Akil “The Thrill” Gets Demoted To Triple-A | “Baddoo Mania” Is On Timeout

Akil “The Thrill” Gets Demoted To Triple-A | “Baddoo Mania” Is On Timeout

Last season “Baddoo Mania” was the hottest thing since sliced bread, as he had one of the greatest beginnings to a career in Major League history.  However, after a slow start in his sophomore season, Baddoo was sent down to Triple-A Toledo this past weekend.

Akil Baddoo electrified the city of Detroit from the first plate appearance of his career. He hit a home run on the first ever swing in his Major League career. The coming out party would not end there.

Baddoo became the only player in the history of modern baseball with a home run, grand slam, and walk-off hit within the first three games of his career.  Although he did not receive any votes for American League Rookie of the Year, Baddoo finished 2021 with a .259 average, 13 home runs, 18 steals, 55 RBI and 20 doubles.

The Tigers missed the playoffs after finishing 16 games behind the White Sox, but showed plenty of promise as their record was near .500 – in large part to Baddoo, who appeared in 124 games for the team.

During the off-season, the Tigers made a few new additions and called up some of their top Minor League talent. There was hope in Mo-Town the team could be ahead of schedule; competing for a playoff spot in 2022 with Baddoo as one of their main pieces.

He got off to a similar hot start in Spring Training this season – which was where he earned his spot on the Big League club, after never playing higher than A-Ball in his career previously.

However this season, Baddoo is going through the dreaded “sophomore slump” some second-year athletes experience.

Baddoo only had seven hits in 50 plate appearances this season leading up to his demotion.  His average only reached .140 and his on-base percentage was a woeful .218.  He has one home run and two RBI.

“You have always got to make the best out of it,” Baddoo told reporters Monday after his demotion.  “It’s unfortunate.  I’m going to go down there and get the reps that I need and be ready to come back.”

Detroit Tigers manager A.J. Hinch says Baddoo was sent down in order to work on his swing and get constant at-bats rather than be in a platoon.

“This was unexpected when we started the year,” said Hinch.  “I’m sure he didn’t expect it.  We didn’t expect it.  But the reality is this is where we are at.  We need him to decompress and get himself right and play everyday.  It could be a short stint, it could be longer, but hopefully he can work on things to be more consistent.”

The Tigers want Baddoo to become more of a contact hitter and swing less for power.  He struck out in nearly 30 percent of his at-bats this season and for a player of his caliber of talent, those numbers are not acceptable.  I believe Baddoo will be one of the best players on the Tigers, sooner rather than later, but this demotion will be an important crossroads on where he can take his career.

For now, outfielder Derek Hill will take the majority of reps in center during Baddoo’s absence.

Akil ‘The Thrill’ Baddoo Looks To Prove His Impressive Rookie Season Was No Motor City Fluke

Akil ‘The Thrill’ Baddoo Looks To Prove His Impressive Rookie Season Was No Motor City Fluke

Baseball is finally back, ladies and gentlemen! The Detroit Tigers want to heat things up in the Motor City.

Akil Baddoo, who took Detroit – and the league – by storm last year is going to play a big role. Baddoo made an immediate impact in Detroit and the city embraced him with open arms. He finished the 2021 season hitting .259 with 13 home runs, 55 RBI and 18 stolen bases. The Detroit Tigers-Detroit Sports Media Association named him the 2021 Rookie of the Year.

There’s a reason he’s nicknamed Akil ‘The Thrill’ Baddoo AKA “the Real Deal” Baddoo. With a nickname like that, you have to live up to it. Baddoo does just that. Going into his second season, Baddoo will look to continue to add that spark at the plate and in the field, like he did his rookie season. And he will show that his rookie season was no fluke. Now that he has a year under his belt, experience will help him out a lot in his sophomore season.

Expect to see more of these captivating, crowd-motivating plays from the most polarizing player to come ball in the D since Miguel Cabrera.

If you want to see someone play the game with passion and leave it all on the field, Baddoo is a prime example. He’s the type of player that will get you out of your seat and put you in a state of excitement. Whether he’s at the plate, running the base paths, or patrolling the outfield – you will get your money’s worth watching this brother play. Baddoo put up impressive spring training numbers, hitting .265 with four home runs through 12 games in Lakeland. He’s giving off strong sophomore sensation vibes.

Baddoo came into the league as a rookie with a lot of confidence. He knew he belonged in the majors.

Akil Baddoo Shines Bright In Detroit And Doesn’t Show Any Signs Of Slowing Down

He brought a lot of swag to the Tigers – something the team was lacking for a few years – but desperately needed. In his MLB debut, he hit a home run in his first at-bat. Not too many people do that. Our MLBbro became the ninth player in Tigers franchise history to hit a home run in his first major league at-bat, and the second to do so on the first pitch. And check this out – in the next game, he hits his first career grand slam.


Going into the 2021 season, Baddoo was a player many people weren’t familiar with. By the end, he was the talk of the league. Now, Baddoo is on many people’s radar this season and they will see if he can continue to have success on the field.

One thing is for certain. Baddoo is ready to pick up where he left off and he will emerge as a leader for the Tigers. This is going to be another exciting season for our MLBbro in Motown, and trust me – you don’t want to miss out watching this electric brother play. The Tigers will open the 2022 season against their division rival, the Chicago White Sox, who feature the only All-Black middle infield in the majors with Tim Anderson and Josh Harrison.

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