The Boston Red Sox have always had a great farm system. That’s a huge reason why they’ve been able to win four World Series titles since 2004.

With third baseman Rafael Devers the only player on the roster left from that title run, the team is looking to its new pieces to create a new chapter in Beantown.

Catcher Kyle Teel who was taken with the No.14 overall pick in the 2023 MLB Draft is someone team brass has identified as a cornerstone piece, along with 2021 No.4 overall pick in shortstop Marcelo Mayer.

Teel and Mayer are not the only pieces team brass sees as real building blocks, in fact the club drafted MLBbro shortstop Nazzan Zanetello with their second-round pick in the 2023 MLB Draft.

The former Christian Brothers College High School star who’s been touted for his elite athleticism, was a multi-sport athlete at the well-known St. Louis area High School that produced former NBA star Larry Hughes.

While Zanetello shined on the baseball field, batting .399 with 15 home runs and 92 RBI in three varsity seasons, he was also a very good basketball player.



Zanetello Hooped For Jayson Tatum’s Dad


While attending CBCHS, Zanetello happened to play for none other than Justin Tatum, the father of Boston Celtics superstar Jayson Tatum. Jayson led the Celtics to the NBA finals for the second time in his career, completing a 4-0 sweep of the Indiana Pacers on Memorial Day.


After being drafted by the Red Sox last summer, Zanetello was asked about his connection to Beantown. The elite athlete told the Boston Globe:


“Justin was my basketball coach. He actually texted me this morning and said, I’ll hook you up with Jayson he’ll take care of you. That was sick.”


Zanetello’s elite athleticism and multi-sport prowess played a huge role in the Red Sox chosing him despite taking two other shortstop prospects in the aforementioned Mayer in (2021) and Romero in (2022).


Zanetello Originally Committed To Miami, Then Arkansas


In 2020, Zanetello committed to Miami, after two years he reopened his recruitment and signed with the Arkansas Razorbacks in October 2022. Zanetello’s physical skills and gifts have Red Sox director of scouting Ian Cundall extremely optimistic about his future.


Here’s what Cundall told about Zanetello.


“He’s an insane athlete. He’s another ceiling guy. We don’t what he is, but there’s the raw tools that you look for.”

“It’s a great frame. He’s insanely athletic. He was one of the best athletes in the class last year in the athletic models. So, he’s got that ceiling. It’s just a question of how good a baseball player is he? And that’s what I don’t know. We need to see that this year.”

What’s Next For Zanetello?


After struggling last year in the minors with a .200 batting average, .727 OPS, two homers, five RBI and six stolen bases, Zanetello has been better this season.

In nine games he’s batting a respectable .259 with seven hits and seven runs. He’s also hit two homers and drove in three runs. But, where he’s really improved is in his on-base percentage which is up to .444 after .319 last season. His nine drawn walks also show his renewed patience at the plate.

“He’s Got All The Tools Everybody Is Looking For” | Arkansas Commit Nazzan Zanetello Will Probably Never Step Foot In Fayetteville


With an expected big league arrival in 2027, he’s got plenty of time to develop into the player the Red Sox believe he can be when they drafted him last year.

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