BRUTHA BROADCASTERS: Robert Ford, radio voice of Houston Astros, Dusty Baker & Seattle Mariners broadcaster Dave Sims. First time a MLB playoff series has a Black broadcaster from each team.

Legendary Broadcaster Dave Sims Is Gearing Up For An Historical MLBbro 2023 All-Star Week

Chicago Cubs Studio Host Cole Wright Talks Family, Business & Baseball | Part 2




Chicago Cubs studio host Cole Wright is living the dream of any sports broadcaster; getting paid to talk about the team he grew up loving.

This week,’s David Grubb talks to Cole about how loving the game of baseball is a family trait, the rising young stars and the proven performers in the game, and how Jackie Robinson’s legacy lives on.




Legendary Broadcaster Dave Sims Is Gearing Up For An Historical MLBbro 2023 All-Star Week

Play-By-Play King Dave Sims Is A Five-Tool Practitioner Of His Profession reporter David Grubb had an in-depth conversation with one of the very best broadcasters in the business, Seattle Mariners play-by-play announcer Dave Sims.



If Sims were a ballplayer (and he was up to a point) he’d be described as a “five-tool” practitioner of his profession. He’s done everything from print to radio and television, covering some of the biggest events across the sports world.
..the play-by-play color palette remains essentially the same all across baseball, the lead voices who narrate the game remain almost entirely white and male, devoid of both racial and gender diversity.
And for the past 15 seasons, the Philly kid, who started as a Daily News sportswriter and elevated to a 68-year-old preeminent play-by-play talent, has been one of the few exceptions as the voice of the Seattle Mariners
Part I of their discussion covers Sims’ inspirations and career path in broadcasting, including the challenges. He also provides some insight for aspiring broadcasters and journalists.
In Part II, Sims breaks down the Mariners, including its exciting core of young, Black talent. Finally, he remembers some of his favorite moments on the mic.