLB playoffs will have a different look this year. A total of 12 teams will be featured in the postseason (six teams from the American and National League).

It will be an exciting finish toward the end of the season as teams will try to secure a spot to compete for a World Series title.

The Seattle Mariners are a team that could earn a spot in the playoffs as a four, five, or six seed.

J.P. Crawford will be a player the Mariners will lean on as the team has sights to make the postseason. Over the past few seasons, Crawford has developed into a leader and one of the top players for the Mariners.

When the word competitor is mentioned, it’s hard not to put Crawford in that category.

JP Crawford & Cedric Mullins Are Changing The Culture One At Bat At A Time


He is a player that wants to win and will do whatever it takes to put his team in the best position to win games. One thing he does not like is missing games for whatever reason.

Right before the All-Star break, he missed a couple games due to discomfort in his right index finger. It got to the point where he was struggling to grip the ball and that affected his throwing.

“It’s just bad no matter where I’m at,” Crawford said in an article from The Seattle Times. “I don’t like it. I get too locked in.”

“I tried and I was barely getting the ball over there (to first base),” he said.

Crawford only missed two games, but he wanted to be out there playing with his team. He has that leadership mindset and wants to do whatever it takes to get on the field.

But, injuries are a part of the game and the Mariners want him at 100 percent.

And even if he’s not playing, Crawford is going to support his team from the dugout. Coming back from the All-Star break, the 27-year-old has appeared in every game for the Mariners.

He had a strong offensive performance on Wednesday going 2-for-4 against the New York Yankees. The Mariners took two of three against the Yankees which is a positive sign.

And the Mariners would want to see Crawford have more performances like the one on Wednesday throughout the remainder of the season.

Through 95 games this season, he is hitting .262 with five home runs and 27 RBI. And let’s not forget how stellar of a job our MLBbro does at shortstop.



There’s a reason why he won a Gold Glove in 2020. Crawford has yet to appear in a postseason game, so these next two months of the season will be very important to him and the Mariners organization. There’s a strong chance that Crawford will play in as many games as he can, unless he’s dealing with an injury. You better believe that when his number is called, Crawford is going to step up and show why he’s the real deal.