Devin Williams Is Grinding Back Into His Rookie of the Year Form Following Bum Shoulder

Devin Williams Is Grinding Back Into His Rookie of the Year Form Following Bum Shoulder

Set up man Devin Williams put on a masterclass during the Milwaukee Brewers four-game homestand in which the Brew Crew took three out of four games against the defending World Series Champion Los Angeles Dodgers 



Williams had batters dropping to their knees with his 80 plus mile per hour changeup, resembling something extraterrestrial in movement. 


Before defeating the Dodgers, Williams showed flashes of his old self after destroying the newly named National League Player of the Week Fernando Tatis Jr. in a previous game on just three pitches.



After feeding Tatis a straight diet of changeups, Williams told reporters that the performance helped his confidence as he could now target his pitches in exact locations.

Williams resembled his former self as both instances proved to be pivotal for his psyche.

“I’m feeling where I need to be with my mechanics, my delivery, my overall timing. My command has been better as well,” Williams told the media. 


The reigning National League Rookie of The Year showed extended flashes of dominance during the Covid-19, 60-game regular season by tossing 20 straight innings without allowing an earned run, while also allowing just two hits in 62 batters faced while accumulating over 40 strikeouts. This dominance is why he became the third Brewers player and first pitcher to achieve the first-year honors. 

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The Brewers went into the postseason riding the arm of the young phenom. Dejectedly, his meteoric rise to prominence came to a dramatic halt during the National League Wild Card Series against the Dodgers after sustaining a right shoulder injury. 

Williams took the organization’s advice, opted not to have surgery, and chose rest and rehabilitation during the offseason instead. The team brought him along slowly during spring training to keep his arm live ahead of the season, and they continue to nurture him during the infant stage of the 2021 season.

After being lights out down the stretch last season, Williams opened this season by giving up runs in both games against. the Chicago Cubs, which promptly caused concern within the organization. 

Williams is gradually working his way back, and the stats prove it. He started the season allowing nine walks, seven hits, and had an ERA of 13.49. As of May 1, his ERA dropped to 4.66.


Williams is returning to his former self as he has accumulated 15 strikeouts in 11 games. Check out Williams’s progression and his otherwordly changeup as the NL Central-leading Brewers travel to Philadelphia to take on the Phillies in a four-game road trip.