An Breakdown In the AL MVP Race Between Aaron Judge and Yordan Alvarez

An Breakdown In the AL MVP Race Between Aaron Judge and Yordan Alvarez

It’s hard to believe that the All-Star game is getting closer and closer with some of the best
individual performances from multiple players dominating the headlines. But it seems the
MLBbros will be well represented this year with their outstanding starts in the first half of the

But after the Summer Classic is over, the conversation will definitely go to who is going to win the
AL MVP award while teams are making their runs for the postseason. But while reigning MVP
Shohei Ohtani’s play will command votes for a back to back reign, two MLBbros are battling to
compete against the Los Angeles Angels superstar. Those two are Aaron Judge of the New
York Yankees and Yordan Alvarez of the Houston Astros.

It’s hard to miss the accomplishments of Aaron Judge due to the fact that he is thriving this
season while embroiled in contentious negotiations with the Yankees that led to a $19
million deal that only quiets things down to the end of this season. With that storyline out of the
way, it opens up the spotlight to things shown in this highlight video here.

But these are just 20 of the homers that our MLBbro put in the seats. As of this writing, Judge is
up to 30 dingers that currently lead the majors along with RBI at 64. Throw in the fact that he
had 39 in all of 2021 which is considered by experts as being a down year, this MLBbro is
perceived as the best power hitter in baseball. But despite his outstanding season, media pundits
sometimes take the storyline over the overall production of said player.

Judge has the opportunity for a comeback story if he can match or surpass the 52 home runs he hit in
2017. Since that, he hasn’t reached that number, but piling up huge numbers playing for the franchise with the biggest media market in the country could land him a lot of votes. The narrative of betting on himself will play a part at the end whether it’s fair or not.

But this is not to say that Aaron Judge is not deserving. Along with his home run barrage, he has made the adjustments needed to cut down on the strike outs that plagued him the past few seasons. His slashes of .287/.366/.627 with an OPS of .993 makes him the most feared and well known power hitter in baseball.

But he is not the only dominant power hitter in the majors. would like to introduce
another player into the MVP conversation…Yordan Alvarez.

Yes, baseball fans THIS MLBbro currently is at the top of the baseball world as the hottest hitter
in the game. At this point, the guy with the nickname “Air Yordan” is slashing at a .312/.410/.665
rate and is closing on Judge’s HR lead with 26 after yet another blast a few days ago against
the Kansas City Royals.

Right now, Alvarez is on pace to have the best season of his career and join an
exclusive club of players who have hit 45 home runs while batting over .300 with an on base
percentage of over .400 since 2005 according to The Analyst.

While Judge has worked hard to improve on his discipline at the plate, Alvarez has almost
cleaned up his mistakes to the point that he almost has no weaknesses. After fanning 145 times
to only 50 walks last season, his patience has brought him as many walks (42) as strikeouts

His constant hitting improvements at the plate have brought comparisons to Hall of Famer, “Big
Papi” David Ortiz. Both are left-handed power hitters with precision for making
contact to all areas of the field. At the end of the season, whomever takes the AL MVP award will come down to advanced statistics or the media storyline because both players are dominating at a high level. While Judge is box office material with his power, Alvarez is an analytics dream.

If Yordan overtakes Judge as MVP for his offensive exploits and if both players stay at this level, it
will come down their RAW value.

RAW value is the analysis of the outcomes of pitches as opposed to overall at-bats. The
rankings are based on the discipline of laying off pitches out of the strike zone and hitting
available strikes. Yordan is performing better than Judge in the three phases of overall
hitting: the discipline to read strikes, making consistent contact and the impact of the hit that
influences the game. Alvarez is outperforming Judge here as well between the power hitters.

What does all of this mean? It means that the AL MVP award will be in the MLBbro camp no
matter what if these two MLBbros continue at the rate they are going. At this point, both are
unstoppable at the plate. Maybe one will definitely get next year’s’s Player of the Year Award like recent winner Marcus Semien.