Over the last two seasons, Marcus Semien has suited up and hit the field for the Texas Rangers on a consistent basis.


He appeared in 349 consecutive games until May 29, when he was given the day off. That might have been exactly what he needed.


The two-time All-Star was 1-for-20 at the plate in the five games leading up to his off day, not a performance to expect from Semien.


But, he has seen a lot more production at the plate since returning from his off day. In the four games since his return, he went 7-for-14 during that stretch with a home run.


That’s the hitting the Rangers expect to see out of the two-time Silver Slugger Award winner.


Semien is that player who will go out and play if he’s the only one out there on that field. That’s just how much he loves the game.


If it’s up to him, he would play through injuries too, and he did just that. On May 18 he collided with right fielder Adolis García, trying to catch a popup.


“He’s been playing banged up. That’s a pretty good collision out there in right field, and he knows it’s time to try to get this thing cleared up, freshen up a little bit,” manager Bruce Bochy said.


The collision wasn’t anything serious, but it did leave the second baseman a little bruised up, and that could have affected his performance at the plate. 


When Bochy decided to give Semien that day off, it was clear that he would not be playing at any point.


“He doesn’t need to bring his spikes out here,” Bochy said. “I don’t want him swinging. I want him to take a complete day off.”


“It was mutual. We talked,” Bochy said. “Now we’ve had conversations the last two or three days, Marcus was being Marcus then, but he agrees that it’s a good time to take a day.”


Semien was able to rest and recharge and get back to doing what he does best. 


Against the Detroit Tigers, he hit his 10th home run of the season in the opening game of the three-game series.


In the lead-off spot, Semien has that ability to set the tone of the game and he can do it with just one swing of the bat. Something he has done on numerous occasions.


Since joining the Rangers, Semien has made an impact in Arlington and played a key role to the 2023 World Series champions.



When Semien is on point in all aspects of the game, good things tend to happen.


During his last two seasons with the Rangers, he has hit more than 25 home runs and that is something he can accomplish again this year.


The power is there and he can hit for average too. Opposing pitchers know they can’t make any mistake to Semien, because they know that if they do make a mistake, he will make them pay.

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