Josh & Bo Naylor Are Playing Their First Full MLB Season Together | MLBbros For Real

Josh & Bo Naylor Are Playing Their First Full MLB Season Together | MLBbros For Real

The MLB has seen a lot of siblings play together throughout the years. It’s always a great experience to play alongside your brother.

In Ohio, two brothers have suited up together for another season. 


Naylor brothers back at it again 


MLBbros Josh and Bo Naylor are a part of the Cleveland Guardians and the brothers want to help Cleveland get back to the World Series for the first time since 2016.


In the last three seasons, there have been siblings who have played for the same team. Other than the Naylors, there was Andrew and Austine Romine: Cubs (2021) and Taylor and Tyler Rogers: Giants (2023). 


Cleveland is at the top of the American League Central standings so far and the Naylors can help their team continue to be one of the best in the division as the season progresses.


MLBbros For Real | Bo Naylor Makes MLB Debut, Joins Brother Josh On Cleveland Guardians


The Naylor brothers made news across the league during the 2022 season when Bo made his MLB debut in October, joining his brother Josh.


Last season, they became the first siblings in Cleveland history to hit a home run in the same game.



“It’s super special,” Bo said in an article. “I think it was something we talked about, joked about in the past. Seeing it come to pass is pretty wild to think about.”


“When I hit mine, me and him shared a great moment,” he said. “You just see how excited he was for me. And when he hit his, I was up on the top step waiting for him. It’s a cool moment to share with him.”


Josh setting the tone early at the plate


Josh had a productive 2023 season where he finished hitting .308 with 17 home runs and 97 RBI and could have been named an All-Star. He has wasted no time picking up where he left off.



He started the 2024 season on a five-game hitting streak and through nine games, he’s hitting .303 with five RBI and one home run.


If Josh can continue to be consistent at the plate and drive in runs for his team, he has to be mentioned in the All-Star Game conversation this season. 


He has a lot of pop in his bat and can change the momentum of the game with one swing. If he can remain healthy throughout the season, he will make a significant impact for the Guardians. 


Bo looking to find his role on the team


Through seven games this season, Bo is hitting .167 with a homer and two RBI. Last season, he saw some significant playing time and is looking to repeat that this year.


Bo Naylor Joins Brother Josh In Bigs As Dr. Sticks Heads To IL Again


During those seven games, Bo has struck out in each game, but that doesn’t take away how good of a hitter he is. Once he gets settled in at the plate and becomes more comfortable, you will start to see his production improve. 


If there’s one thing the Naylor’s can do, it is hit the baseball. Hopefully we will get to see these brothers stay on the team throughout the remainder of the season.