There’s no question that Hunter Greene’s confidence has improved this season and he’s showing why he was the second overall pick in the 2017 draft.


Hunter Greene Machine Throws Another Gem For Cincinnati Reds


On May 25, Greene picked up his third win of the season as the Cincinnati Reds defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers 3-1.


That win gave the Reds their first series win since April 21. And winning a series against a team like the Dodgers can boost the team morale.


“We were talking about it in the clubhouse, when you beat teams like these guys, it gives you a lot of confidence going forward,” Greene said. “The approach of playing all nine innings, playing each pitch, not taking a pitch off, it’s draining. It should be draining. You should be done with the game and be mentally and physically exhausted. I feel like we were able to do that this series.”


Greene threw six innings and gave up one run while striking out six. Throughout the game, he worked his way out of multiple situations where it looked like the Dodgers could do some damage at the plate.


Hunter Green Has Been Lights Out Last Six Starts 


In his last six starts, Greene has a 3-0 record with a 1.95 ERA. On the season, he’s made 11 starts and has a 3-2 record with a 3.06 ERA with 71 strikeouts.


MLBbro Pitcher Hunter Greene’s Influence and Excellence Is Found On the Mound and Off!


He has been calm, cool, and collected out there on that mound and he’s starting to understand more and more how effective he can be and not solely rely on his fastball.


There was a key moment in the Dodgers game where Greene stepped up in a big way. It was the sixth inning and the Reds were up by a run and the Dodgers had the heavy hitters coming to the plate. 


Reds manager David Bell decided to stick with Greene, which proved to be the right move. After surrendering a triple to Shohei Ohtani, Greene was able to get out of the sixth inning without giving up a run.


“(Greene) is going to keep getting opportunities to do that,” Bell said. “He pitched a great game up to that point against this team, and he got better as he went. His pitch count was manageable. There was a lot that went into it. But mainly, we want him out there. I want him out there for the sixth against the toughest part of the order. It wasn’t just one inning. It was a really big inning for us to be able to win that game.”



The 24-year-old has shown a lot of improvement since he first entered the big leagues, and he continues to find ways to work on his craft.


When he first entered the show, he wanted to throw fastballs by hitters, and now he wants to have hitters guessing at the plate. And he is also learning how to analyze the swings of hitters and understand what pitches he can throw in certain counts against hitters.


In just his third MLB season, Greene has shown tremendous improvements both on and off the field is utilizing all o fhis god-given gifts to ascend to ace status in the league. 

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