The Real Cam Collier Stood Up In August And Obliterated Single-A Pitching | Reds No. 18 Pick Is The Real Deal

The Real Cam Collier Stood Up In August And Obliterated Single-A Pitching | Reds No. 18 Pick Is The Real Deal

When the Cincinnati Reds took 17-year-old third baseman Cam “Bam Bam ” Collier with the No.18 pick in the 2022 MLB Draft, team brass knew they got a steal. Collier, who was projected to be a Top-10 pick, slipped a bit on draft day, but the Reds are certain happy he did.

After struggling out of the gate in his minor league debut this season with the Single-A Daytona Tortugas, Collier has picked it up.


Cam Collier Flipped The Switch In August 

For the better part of this season, Cam’s paltry hitting numbers of .218/.317/.328 were a bit of a concern, but in August, he seemed to finally figure it out and his abundant talent began to shine through.  In 21 games last month, the 6-foot-2- and 215-pound specimen hit .351 with 13 walks and only struck out 17 times. In all, Collier finished August with a .351/.462/.514 slash line. He also added a 14.3% walk rate, and an 18.7% strikeout which contributed to his dramatic boost in production. 

Collier’s red-hot August boosted his overall slash line from .218/.317/.328 to .246/.350/.368. But the most impressive part may be the fact that Collier who’s still 18, did this against players who are years older. 

For the season he’s batting .244 with an OBP of .339, with five homers, 50 RBIs and and 19 doubles.

Collier Is A Huge Fan Of Padres Superstar Juan Soto

Speaking with about his torrid August display at the plate, Collier told Jerry Crasnick that he prides himself on plate discipline. That statement would explain why Collier is such a huge fan of San Diego Padres superstar Juan Soto.

“I respect his game and how he plays the game,” Cam told Crasnick. “I’ve tried to pattern my game after guys like that. And I’m a really big fan of Matt Chapman from the defensive side and Nolan Arenado. I like a lot of the big-time third baseman.”


Cam Collier Quit Hoops To Focus On Baseball At 13 Years Old

Being the son of a former major leaguer (Lou Collier) also played a role in who Collier is today. The vibrant 18-year-old Chicago native grew up playing both baseball and basketball, and in the “CHI” the hardwood is king.

But, Collier says in eighth grade he realized that baseball was the way to go.

“There’s a reason I quit basketball,” Cam said. “Chicago is a basketball city, so I definitely wasn’t good enough to play there. I was like, ‘I suck, so I’m just going to stick with what I’m good at. I don’t like sucking at stuff. So I just stuck to baseball.”

Safe to say Collier chose the right sport to pursue long-term. Barring any setbacks, the talented third baseman is tentatively slated to make his major league debut in 2025, 2026 the latest.  Until then, he hopes to keep feasting on minor league pitching as he just did for all of August. All of the tools are evident, and it seems like Collier has passed his first pro test with flying colors. 

Cincinnati Reds 2022 First-Round Pick ‘Bam Bam’ Cam Collier Shines In Minor League Debut | He Mashes On Every Level

Cincinnati Reds 2022 First-Round Pick ‘Bam Bam’ Cam Collier Shines In Minor League Debut | He Mashes On Every Level

When the Cincinnati Reds took rookie “Bam Bam” Cam Collier with the No.18 pick of the last year’s 2022 MLB Draft, the 17-year-old sensation was looked at as the top high school player in the nation. The fact that the six-foot-two- and 215-pound third baseman fell that far in the draft was a shock for many, but a blessing in disguise for a rising Reds franchise.



2022 MLB Draft Prospect Cam Collier On Dad Lou Collier’s Guidance: “It’s Easier Going Through The Draft Process Because He Knows How It Goes”




After lighting up the competition at Chipola JC in Florida with a .333/.419/.537 slash line, Collier didn’t miss a beat once the Reds assigned him to Arizona Complex League. There the dynamic teen continued his hitting and base-reaching ways with a .370/.514/.630 slash line, along with seven walks in just nine games.



Collier seemed to bring that same workman’s approach coming into the 2023 season with the Low-A Daytona Tortugas. In his debut he reached base five times going 2-for-3 with a double, three RBI, and three walks. Collier demonstrated patience at the plate rarely seen by veterans. But that’s what makes him special.







Collier Is No.63 Ranked MLB Prospect And Reds No.4 Ranked Prospect



Collier’s play and approach at the plate isn’t really a surprise to the Reds brass. In fact, scouting director, Joe Katuska says that’s what drew them to him.



“We think he has a really well-rounded package, but it leads with the bat and the very advanced hit tool.”



He Gets It From His Papa



Collier’s approach to the game is also something that the Reds brass are excited about. That can be linked to his dad Lou Collier, a former MLB player himself. Having that type of pedigree is wonderful, but it’s the tireless work ethic and tremendous power at the plate that stands out with Cam.




“We saw a player with a very pure approach at the plate,” Reds farm director Shawn Pender said. “He creates tremendous natural power for a young kid, uses the whole field and drives the ball to opposite field.”





Collier’s Strength Is Opposite Field Hitting





In last season’s small sample size, just 10 games, Collier demonstrated that opposite field ability. He collected nine hits through those ten games, four went to centerfield and five to left field. Not a single hit by the powerful lefty went to right field. The Reds view him as their future third baseman. Although they have other prospects, he’s the most talented. As soon as his defense catches up to his already advanced stick, he will be ready for his MLB introduction. 



The team has already stated that defensive improvements will come with reps and experience on the “hot corner.” If that happens, he’ll definitely be an everyday player for the Reds by the start of 2025 or soon thereafter.